Credit education & dispute assistance nhsillc presentation


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Credit education & dispute assistance nhsillc presentation

  1. 1. New Home Solutions & Investments Credit Education & Dispute Assistance What You Should Know How The Law Protects & Restores Your Credit Credit Restoration & Education
  2. 2. Credit Reporting Agencies There are 3 predominant credit reporting agencies in the United States: Equifax TransUnion Experian The credit reporting agencies assign each individual a Credit Score.
  3. 3. Credit Scores What is a Credit Score Excellent: 750 + Very Good: 720 + Acceptable: 660 + Uncertain: 620 + Risky: 620 below FICO • Fair Isaac Corporation • Founded 1956 by engineer Bill Fair & mathematician Earl Isaac. • Measure of Credit Risk • Most Used Credit Score in the World • Based in Minneapolis, MN.
  4. 4. Credit Scores Who Looks At Your Credit Score?  Lenders     Insurers Landlords Employers Cell Phone Co’s Low FICO Scores = Higher Interest Rates and Higher Payments!
  5. 5. Credit Restoration Why Credit Restoration Is Important Today 1. We didn’t cause the financial environment of today. 2. 8 out of 10 people today need Credit Education and Credit Restoration. 3. We should not be penalized for circumstances beyond our control.
  6. 6. Restoration vs. “Repair” Credit Restoration Credit Repair • Deletions are permanent according to FCRA • Deletions can be ReReported • Disputes Reporting Law • Disputes Line Items • Not concerned with “what” is on the Report • Only concerned with what is on the report • Restores credit using the Federal Law • No legal basis for cleaning ALL derogatory info • It Works… Every Time! • Repair is restricted and temporary
  7. 7. Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971 200 Laws – 400 By-laws Bureaus’ Reporting Responsibilities Penalties
  8. 8. Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971 Section 609 Enacted by Congress to Protect Consumers from Credit Report information that is… Inaccurate Outdated Misleading Unverifiable
  9. 9. Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971 Verifiable Information ATTENTION CONSUMERS! – The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971 states that the credit bureaus MUST have verifiable proof with supporting documents and signatures in their repositories when the credit holder requests them. ATTENTION CONSUMERS! – THE CREDIT BUREAUS DO NOT HAVE THESE DOCUMENTS! ATTENTION CONSUMERS! THE CREDIT BUREAUS HAVE NEVER HAD THESE DOCUMENTS ON HAND… SINCE 1971!
  10. 10. Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971 Permanent Removal ATTENTION CONSUMERS! - The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971 states that if the credit bureau does not have the verifiable proof with the supporting documents and signatures, they MUST permanently remove all derogatory items from the credit report… IF THE CREDIT BUREAUS ARE NOT IN COMPLIANCE, THEY SUBJECT THEMSELVES TO A STATUTORY PENALTY PER LINE ITEM REPORTED!
  11. 11. Credit Restoration 7 Actions To Help Restore Your Own Credit 1. Write letters using the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 2. Understand the law regarding Bureaus responsibility to respond to your letters. 3. Use your attorney to help you with your case. 4. Include Your State’s Attorney General in ALL Correspondence. 5. Let the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) assist you. 6. Be Patient. 7. Be Ready for Great Support…ALL THE WAY!
  12. 12. Credit Restoration Too Busy To Restore Your Own Credit? There Is A Solution!
  13. 13. Credit Education & Dispute Assistance
  14. 14. Credit Education & Dispute Assistance The Process  Client enrolls in NHSILLC Credit Restoration & Dispute Assistance Program  Client file is submitted to the Processing Center  Client receives via email - *Credit System, Debt Management & Budgeting - *Credit Blueprint System  Dispute letters are drafted and prepared for clients signatures.  Dispute letters are mailed to each of the three credit bureaus.  Each credit bureau will respond back to the client & the client will forward response to the Processing Center.
  15. 15. Credit Education & Dispute Assistance The worst thing you can do about YOUR credit is NOTHING! Our service will remove the following items in your credit file, from ALL 3 credit bureaus. Including, but not limited to: Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Judgments and Tax Liens Charge offs, Collections, Medical Accounts Remove bad credit & Raise your credit score in 30 – 90 days Clear your credit report, and obtain funding ---- Money to use anyway you want ----
  16. 16. Credit Education & Dispute Assistance Pricing Begins at  $1350 per individual includes:  *Credit System, Debt Management & Budgeting eBook  *Credit Blueprint System  Special pricing for couples  Payment Plan Available CALL TODAY! 972-432-5500 EMAIL TODAY! Online Application! GET STARTED NOW Schedule Your FREE, No-Obligation Consultation
  17. 17. Credit Education & Dispute Assistance Cedric L. Brown President 13601 Preston Road Suite E520 Dallas, TX 75240 Thank You for your time!! Restore Your Credit – Restore Your Family – Restore Your Life