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Aste2012 conference planner-1

Aste2012 conference planner-1






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    Aste2012 conference planner-1 Aste2012 conference planner-1 Document Transcript

    •   ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate   Saturday,  February  25th  to  Tuesday,  February  28th       The  Hotel  Captain  Cook  in  Anchorage,  Alaska    Conference  Planner  (Note:  Participants  must  bring  their  own  laptop  to  hands-­‐on  sessions.  A  few  laptops  will  be  available  for  checkout.)  Saturday,  February  25th    3-­‐hour  Hands-­‐On:  • 9:00  am  -­‐  12:00  pm   o SIG  DI:  Beyond  Portability:  The  Shift  Toward  Mobile  Learning  with  Skip  Via  and  Chris  Lott  and  featuring  Christen   Bouffard  and  Tatiana  Piatanova  (Club  Room  I)  -­‐  Well  examine  what  the  emerging  shift  toward  mobile  learning   means  for  you  and  your  students  in  terms  of  conceptualizing  and  delivering  instruction,  what  technological   expertise  and  institutional  infrastructure  may  necessary  for  successful  implementation  of  mobile  tools,  what   those  tools  are,  and  where  this  mobile  learning  road  leads  in  the  future.  Are  there  best  practices  in  Alaska  (or   elsewhere)  that  we  can  learn  from?  Please  bring  examples  and  questions  and  be  prepared  to  participate  in  the   discussion.   o SIG  STEM:  MapTEACH  with  Zachary  Meyers  (Aft  Ballroom)  -­‐  Participants  will  become  acquainted  with  the   MapTEACH  curriculum  for  grades  6-­‐12,  focused  on  developing  spatial  technology  skills  and  integrating  them  with   geology/geography,  local  knowledge,  and  change  over  time.    Lessons  have  been  developed  to  engage  the   students  by  providing  them  with  a  simplistic  version  of  GIS  (AEJEE),  and  community-­‐specific  GIS  data  sets.  Those   who  attend  the  workshop  will  be  given  a  short  30-­‐minute  presentation  about  MapTEACH  and  the  philosophy  it   employs  as  well  as  participate  in  various  lessons  (i.e.  Mental  Maps,  GIS  [AEJEE],  Google  Earth).  Participants  will   leave  with  sample  lesson  plans,  maps,  tours,  and  other  project.  In  addition,  we  will  provide  a  CD  with  software   and  data  sets  for  participants  to  take  home.   o ASTE  Partner  (Association  of  Alaska  School  Boards’  Consortium  for  Digital  Learning  –  AASB/CDL):  The   Difference  is  Data:  Informed  Decisions  in  the  Classroom  with  Eva  Chilton  (Resolution)  -­‐  A  hands-­‐on  analysis  of  the   data  for  a  particular  classroom.  The  analysis  will  help  teachers  identify  strengths  and  weaknesses  and  plan   targeted  interventions.  Participants  will  also  take  an  in-­‐depth  look  at  the  administrative  tools  that  support   individualized  instruction.   o GET  YOUR  HANDS  ON  IMOVIE  11!  with  Amy  Frackman  and  Ross  Johnson  (Quadrant)  -­‐  When  you  hear  the  words   digital  storytelling  do  you  think,  "Ugh,  thats  too  hard!"  In  this  session,  youll  explore  the  process  of  digital   storytelling  and  discover  how  easy  and  fun  it  can  be  for  you  and  your  students.  Participants  will  learn  how  the  use   of  digital  tools  to  tell  stories  can  tap  student  creativity,  support  writing  skills,  as  well  as  complement  and  enhance   classroom  instruction.  From  simple  movie/book  trailers  to  full  blown  movie,  participants  will  utilize  iMovie  11   ***and  its  new  features***  to  create  digital  content  that  can  be  integrated  into  core  curriculum  areas.   o Using  iPhoto  &  iMovie  in  the  Classroom  with  Eileen  Truitt  (Whitby)  -­‐  This  class  we  will  explore  different  ways  to   use  iMovie  in  the  classroom.  I  will  share  various  ways  I  have  used  iMovie  and  have  those  in  the  workshop  put   together  a  short  movie  that  they  can  take  back  to  their  school  with  them.  (Note:  Laptops  must  have  at  least   iMovie  09  loaded  on  it.)    • 1:00  -­‐  4:00  pm   o SIG  DI:  Publishing:  The  New  Literacy  with  Chris  Lott  and  Skip  Via  and  featuring  Madara  Mason  and  Heidi  Olson   (Club  Room  I)  -­‐  In  the  emerging  new  media  environment,  "publishing"  is  a  fundamental  literacy  that  relies  on   traditional  skills  of  reading  and  writing  while  radically  increasing  the  need  for  skills  related  to  the  publishing   platforms  themselves,  as  well  as  those  related  to  the  integration  of  audio  and  video  into  traditional  forms  of  text.   New  media  publishing  also  raises  concerns  about  privacy  and  rhetoric.  What  does  it  mean  when  publishing  and   sharing  to  a  global  audience  are  the  rule  rather  than  a  rare  exception?  Well  examine  and  try  out  a  variety  of   o publishing  and  sharing  tools  and  together  try  to  figure  out  a  coherent  approach  to  using  them  with  our  students.    ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  1  
    • Saturday,  February  25th    (continued)   o  3-­‐hour  Hands-­‐On  (continued):  • 1:00  -­‐  4:00  pm  (continued)   o Augmented  Reality,  QR  Codes,  and  Project-­‐Based  Learning:  Using  QR  Readers  in  Education  with  G  Andrew  Page   and  Seth  Schumacher  (Resolution)  -­‐  QR  Codes  are  surfacing  everywhere!  Theyre  in  newspapers,  magazines,  and   now,  conference  schedules.  But  how  can  this  technology  be  effectively  used  in  education  for  positive  learning   outcomes  and  meeting  AYP?  In  this  workshop  participants  will  learn  how  these  codes  can  be  combined  with   webcams  to  create  interactive  3-­‐D  augmented  realities  for  K-­‐6  students.  Participants  will  produce  their  own   augmented  reality  e-­‐Books  in  an  engaging  and  cutting-­‐edge,  hands-­‐on,  minds-­‐on  workshop.  Bring  your   laptop/tablet  and/or  smartphone!   o Infographics  with  Larissa  Wright-­‐Elson  (Aft  Ballroom)  -­‐  Learn  how  to  use  infographics  and  data  visualizations  in   education  as  research  products,  for  content  delivery,  and  anywhere  your  imagination  takes  you.  Attendees  will   explore  professional  examples  and  lesson  plans,  recent  high  school  student  products,  and  be  provided  time  to   work  on  infographics  for  use  in  their  classrooms.  We  will  review  the  four  principles  of  design  and  then  create   infographics  to  share  with  the  group.  A  template  for  creating  infographic  resumes  will  be  provided  in  Google  Docs   for  attendees.  Other  recommended  programs  include  Comic  Life,  Pages,  and  Photoshop,  though  none  are   required.   o Lets  Look  un  the  Hood  of  Final  Cut  Pro  X  with  John  Rusyniak  (Quadrant)  -­‐  Are  you  ready  to  make  the  leap  from   iMovie  to  Final  Cut  Pro.  Or  have  you  been  using  older  versions  of  Final  Cut  Pro  and  ready  to  venture  into  the  new   world  of  FCP  X  but  dont  know  where  to  start.  This  workshop  is  for  you.  It  will  orient  you  to  the  new  features  in   FCP  X  and  where  to  find  some  of  the  old  features  you  are  used  to  using.  Join  me  as  we  kick  the  tires  on  this  new   product  and  see  the  power  and  potential  it  has  in  store  for  us.  (Note:  Participants  must  have  their  own  copy  of   Final  Cut  X  Pro  or  be  prepared  to  watch.)   o Using  iPhoto  &  iMovie  in  the  Classroom  with  Eileen  Truitt  (Whitby)  -­‐  This  class  we  will  explore  different  ways  to   use  iMovie  in  the  classroom.  I  will  share  various  ways  I  have  used  iMovie  and  have  those  in  the  workshop  put   together  a  short  movie  that  they  can  take  back  to  their  school  with  them.  (Note:  Laptops  must  have  at  least   iMovie  09  loaded  on  it.)    6-­‐hour  Hands-­‐On:  9:00  am  -­‐  4:00  pm   o Featured  Speaker:  Google  Workshop  for  Educators  with  Jim  Sill  (Fore  Ballroom)  -­‐  This  workshop  will  focus  not  he   use  of  technology  to  support  teaching  and  learning.  The  session  will  be  intended  for  an  audience  of  teachers  and   administrators  with  intermediate  technology  skills.  The  content  will  focus  on  the  use  of  free  Google  tools  in   education.  Specifically,  content  will  focus  on  Google  Search,  Google  Docs,  Google  Calendar,  and  Google  Groups.   Time  permitting,  additional  Google  tools,  including  Google  Reader,  will  also  be  covered.  Materials  and  activities   will  be  similar  to  those  developed  by  Computer  Using  Educators  (CUE)  for  the  Google  Teacher  Academy.  Each   participant  will  also  be  inducted  into  the  Google  Workshop  for  Educators,  an  online  professional  development   community.   o SIG  C&C:  Creating  A  Daily  News  Show  With  Middle  Schoolers  with  Brian  Heckart    (Easter  Island)  -­‐  Begich  Middle   School  6th,  7th  and  8th  graders  produce  a  daily  3  to  4  minute  news  broadcast  to  share  announcements  and   stories  with  their  peers  and  the  larger  Begich  community.  It  is  shown  on  SmartBoards  in  the  building  and  is   podcast  for  parents  and  others.  Come  watch  them  in  action  and  learn  how  they  use  web  2.0  tools  and  semi-­‐ professional  video  software  to  do  their  work.   o SIG  C&C:  Introduction  to  Motion  5:  Animation  with  Ken  Caron  (Endeavor)  -­‐  Would  you  like  to  add  more  pizazz  to   your  movies  or  other  video  projects?  Motion  5  allows  you  create  beautiful  titles,  text  and  animations  that  add  the   extra  touch  to  your  projects.  This  session  will  focus  on  text  and  image  animation.  We  will  be  using  particle   systems  and  replicators  to  add  unique  effects  to  your  projects.  The  class  will  be  at  a  beginning  to  intermediate   level.  (Note:  You  will  need  to  have  Motion  5  on  your  machine  in  order  to  attend  this  session.)   o SIG  DE:  Impacting  Learning  and  Teaching  from  the  Clouds  with  Tammy  Morris  (Voyager)  -­‐  Spend  the  day  in  the   clouds  learning  about  free  or  inexpensive  tools  on  the  web,  which  will  enhance  your  students  21st  century   learning  experience.  Participants  will  learn  and  explore  several  web  tools  and  leave  the  day  with  practical  skills   and  ideas  to  enrich  21st  century  teaching.    ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  2  
    • Saturday,  February  25th    (continued)    6-­‐hour  Hands-­‐On:  9:00  am  -­‐  4:00  pm  (continued)   o SIG  STEM:  Lego  Robotics  with  Michael  Backus  (Mid  Ballroom)  -­‐  Participants  will  learn  to  build  and  program  Lego   robots.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (Apple):  Experience is the Best Teacher  with  Dan McCormick and Pete Vraspir  (Club  Room  II)  -­‐   At  this  interactive  event,  participants  will  have  an  opportunity  to  experience  a  blended  learning  environment  first   hand  and  see  how  Apple  technologies  can  help  them  personalize  learning,  engage  today’s  learners,  and  increase   achievement  in  language  arts,  math,  and  science.  Participants  will  work  within  a  blended  learning  environment  to   experience  MacBook,  iPad  and  iPod  touch  and  how  they  can  be  used  as  powerful  learning  tools  in  the  classroom.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (The  Chariot  Group):  SMART  Notebook:  Best  Practices  for  Digital  Content  Development  with   Robert  Pohl  (Adventure)    -­‐  Make  sure  that  your  digital  instructional  content  comes  across  with  the  clarity  and   impact  that  you  want.  Instructional  and  functional  design  techniques  will  be  discussed  to  demonstrate  the  power   of  conscious  content  development.  Learn  techniques  and  skills  to  insure  that  the  content  you  are  developing  is   effective.  (Note:  Requires  Intermediate  knowledge  of  SMART  Notebook  Software,  and  a  laptop  with  SMART   Notebook  10.8  or  greater  loaded  on  it.)    Leadership  Summit: 8:00  am  -­‐  6:00  pm (Quarter  Deck)Join  superintendents  and  principals  from  around  Alaska  for  a  day  of  immersion  into  best  practices  in  leading  in  technology-­‐rich  environments.  Participants  will  have  a  unique  opportunity  to  gain  information  from  national  thought  leaders  in  the  field  and  apply  those  concepts  directly  to  school  and  district  efforts.  Come  prepared  to  network  with  your  colleagues  while  actively  engaging  in  the  process  of  evolving  your  school  or  districts  visioning  and  implementation  plans  regarding  the  use  of  technology  tools  that  foster  deep  learning  of  content.  Participants  in  the  Leadership  Summit  are  welcome  to  stay  for  the  entire  ASTE  Conference  (February  25th  -­‐  28th).  Invitations  to  the  Leadership  Summit  were  emailed  directly  to  district  and  school  leaders,  and  districts  are  encouraged  to  send  a  team  of  leaders  to  the  event.      The  Leadership  Summit  is  a  partnership  between  the  Alaska  Society  for  Technology  in  Education  (ASTE),  the  Alaska  Council  on  School  Administrators  (ACSA),  and  the  Association  of  Alaska  School  Boards’  (AASB)  Consortium  for  Digital  Learning  (CDL)  project.  The  Leadership  Summit  is  made  possible  by  the  generous  support  of  our  sponsors,  Alaska  Department  of  Education  and  Early  Development  (EED),  Apex  Learning,  Apple,  GCI  SchoolAccess,  and  Schoolwires.      • Keynote:  Dr.  Lynne  Schrum  • Advocacy:  David  Byer  • Technology  Leadership:  Dr.  Michael  Golden  • Guest  Speaker  via  Video  Conferencing:  Dr.  Jack  Grayson  • Alaska  Initiatives  and  iPad  Training: Bob  Whicker  and  Steve  Nelson  • Invited  Guest:  Cara  Heitz,  Alaska  2012  Teacher  of  the  Year  • Invited  Guest: Glenn  Gelbrich,  Juneau  School  District  Superintendent  • Invited  Guest: Ruth  Blankenbaker,  Center  for  Interactive  Learning  and  Collaboration      Sunday,  February  26th    ½-­‐hour  Birds-­‐of-­‐a-­‐Feather/SIG  Discussions:  3:30  -­‐  4:00  pm   o SIG  C&C:  SIG  Discussion  with  Therese  Ashton  and  Frank  Hauser  (Easter  Island)   o SIG  DE:  Now  Considering…  with  Susan  Warner  (Voyager)   o SIG  STEM:  SIG  Discussion  with  Wade  Roach  and  Craig  Kasemodel  (Resolution)   o ASTE:  ASTE  Newbies  with  Sam  McPhetres  (Whitby)  -­‐  Learn  how  to  get  the  most  out  of  your  ASTE  experience!  Tips   and  tricks  from  a  veteran  ASTE  participant  how  what  to  do  and  how  to  enjoy  your  time  at  ASTE.  Or...  if  youve  got   some  experience  and  want  to  share  your  knowledge,  come  on  down.  ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  3  
    •  Sunday,  February  26th  (continued)  ½-­‐hour  Birds-­‐of-­‐a-­‐Feather/SIG  Discussions  (continued):  3:30  -­‐  4:00  pm   o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  Anywhere,  Anytime  Learning  with  Discovery  Education  and  More  with  Chad   Lehman  (SIG  STEM/Discovery  Education  Suite  in  Tower  II)  -­‐  In  this  session,  well  explore  a  variety  of  free,  online   professional  development  opportunities  that  you  are  available  to  you.    In  addition  to  resources  from  Discovery   Education,  well  look  around  the  web  at  other  places  where  you  can  access  online  webinars,  virtual  conferences,   video  presentations  and  podcasts.   o Elementary  Technology  Favorites  with  Susan  Keeney  (Quadrant)  –  Elementary  Technology  Favorites  that   Connect,  Create,  and  Communicate:  Explore  favorite  websites  and  creative  projects  to  use  in  your  classroom.  We   will  discuss  and  share  websites,  educational  software,  projects,  and  ideas,  which  incorporate  technology  and   creativity  -­‐  supporting  teaching  and  learning  in  the  classroom.   o Save  the  Mouse  (and  your  eyes)  -­‐  The  Power  of  Shortcut  Keys  with  Benjamin  Johnson  (Endeavor)  -­‐  Time,  there  is   never  enough  to  go  around.  What  if  some  simple  memorization  and  a  little  discipline  in  our  computing  could  help   us  take  back  upwards  of  15  minutes  per  week  of  that  precious  time.  All  we  have  to  do  is  let  go  of  the  mouse  and   learn  just  a  few  of  the  countless  shortcut  keys  collecting  dust  inside  of  our  favorite  programs.  You  may  have   learned  Ctrl-­‐Z  to  help  you  undue  your  errors  but  did  you  know  there  are  literally  thousand  of  keyboard  shortcuts   that  you  could  be  utilizing  every  day  to  streamline  your  computing  process.  Whether  you  want  to  use  it  to  learn   that  new  software  or  just  want  to  get  off  the  computer  faster  this  session  will  aim  to  get  you  back  some  of  your   precious  time.   o SmartBoards:  From  the  Box…  with  Courtney  Pfannenstein  and  Mary  Thole  (Adventure)  -­‐  Two  elementary   teachers  had  SmartBoards  installed  in  their  classrooms  while  they  attended  a  one-­‐day  SmartBoard  training  the   day  before  the  school  year  started.  Ready,  set,  go!  We  will  share  our  hiccups,  troubleshooting,  and  successes.      1-­‐hour  Informational:  • 8:30  -­‐  9:30  am   o SIG  C&C:  K-­‐12  Distance  Learning  @  Manhattan  School  of  Music  with  Juliana  Han  (Easter  Island)  -­‐  Manhattan   School  of  Music  (MSM)  instituted  its  groundbreaking  distance  learning  program  -­‐  the  first  of  its  kind  at  a  music   conservatory  -­‐  in  1996.    Since  then,  through  the  development  and  creative  use  of  broadband  videoconferencing   and  related  instructional  technologies,  the  School  has  provided  access  to  artistic  resources  that  enhance  music   education  for  students  worldwide.  This  presentation  will  introduce  attendees  to  MSMs  Distance  Learning   Program,  its  live  and  interactive  offerings  for  K-­‐12  students  with  an  emphasis  on  its  core  learning  values:  Connect.   Interact.  Listen.  Learn.,  and  its  incorporation  of  learning  standards  into  program  design,  content,  and  assessment,   as  well  as  links  to  core  subjects  such  as  social  studies  and  history.  We  will  distribute  sample  materials,  play  video   clips  from  past  presentations,  and  connect  live  back  to  the  Manhattan  School  of  Music  in  New  York  City  for  an   interactive  music  demonstration.   o SIG  DE:  Now  Considering…  with  Susan  Warner  (Voyager)     o SIG  STEM:  Games  Based  Learning  with  Craig  Kasemodel  (Resolution)  -­‐  Create  Literacy  with  Digital  Literacy  and   Transformational  Play.  Learn  how  to  incorporate  Games  Based  Learning  into  your  curriculum.  Learn  how  to   quest,  learn  about  exciting  educational  computer  games  for  all  ages  and  grades!  Learn  about  strategies  and   theories  for  cross-­‐curricular  integration  and  adaptation  for  differentiated  instruction  in  the  same  class.  Discuss   and  collaborate  on  gaming  projects.  Develop  and  practice  your  gaming  skills.  We  will  focus  on  Wolf  Quest,   Resilient  Planet,  Alice,  and  Quest  Atlantis.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (EED):  Alaska  Digital  Sandbox  with  Roxy  Mourant,  John  Monahan,  and  Tammy  Morris   (Endeavor)  -­‐  Alaska  Digital  Sandbox  is  a  FREE  secure  social  network  for  Alaskan  teachers.  Join  us to  learn  how  to   find,  upload,  and  download  great  resources  for  Alaskan  teachers.  Follow  and  make  friends  with  educators  across   Alaska  to  increase  your  personal  learning  network.   o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  Back  to  Basics:  Discovery  Education  Streaming  101  with  Lindsay  Hopkins   (Adventure)  -­‐  Get  down  and  dirty  with  the  basics  of  using  Discovery  Education  Streaming!    Well  fill  the  gaps  with   helpful  information  on  navigating,  talk  about  the  difference  between  streaming  and  downloading,  and  uncover   some  resources  that  you  never  knew  you  had!  This  session  is  a  great  building  block  that  prepares  you  to   springboard  to  deeper  integration.  ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  4  
    •  Sunday,  February  26th  (continued)  1-­‐hour  Informational  (continued):  • 8:30  -­‐  9:30  am  (continued)   o Bronze  Sponsor  (Schoolwires):  Nimbus  -­‐  Collaborative  Learning  in  the  Cloud  with  Jeff  Windsor  (Quadrant)  -­‐   Promote  creative  and  innovative  thinking,  engage  students  using  digital  tools  and  resources,  model  collaborative   knowledge  construction  in  virtual  environments.  Come  learn  how  districts  from  across  the  nation  and  beyond  are   providing  their  students,  teachers,  parents  and  community  members  with  a  safe  social  learning  environment  that   gives  the  district  the  controls  they  require  to  ensure  a  safe  educational  experience.    • 9:45  -­‐  10:45  am:   o Keynote  Speaker:  Stories  From  the  Field…  with  Lynne  Schrum  (Endeavor)  –  Fresh  from  new  research  on   leadership  in  education,  Lynne  will  share  the  stories  and  lessons  learned  from  award-­‐winning  initiatives.   o SIG  C&C:  How  to  Promote  Writing  with  Technology  with  Raymond  Voley  (Easter  Island)  -­‐  In  2011  Kenny  Lake   School  launched  a  website,  www.hawknews.org  that  showcased  student  videos,  podcasts,  blogs,  and  written   stories  and  pictures.  Students  took  their  writing  to  a  new  level  by  focusing  on  community  stories  that  mattered  to   them  and  publishing  these  stories  in  a  variety  of  multimedia  formats.  Learn  how  to  combine  a  few  simple,  and   inexpensive  tools  -­‐-­‐  Weebly,  Youtube,  Flip  Cameras,  MP3  recorders,  digital  cameras  -­‐-­‐  to  transform  an  ordinary   writing  class  into  something  magical,  inspiring  and  engaging.  (Note:  Participants  should  be  familiar  with  Flip   camera  use,  and  be  comfortable  with  a  video-­‐editing  program.)   o SIG  DE:  Podcasting  101  with  Emily  Demmert  (Voyager)  -­‐  Learn  how  to  create  a  podcast  and  get  it  published  in   iTunes.       o SIG  STEM:  Integrating  Technology  in  Inquiry-­‐based  Science  Classroom  with  Jodi  Doster  (Resolution)  -­‐  This   workshop  will  model  teaching  methods  using  inquiry  and  discuss  various  methods  of  using  technology  to  teach   inquiry-­‐based  science.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (The  Chariot  Group):  SMART  Bridgit:  iPads  in  the  SMART  Classroom  with  Kristin  Astle   (Adventure)  -­‐  You  may  already  be  familiar  with  using  the  SMART  Board  and  SMART  Notebook  software  to  engage   students  in  your  classroom,  but  did  you  know  that  SMART  also  supports  iPad  implementations?  We  will  discuss   ways  in  which  teachers  can  build  and  deliver  content  that  engages  students  in  their  seats  AND  supports  distance   learning  for  students  who  are  miles  away.  It’s  all  possible  with  a  SMART  Board,  SMART  Notebook,  SMART   Response  VE,  and  the  Bridgit  app  for  iPad.  Come  see  how  your  investment  in  SMART  is  amplified  in  the  iPad-­‐ equipped  classroom.  (Note:  Participants  who  want  to  actively  engage  in  the  content  of  the  session  must  bring   their  own  laptop  computer  with  SMART  Notebook  v10.8  or  greater  loaded  on  it  and  Bridgit,  and/or  iPad  with   SMART  Bridgit  app  -­‐  found  at  the  iTunes  App  Store.)   o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  Navigating  the  Discovery  Education  Science  TECHBOOK  with  Scott  Koziol   (SIG  STEM/Discovery  Education  Suite  in  Tower  II)  -­‐  Reach  21st  Century  learners  through  the  use  of  digital   resources  from  the  Discovery  Education  Science  TECHBOOK,  an  innovative  replacement  for  the  traditional   “textbook”.   o Building  In-­‐Depth  Online  PLCPs  with  CJ  Allison  (Whitby)  -­‐  The  Alaska  Career  Information  System  (AKCIS)  provides   students  and  adults  with  comprehensive  career  planning  &  exploration  resources.  It  is  also  a  good  option  to  help   develop  and  house  a  students  Personal  Learning  and  Career  Plan  (PLCP).  This  hands-­‐on  session  will  walk  you   through  saving  goals,  action  plans,  student  work  samples,  resume  information,  and  assessment  results  into  the   student  portfolio  to  begin  forming  a  comprehensive  plan.  Participants  will  use  scenarios  to  understand  how  to   better  use  AKCIS  with  their  students.  (Note:  Participants  must  bring  their  own  laptop.)    • 11:00  am  -­‐  12:00  pm   o Featured  Speakers:  ABC’s  of  Advocacy  with  David  Byer  and  Hilary  Goldmann  (Endeavor)  –  Join  in  the   conversation  about  the  national  policy  agenda  regarding  educational  technology,  and  learn  what  you  can  do  to   make  a  difference  in  how  the  discussion  unfolds.  ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  5  
    • o    Sunday,  February  26th    (continued)  1-­‐hour  Informational  (continued):  • 11:00  am  -­‐  12:00  pm  (continued)   o SIG  C&C:  Using  iMovie  09  to  Create  a  Middle  School  News  Program  with  Jenny  Long  (Easter  Island)  -­‐  Have  a   motivated  group  of  students,  a  video  camera,  and  iMovie  09  or  newer  and  you  have  all  that  you  need  to  set  up  a   news  program  in  your  middle  school.  This  session  will  provide  you  with  a  couple  of  models  for  creating  a  news   program  that  can  be  aired  regularly  school  wide  or  used  as  a  single  project  for  a  class.  A  news  program  is  a  great   vehicle  to  get  student  directed  ideas  out  to  the  entire  school  through  creativity,  kid  friendly  topics,  language  and   style  while  increasing  public  speaking  confidence  and  computer  skills.   o SIG  DE:  Bottom  Up  -­‐  Real  Distance  Learning  in  Rural  Alaska  and  Beyond  -­‐  Using  Blackboard  Collaborate  and  Other   Collaborative  Tools  with  Matthew  Stark  (Voyager)  -­‐  Are  there  too  many  levels  in  your  classroom?  Do  you  have   too  many  subjects  to  prep  each  day?  Do  you  find  you  have  to  teach  many  levels  of  math  and  reading  in  one  day?   Are  there  other  schools  in  your  district  with  the  same  problems?  Do  you  teach  in  rural  Alaska?  The  south  half  of   the  Lake  and  Peninsula  School  District  has  embarked  on  a  new  adventure  in  order  to  solve  some  of  our  problems   with  having  a  limited  amount  of  teachers  and  students  in  many  levels  in  each  classroom.  The  Lake  and  Peninsula   School  District  decided  this  year  to  use  Blackboard  Collaborate  and  a  set  schedule  to  teach  math  and  reading  via   distance  delivery.  The  seven  schools  students  log  in  at  the  same  time  and  a  highly  qualified  teacher  teaches  a   math  or  reading  course  to  students  across  the  district.  The  student’s  ownership,  engagement,  and  ease  of  using   our  new  distance  classes  became  our  greatest  surprise.  We  used  a  bottom  up  approach  to  figure  out  how  we   could  use  our  limited  resources.   o SIG  STEM:  3D  Modeling  for  Everyone  -­‐  Introducing  Google  SketchUp  with  John  Bailey  and  Katie  Kennedy   (Resolution)  -­‐  Google  SketchUp  is  a  fun,  easy  to  use,  3D  modeling  computer  program.  The  software  combines  a   tool-­‐set  with  an  intelligent  drawing  system.  It  enables  users  to  create  3D  models,  and  in  combination  with  Google   Earth  use  real  world  coordinates  to  geographically  locate  them  and  share  them  with  others.  Worldwide,  teachers   are  using  it  in  many  grade  levels  and  in  many  subject  areas  from  computer  technology  to  math,  geography,  and   science.  Alaska  is  now  the  recipient  of  a  statewide  SketchUp  Pro  license  grant,  allowing  all  schools  to  install  this   innovative  program  for  free.  In  this  session  SketchUps  high  level  of  usability  and  rapid  learning  curve  will  be   demonstrated  by  a  hands-­‐on  tutorial,  by  the  end  of  which  participants  will  have  created  their  own  textured  3D   building.  There  will  also  be  an  opportunity  to  ask  questions  about  obtaining  and  using  SketchUp  Pro  licenses  at   your  school.     o Platinum  Sponsor  (The  Chariot  Group):  Components  in  Digital  Signage  Solutions  in  Education  with  Adam   Kersgard  (Adventure)  -­‐  What  are  the  elements  of  a  visual  communications  solution?  This  class  focuses  on  what  to   consider  when  formulating  a  digital  signage  solution  for  a  campus,  building  or  classroom  environment.  The  class   will  break  down  the  components,  from  software  to  hardware,  creative  content  to  installation,  and  finally   warranty  and  maintenance.  What  every  school  needs  to  know  about  visual  communication  solutions. o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  50  Ways  to  Integrate  Discovery  Education  STREAMING  with  Lindsay  Hopkins   (SIG  STEM/Discovery  Education  Suite  in  Tower  II)  -­‐  Did  you  know  that  Discovery  Education  streaming  has  videos,   an  interactive  atlas,  dynamic  calendar,  thousands  of  quiz  questions,  images,  speeches,  and  sound  effects?    This   fast-­‐pasted,  energizing  session  will  open  your  eyes  to  the  possibilities  of  digital  media  and  Discovery  Education   streaming  in  the  classroom. o Bronze  Sponsor  (Gaggle):  Filtering  and  Archiving  for  Google  Apps  with  Tom  Petit  (Quadrant)  -­‐  Looking  for  a  safe   and  secure  CIPPA  compliant  atmosphere  for  Google  Apps?  Come  see  Gaggle  where  filtering  of  inappropriate   content  and  pornographic  images  is  our  passion.  We’ll  also  show  you  our  cloud  based  archiving  solution  for   Google  Apps.  We  can  archive  Gmail,  Docs,  Calendars,  and  Talk  with  complete  data  integrity!    • 1:00  -­‐  2:00  pm   o SIG  C&C:  Think  Globally  Learn  Locally-­‐Using  21st  Century  Learning  Tools  with  Lynnette  Sullivan  (Easter  Island)  -­‐   Research  has  shown  that  younger  children  are  able  to  learn  a  new  language  more  easily  than  at  older  ages.    In   addition  the  cultural  sharing  and  knowledge  provide  rich  learning  experiences  that  broaden  attitudes  and  provide   opportunities  for  authentic  learning.      What  happens  when  you  combine  a  language  immersion  program  with   Promethean  interactive  white  boards  in  every  classroom?    You  discover  how  to  Actively  Inspire  and  engage   learners  for  a  global  experience  where  students  can  reach  out  and  "touch"  the  world.  ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  6  
    •    Sunday,  February  26th    (continued)  1-­‐hour  Informational  (continued):  • 1:00  -­‐  2:00  pm  (continued)   o SIG  DE:  Edmodo:  The  Educational  Facebook  with  Nicole  Bourque  (Voyager)  -­‐  What  student  would  object  to  using   Facebook  in  the  classroom?  Reach  your  disengaged  students  through  Edmodo,  an  educational  Facebook.  This   session  will  give  a  brief  overview  of  Edmodo  and  ideas  for  how  it  can  be  incorporated  into  the  classroom.  Specific   examples  from  a  team  of  8th  grade  core  subject  teachers  will  be  given.  Bring  your  own  laptop  or  watch  how  to   create  a  teacher  account,  a  student  account,  and  explore  the  different  features  Edmodo  has  to  offer.   o SIG  STEM:  Using  Technology  in  a  Inquiry-­‐based  Science  Classroom  with  Jodi  Doster  (Resolution)  -­‐  This  sectional   will  be  to  show  and  discuss  various  methods  of  using  technology  to  teach  inquiry-­‐based  science  lessons.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (Alaska  Communications  with  AASB):  Content  as  Educational  Currency  with  Sandy  Knechtel   and  Woody  Wicks  (Endeavor)  -­‐  iTunesU  is  one  of  many  educational  resources  available  to  educators  and  students   who  wish  to  learn  more  through  immersive  presentations,  write  ups  and  multimedia  assets.  It  extends  learning   windows  and  brings  topics  to  life  in  ways  that  textbooks  simply  cannot.  It  also  benefits  from  the  contributions  of   many.  The  Alaska  Association  of  School  Boards  has  launched  Alaska’s  Educational  Resource  iTunesU  portal  and  is   aggregating  content  at  a  quickening  pace.  Alaska  Communications  strives  to  promote  education  and  business   partnerships  and  is  contributing  content  to  aid  in  this  goal.  Come  learn  about  the  iTunesU  portal,  what  content  is   available  and  bring  your  ideas  for  what  content  would  be  most  beneficial  to  educators  in  Alaska.  Together  Alaska   Communications  and  AASB  want  to  bring  these  resources  to  life  for  educators  statewide. o Platinum  Sponsor  (GCI  SchoolAccess):  Video  Conferencing:    Pedagogical  Strategies  and  Best  Practices  with  Elaine   Schuck  (Adventure)  -­‐  Delivery  of  excellent  instruction  at  a  distance  is  dependent  upon  the  instructors  ability  to   engage  the  student/trainee.  Learn  key  techniques  that  can  greatly  improve  quality  of  learning  and  eliminate  the   feeling  of  distance.  Instructor  will  explore  course  and  session  management  issues  such  as  evaluation/assessment,   discipline  procedures,  communication  protocol,  establishing  ground  rules,  tutoring,  missed  class  procedure,   copyright,  and  how  to  handle  multipoint  classes.   o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  Once  Upon  a  Digital  Integration:  Practical  Stories  from  Successful  Schools   with  Justin  Karkow  (SIG  STEM/Discovery  Education  Suite  in  Tower  II)  -­‐  This  session  is  designed  to  support   educational  leaders  in  their  professional  development  and  systems  improvement  efforts,  to  dramatically  improve   student  engagement  and  performance.    The  content  of  the  session  will  provide  practical  advice  and  insights  that   illustrate  what  the  best  research  in  professional  development  looks  like  when  it’s  transferred  to  practice.    Important  lessons  from  model  schools  who  are  implementing  the  Common  Core,  and  highly-­‐effective  school   leaders  will  illustrate  the  critical  levers  for  conducting  professional  development  that  connects  the  best   pedagogical  practices  with  digital  media,  technologies,  and  resources  to  support  improved  teacher  performance,   and  student  achievement.   o Silver  Sponsor  (Dell/GCSIT):  Using  the  SW500wi  Interactive  Ultra  Short  Throw  Projector  to  Bring  Lesson  Plans  to   Life  with  Trevor  Azavedo  (Quadrant)  -­‐  Help  take  learning  to  a  new  level  by  projecting  large,  clear  images  onto   virtually  any  surface  and  take  advantage  of  3D4  projection  capability.  Your  students  will  enjoy  getting  out  of  the   textbook  and  onto  the  screen.    The  S500wi  can  operate  with  other  vendor’s  software  and  hardware,  helping  you   to  maximize  your  existing  investment.   o Digital  Storytelling  with  Vanessa  Powell  (Whitby)  -­‐  This  class  is  designed  for  educators  of  grades  3-­‐6  who  are   interested  in  integration  of  technology,  writing,  speaking,  art  and  presentation.  If  youre  looking  for  a  way  to  hold   your  students  interest  while  they  learn  new  technology,  test  out  new  skills,  organize  their  thinking  in  concrete   ways  and  create  an  end  product  that  will  engage  administrators  and  parents,  then  Digital  Storytelling  is  what   youve  been  seeking.    • 2:15  -­‐  3:15  pm   o SIG  C&C:  Screencasting  Made  Easy!  with  Craig  Kasemodel  (Easter  Island)  -­‐  Screencasting  Made  Easy!  Learn  how   to  use  Screencasting  to  differentiate  your  curriculum.  Learn  about  several  online  screencasting  tools.  Dive  into  an   in-­‐depth  discussion  of  Camtasia  Studio,  a  non-­‐destructive  editor  and  screen  recorder.  Learn  about  screen   captures,  recording  audio,  creating  closed  captions,  producing  interactive  quizzes,  and  creating  video.  ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  7  
    •  Sunday,  February  26th    (continued)  1-­‐hour  Informational  (continued):  • 2:15  -­‐  3:15  pm  (continued)   o SIG  DE:  Mobile  Learning  with  Keith  Zamudio  (Voyager)  -­‐  With  the  advent  of  mobile  technologies,  1  to  1  laptop   programs  and  the  prevalence  of  Web  2.0  learning  environments,  increasingly,  students  are  in  a  position  to   leverage  and  participate  in  classroom  activities  online.  The  goal  of  this  session  is  to  discuss  and  explore  solutions   for  school  districts  to  provide  visiting  students  Internet  access  for  educational  purposes.  For  any  school  district   this  means  meeting  the  requirements  of  federal  law  set  forth  in  CIPA  (Childrens  Internet  Protection  Act),   complying  with  the  school  district  policies  and  procedures,  maintaining  network  security,  and  deployment.   Deployment  needs  to  be  secure,  safe  and  manageable.  Manageability  will  create  its  own  set  of  circumstances   that  will  need  to  be  addressed  by  school  districts  IT departments.  Come  share,  discuss  and  learn  as  we  continue   to  "promote  access  to  technology,  connectivity  to  information  resources  and  technology  integration  for  all   Alaskan  learners."   o SIG  STEM:  iPads  in  Education:  Transforming  Teaching  &  Learning  with  Maureen  Cronin-­‐Wmscornelius  and   Keenan  Casteel  (Resolution)  -­‐  In  this  session  see  how  Apps  are  transforming  the  teaching  &  learning  process.     Discover  standards  aligned  interdisciplinary  Apps  that  integrate  Science,  Technology,  Engineering,  and   Mathematics  (STEM),  NCTE  21st  Century  Literacy  standards,  and  ISTE  Educational  technology  standards.  Apps  are   expanding  learning  experiences  beyond  the  classroom  with  SKYPE  and  FaceTime  Apps.  Collaborate  with  iPad   productivity  Apps  that  allow  the  creation  and  sharing  of  compelling  work  using  one  digital  resource.  Just  when   your  overwhelmed...  Yes!  iPads  offer  educators  a  compelling  tool  for  data  driven  instructional  strategies  including   RtI,  a  plan  of  continuous  instruction,  screening,  intervention  and  monitoring.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (EED):  Google  Sketchup  Pro  in  Alaskan  Classrooms  with  Tammy  Morris  and  Katie  Kennedy   (Voyager)  –  Alaskan  teachers  can  now  have  free  access  to  Google  Sketchup  Pro,  thanks  to  a  statewide  license.   Google  SketchUp  is  software  that  you  can  use  to  create  3D  models  of  anything  you  like.  Teachers  are  using  it  on   many  grade  levels  and  in  many  subject  areas  from  computer  technology  to  math,  geography,  and  science.  Join  us   in  this  session  to  be  introduced  to  the  impact  Google  Sketchup  Pro,  in  conjunction  with  Google  Earth  (also  free)   can  have  in  your  classroom.   o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  I  Can  Do  That  With  PowerPoint?  Multi-­‐Media  Presentations  with  Discovery   Education  with  Lindsay  Hopkins  (SIG  STEM/Discovery  Education  Suite  in  Tower  II)  -­‐  We  all  know  that  the   computer,  projector  and  PowerPoint  have  replaced  the  old  slide  projector,  but  did  you  know  that  PowerPoint  can   also  be  combined  with  Discovery  Education  videos,  sounds,  images,  and  effects  to  create  engaging  multimedia   presentations?  During  this  session  will  explore  the  necessary  (and  not-­‐so-­‐scary)  steps  for  integrating  digital  media   with  PowerPoint.   o Gold  Sponsor  (DRS  Defense):  Leveraging  FREE  resources  in  Education  with  Michael  Martinez  (Adventure)  -­‐  In  this   session  we  will:  discuss  the  availability  of  FREE  education  resources  and  identify  sources  of  media  rich  content;   discuss  the  importance  of  integrating  externally  developed  content  into  the  classroom;  and  discuss  the  important   of  developing  an  attitude  of  continual  learning  to  prepare  students  to  compete  in  the  economy  of  the  future. o Bronze  Sponsor  (Integrated  Logic):  Managing  Networks  for  1  to  1  Devices  with  Rob  Burgoyne  (Quadrant)  -­‐  A  dive   into  management  options  for  schools  facing  the  challenges  of  high  density  laptop  and  tablet  deployment.     o Digital  Puppets  for  Primary  with  Krystal  Price  (Resolution)  -­‐  Directions  on  how  to  make  a  green  screen  puppet   theatre  for  your  classroom.  Examples  of  uses  and  a  quick  run  through  on  assembling  the  final  product.    3-­‐hour  Hands-­‐On:  • 8:30  -­‐  11:30  am   o SIG  DI:  Building  Student  Identity  Through  ePortfolios  with  Don  Peterson  and  Skip  Via  (Club  Room  I)  -­‐  This  session   examines  current  and  emerging  uses  of  electronic  portfolios  in  post-­‐secondary  education.  Well  take  a  look  at  a   proprietary  eportfolio  (specifically  LiveText)  and  its  current  application  in  the  UAF  School  of  Education.  In   addition,  the  session  will  examine  the  use  of  Google  Sites  as  a  platform  for  student  portfolios  in  the  M.Ed.  Online   Innovation  and  Design  program  and  other  UAF  classes.  We  hope  to  facilitate  a  discussion  of  the  role  of   eportfolios  in  teaching  and  learning  and  explore  practical  solutions  for  implementation.  Please  bring  your  own   questions  and  examples  of  eportfolios  that  you  can  share.  ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  8  
    •  Sunday,  February  26th    (continued)  3-­‐hour  Hands-­‐On  (continued):  • 8:30  –  11:30  am  (continued)   o Platinum  Sponsor  (Apple):  Apple  iOS  Programming with  Steve Hayman  (Club  Room  II)  -­‐  Well  discuss  and   demonstrate  -­‐  and  let  you  try  -­‐  Apples  software  development  tools  for  the  iPad,  iPhone  and  iPod  Touch,  and   show  how  individuals  and  institutions  are  building  innovative  mobile  applications  for  their  organizations  and  the   wider  world.  Well  highlight  and  deconstruct  some  popular  applications  -­‐  both  web-­‐based,  and  native  -­‐  and  show   you  how  to  get  started  building  your  own  with  Apples  free  developer  tools.  Well  talk  about  web  development   with  Dashcode,  native  application  development  with  Xcode  and  Interface  Builder,  and  review  the  integration  and   deployment  options  and  Apples  developer  program.  And  if  the  presenter  messes  up,  we  may  accidentally  wind   up  demonstrating  the  debugger  as  well.   o Edmodo-­‐Connect&Engage!  with  Lori  Manion  (Whitby)  -­‐  Are  you  interested  in  learning  more  about  the  leading   social  learning  network  for  k12  education?  Then  this  is  the  presentation  for  you!  Edmodo  is  transforming  the  way   teachers  and  students  connect,  engage  and  learn  both  inside  and  outside  the  classroom.  This  is  a  free,  private   online  social  platform  that  allows  educators  to  share  ideas,  files,  links,  events  and  assignments  while  developing   collaborative  groups  within  the  classroom,  school  and  district.  If  you  like  the  feel  of  Facebook,  you  will  appreciate   the  ease  in  which  you  (and  your  colleagues  and  students)  transition  over  to  Edmodo  as  a  secure  social   environment  for  schools.  Bring  your  laptop  and  get  ready  to  build  your  collaborative  structure  and  learn   strategies  for  applying  this  to  your  classroom,  school  or  district.    By  the  end  of  the  session,  you  will  have  a   product  you  can  implement  the  next  day.    • 1:00  -­‐  4:00  pm   o SIG  DI:  Disrupting  the  Institution  with  Skip  Via  and  Chris  Lott  and  featuring  Lee  Graham  (Club  Room  I)    -­‐  Driven  by   passionate  innovators  engaged  in  the  proverbial  “thinking  outside  the  box,”  disruptive  innovation  creates  new   values  and  new  networks...something  institutions  find,  at  best,  difficult  to  accommodate,  at  worst  something  to   fear  and  repress.  What,  then,  does  disruptive  innovation  look  like  inside  the  educational  institution?  What  do   innovative  educators  do  with-­‐-­‐and  demand  from-­‐-­‐their  students?  From  flipping  the  classroom  and  mobile   learning  to  social  media  and  students  as  creators,  let’s  examine  some  real-­‐life  educational  innovations,  try  out   some  interesting  technologies,  share  from  our  own  experiences,  and  brainstorm  ways  to  move  forward  despite   institutional  lethargy  and  the  chorus  of  nay-­‐sayers  who  claim  innovation  is  impossible.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (Apple):  Moving  to  Mobility  with  Dan  McCormick  and  Pete  Vraspir  (Club  Room  II)  -­‐  In  this   session,  participants  will  get  hands-­‐on  experience  with  Apple  mobile  technology  and  how  it  can  be  applied  in  the   classroom.  The  focus  will  be  around  classroom  application  and  content  specific  to  the  core  curriculum  as  well  as   special  education.  Apps,  iTunes  U  and  other  student  centric  and  engaging  content  will  be  explored  and  discussed.          6-­‐hour  Hands-­‐On:  8:30  am  -­‐  4:00  pm   o Featured  Speaker:  Google  Workshop  for  Educators  with  Jim  Sill  (Quarter  Deck)  -­‐  This  workshop  will  focus  not  he   use  of  technology  to  support  teaching  and  learning.  The  session  will  be  intended  for  an  audience  of  teachers  and   administrators  with  intermediate  technology  skills.  The  content  will  focus  on  the  use  of  free  Google  tools  in   education.  Specifically,  content  will  focus  on  Google  Search,  Google  Docs,  Google  Calendar,  and  Google  Groups.   Time  permitting,  additional  Google  tools,  including  Google  Reader,  will  also  be  covered.  Materials  and  activities   will  be  similar  to  those  developed  by  Computer  Using  Educators  (CUE)  for  the  Google  Teacher  Academy.  Each   participant  will  also  be  inducted  into  the  Google  Workshop  for  Educators,  an  online  professional  development   community.    Bonus  Opportunity:  4:15-­‐5:45  pm   o ACSS  &  AGA  2.0  Reception  and  Information  Session  (Quarter  Deck):  The  Alaska  Council  for  the  Social  Studies   (ACSS)  and  the  Alaska  Geographic  Alliance  (AGA)  invite  all  ASTE  members  interested  in  social  studies  to  attend  an   informal  gathering  to  learn  about  the  work  of  these  organizations  and  to  explore  opportunities  to  bring   geography,  history  and  social  studies  to  all!    There  will  be  hors  douevres  and  great  door  prizes.    Join  us!  ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  9  
    •  Monday,  February  27th    ½-­‐hour  Birds-­‐of-­‐a-­‐Feather/SIG  Discussions:  1:00  -­‐  1:30  pm   o SIG  C&C:  SIG  Discussion  with  Therese  Ashton  and  Frank  Hauser  (Easter  Island)   o SIG  DI:  Reading  Group  with  Skip  Via  and  Chris  Lott  (Club  Room  I)   o SIG  R  (Whitby):      Alaska  Statewide  Mentoring  Project:  Teachers’  Growth  and  Retention  with  Barb  Adams  –-­‐  The  Alaska  Statewide   Mentor  Project  (ASMP)  provides  mentoring  to  first-­‐  and  second-­‐year  teachers  in  order  to  shorten  the  learning   time  of  a  professional  who  is  new  to  the  career.  The  mentor  model  is  grounded  in  teaching  standards  and   employs  a  formative  assessment  system  of  data  collection.  From  the  evidence  gathered  mentors  complete  a   teacher  growth  tool.  Retention  is  calculated  based  on  labor  data.  To  address  if  ASMP  is  meeting  its  objective,   these  data  are  merged  to  address  the  question,  do  we  have  higher  retention  rates  of  early  career  teachers  who   grow  more  professionally  during  ASMP  mentoring  than  those  who  do  not  grow  as  much?    Copper  River  Teaching  with  M.  Johnson  -­‐  For  centuries  Ahtna  Athabascan  Alaska  Natives  have  educated  their   youth  to  survive  in  a  subsistence  lifestyle.  For  reasons  this  study  seeks  to  explore,  Ahtna  Athabascans  have   chosen  not  to  integrate  their  traditional  educational  values  into  the  public  school  system  by  becoming  public   school  teachers.  Using  a  mixed-­‐method  approach,  this  cross-­‐cultural  study  utilizes  a  non-­‐formalized  survey  and   phenomenological  interviews.  Through  the  study,  Ahtna  Athabascans  expressed  an  overwhelming  desire  to  see   more  Ahtna  Athabascans  teachers  in  public  schools.  (from  Mr.  Johnson’s  UAF  Ph.D.  Dissertation  research)   o SIG  STEM:  SIG  Discussion  with  Wade  Roach  and  Craig  Kasemodel  (Resolution)   o ASTE:  ASTE  Credit  Course  with  Tammy  Morris  (Endeavor)  -­‐  Join  us  for  an  informational  session  to  learn  how  you   can  easily  earn  1  or  2  credits  for  attending  the  2012  ASTE  Conference  and,  at  the  same  time,  extend  the  benefits   you  gain  at  the  conference  by  exploring  your  conference  experience  with  other  participants.  This  is  a  great   opportunity  to  meet  other  participants  and  the  course  instructor  in  person.  Bring  your  computer  and  well  get   you  all  set  to  go  on  the  course  Ning.  (Attendance  at  this  session  is  not  a  requirement  of  the  course  and  attending   the  session  does  not  mean  you  have  to  sign  up  for  the  course.)   o ASTE  Partner  (AASB/CDL): Consortium  for  Digital  Learning  Updates  with  Bob  Whicker  and  Steve  Nelson   (Voyager)  -­‐  This  session  will  apprise  attendees  of  the  recent  development  of  the  Association  of  Alaska  School   Boards  Consortium  for  Digital  Learning.  Topics  will  range  from  digital  repository  contents,  professional   development  offerings,  and  legislative  efforts  to  expand  digital  learning  to  every  student  in  Alaska.   o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  Navigating  the  Discovery  Education  Science  TECHBOOK  with  Scott  Koziol   (SIG  STEM/Discovery  Education  Suite  in  Tower  II)  -­‐  Reach  21st  Century  learners  through  the  use  of  digital   resources  from  the  Discovery  Education  Science  TECHBOOK,  an  innovative  replacement  for  the  traditional   “textbook”.   o SmartBoards:  …To  the  Classroom  with  Courtney  Pfannenstein  and  Mary  Thole  (Adventure)  -­‐  Two  elementary   teachers  had  SmartBoards  installed  in  their  classrooms  while  they  attended  a  one-­‐day  SmartBoard  training  the   day  before  the  school  year  started.  Ready,  set,  go!  We  will  share  search  tips  for  Smart  Exchange  lessons  and   demonstration  of  SmartBoard  lessons  our  students  love  will  be  included  K-­‐2  &  3-­‐5.   o Touch  Technology  with  Joe  Hackenmueller  and  Tim  Andrew  (Quadrant)  –  An  opportunity  to  explore  the  topic  of   this  evolving  technology  and  its  impact  on  the  teaching  and  learning  process.    1-­‐hour  Informational:  • 9:45  -­‐  10:45  am   o Featured  Speaker:  Voices  Carry  Advocacy  Panel  with  Hilary  Goldmann,  ISTE  Senior  Government  Affairs  Officer  ~   Representative  Sharon  Cissna  (Anchorage)  ~  Bob  Whicker,  ASTE  Advocate  of  the  Year  ~  Mary  Wegner,  ASTE   President  and  ETAN  Co-­‐Chair  ~  Moderated  by  Mark  Standley,  ASTE  Advocacy  Chair  and  President-­‐Elect,  and  ETAN   Co-­‐Chair  (Endeavor)  –  A  unique  opportunity  to  be  part  of  both  state  and  national  discussions  on  issues  of   significance  to  ASTE  members.   o SIG  C&C:  QR  Codes  in  the  Classroom  with  Larissa  Wright-­‐Elson  (Easter  Island)  -­‐  Quick  Response,  or  QR  codes,  are   everywhere  these  days  from  store  fronts  to  labels  to  resumes.  QR  codes  can  be  used  for  content  delivery,   research,  collaboration,  and  convenience.  In  this  presentation  we  will  review  uses  of  QR  codes,  demonstrate  how   they  are  created,  and  view  current  student  work.  ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  10  
    •  Monday,  February  27th    (continued)  1-­‐hour  Informational  (continued):  • 9:45  -­‐  10:45  am  (continued)   o SIG  DI:  Living  with  Blackboard  with  Heidi  Olson  and  Chris  Lott  (Club  Room  I)  -­‐  Even  if  deep  down  you  think  the   glass  is  half  empty,  it  really  can  be  half  full!  Often  working  within  the  constraints  of  a  Learning  Management   system  is  a  challenge,  but  there  is  also  great  potential  to  make  the  features  work  for  you.  In  this  session  well  talk   about  how  to  use  blackboard  to  help  with  classroom  management,  provide  quality  assessments  activities,  and   provide  collaboration  opportunities  for  students.  If  you  have  a  trick  that  youd  like  to  share  please  help  us  to  fill   up  the  glass!   o SIG  STEM:  Infusing  K-­‐6  Science  Lessons  with  Technology  with  Marilyn  Doore  (Resolution)  -­‐  Overview  of  integrated   science  and  technology  lessons  and  activities  created  by  classroom  teacher  and  educational  technology  teacher.   Lessons  integrate  multimedia,  word  processing,  data  collection  and  more.   o ASTE:  ASTE  Newbies  with  Sam  McPhetres  (Whitby)  -­‐  Learn  how  to  get  the  most  out  of  your  ASTE  experience!  Tips   and  tricks  from  a  veteran  ASTE  participant  how  what  to  do  and  how  to  enjoy  your  time  at  ASTE.  Or...  if  youve  got   some  experience  and  want  to  share  your  knowledge,  come  on  down.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (Apple):  Managing  your  Mobile  Device  Ecosystem  with  AppTrack  with  Kevin Heneveld  (Club   Room  II)  -­‐  Schools  who  embrace  mobile  devices  in  education  are  facing  the  sobering  realization  that  there  is  a  lot   more  involved  than  handing  out  iPads.  Teachers  need  to  quickly  and  easily  order  apps  and  get  content  to  their   devices.  Meanwhile  administrators  struggle  with  how  to  review,  approve,  purchase  and  distribute  the  apps,   create  district  email  accounts  to  use  with  iTunes,  manage  account  names  and  passwords,  track  application   licenses  and  ensure  compliance  with  district  policies.  AppTrack  is  a  software  solution  developed  specifically  for   the  education  marked  to  handle  all  aspects  of  mobile  device  management,  going  well  beyond  "MDM"  to  provide   an  end-­‐to-­‐end  solution  for  your  mobile  device  ecosystem.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (GCI  SchoolAccess):  Community  and  Collaboration  with  Interactive  Video  Conferencing  with   Monica  Cougan  and  Missy  Fraze  (Adventure)  -­‐  Circling  the  globe  from  east  to  west,  urban  or  rural,  we  each  live  in   a  unique  community.  What  can  we  learn  from  our  area,  from  our  varied  citizens  or  natural  resources?  More   importantly,  what  can  your  students  learn?  This  session  will  highlight  the  creative,  project  based  learning   opportunities  through  the  KC3  (Kids  Creating  Community  Content)  and  the  Center  for  Interactive  Learning  and   Collaboration  (CILC).  We  will  incorporate  live,  interactive  sessions  with  KC3  participants  from  around  the  globe.   o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  Teaching  with  a  Techbook:  A  New  Age  of  Science  Instruction  with  Discovery   Education  SCIENCE  TECHBOOK  with  Lindsay  Hopkins  (Quadrant)  -­‐  Built  from  the  ground  up  to  address  state   standards,  Discovery  Education  SCIENCE  TECHBOOK  is  the  new  primary  instructional  resource  for  elementary  and   middle  schools  with  dynamic,  interactive  resources  to  support  the  5E  Model  of  Instruction  and  capture  digitally   native  students  attention.  During  this  session,  well  explore  the  Discovery  Education  SCIENCE  tools  and  discover   how  resources  like  an  interactive  periodic  table  and  glossary  can  help  make  science  cool  again.  Join  this  session   and  learn  how  you  can  incorporate  Discovery  Educations  interactive  labs,  high  quality  videos  from  series  like   Mythbusters  and  Planet  Earth,  virtual  labs,  and  a  formative  on-­‐line  assessment  into  your  classroom.  Participants   will  leave  with  an  extended  trial  code  to  take  back  to  their  schools.  Grade  levels:  K-­‐8.   o Bronze  Sponsor  (Schoolwires):  Centricity2:  Well  Grow  With  You  with  Marla  Mason  and  Jeff  Windsor  (Voyager)  -­‐   Marla  Mason,  Matsu  Borough  School  District,  and  Jeff  Windsor,  Product  Specialist  at  Schoolwires,  will  take  you   on  a  journey  of  Centricity  -­‐-­‐-­‐  both  from  a  client  and  a  product  specialist  perspective.  Centricity2  is  content   management  on  a  whole  new  level,  bringing  together  all  your  essential  technologies,  tools  and  information  in   one  place.  With  Centricity2,  youll  engage  with  the  members  in  your  K-­‐12  community  like  never  before  to  support   student,  school  and  district  success.  In  this  session  youll  hear  from  fellow  ASTE  members  how  their  district  has   advanced  using  Centricity2,  see  the  latest  product  enhancements,  and  learn  how  you  too  can  leverage  the   Centricity2  platform  to  create,  collaborate,  and  innovate.   o Project  Puqigtut  with  Karen  Phillip  (Quarter  Deck)  -­‐  Project  Puqigtut  is  a  program  providing  online  supplemental   core  courses  to  Alaska  Native  and  American  Indian  Anchorage  School  District  (ASD)  students  that  have  been   adapted  and/or  created  to  be  culturally  responsive.  Puqigtut  provides  Transitional  &  Social  Service  Coordinators   to  provide  support  and  study  opportunities  as  well  as  loan  laptops,  Internet  keys  and  transportation  to  Puqigtut   students.  Puqigtut  offers  courses  in  Language  Arts,  Math,  and  Social  Studies  for  credit  recovery,  getting  ahead   and/or  improving  GPA.  ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  11  
    •  Monday,  February  27th    (continued)  1-­‐hour  Informational  (continued):  • 11:00  am  -­‐  12:00  pm   o Featured  Speaker:  CyberTraps  for  the  Young  with  Frederick  Lane  (Endeavor)  -­‐  As  every  parent  and  teacher  is   keenly  aware,  children  love  technology.  From  computers  to  tablets  to  cell  phones  to  the  latest  social  networking   Web  site,  kids  happily  immerse  themselves  in  an  electronic  world  for  hours  at  a  time.  Not  surprisingly,  the   electronic  behavior  of  some  children  is  inappropriate  or  downright  illegal.  This  seminar  will  help  parents,   teachers,  and  administrators  understand  the  various  legal  risks  that  kids  face  as  a  result  of  the  misuse  of   electronic  devices,  ranging  from  copyright  infringement  lawsuits  to  criminal  prosecutions  for  hacking,   cyberbullying,  and  sexting.  Addressing  this  growing  social  problem  requires  ongoing  education  at  all  grade  levels   and  a  coordinated  response  by  school  officials,  parents,  and  law  enforcement.   o Featured  Speaker:  Better  &  Faster  Results  with  Google  Search  with  Jim  Sill  (Voyager)  –  Googles  mission  is  to   make  the  webs  information  more  accessible  and  useful.  A  Google  Certified  Teacher  shares  search  tips  and  tricks   that  help  you  and  your  students  get  better  results  in  less  time.  Instead  of  weeding  through  millions  of  results,  you   will  discover  many  of  the  free  Google  tools  that  appear  to  be  tailor  made  for  education.  You  will  learn  about   Advance  Search  tricks,  images,  news,  books,  and  "even  more".  Start  finding  what  youre  looking  for  on  the  web.   Using  Googles  free,  online  tools,  you  will  discover  how  to  navigate  the  Internets  information  and  find  what  you   are  looking  for  with  less  clicks  in  less  time.  Max  number  of  attendees  is  20.   o SIG  C&C:  BECAUSE  DIGITAL  WRITING  MATTERS  with  Mary  Richards  and  Lisa  Weight  (Easter  Island)  -­‐  The  National   Writing  Project  (NWP)  is  committed  to  supporting  educators  across  the  country  in  their  use  of  digital  tools.  NWP   is  providing  educators  with  revolutionary  spaces  to  examine  and  contemplate  the  impact  of  new  digital  tools  and   what  it  means  to  be  a  creator/composer  in  the  21st  century.  In  turn,  we  examine  what  it  means  to  create  a   composition.  How  is  composition  evolving  given  21st  century  dispositions?  Using  the  Alaska  State  Writing   Consortiums  Ning  platform,  join  us  as  we  explore  how  digital  venues  like  Ning,  Google  Docs,  Prezi,  Cinch,   Animoto,  and  Voki  serve  as  powerful  tools  for  creating  digital  composition.  Well  also  explore  NWPS  Danielle   DeVoss  notion  of    "amplification"  and  how  this  impacts  classroom  discourse  in  profound  and  powerful  ways.   Finally,  well  consider  how  digital  tools  instantaneously  create  authentic,  real  audience  for  writers  and  how  this   remarkable  shift  radically  transforms  our  ability  to  create  dynamic,  collaborative  learning  cultures.   o SIG  DI:  The  Web  is  the  LMS  with  Chris  Lott  and  Skip  Via  (Club  Room  I)  -­‐  Learning  Management  Systems  often   emphasize  management  over  learning.  Is  your  LMS  meeting  your  students  needs  in  terms  of  design  flexibility  and   the  development  of  real-­‐world  skills?  What  happens  if  we,  instead  of  coloring  inside  the  lines  of  the  LMS  we   consider  the  web  our  students  LMS?  This  session  will  examine  free  and  open  source  social  media  and  publishing   tools  as  an  alternative  and  supplement  to  proprietary  management  tools.   o SIG  STEM:  GIS  for  the  Alaska  classroom  with  Katie  Kennedy  (Resolution)  -­‐  Geographic  Information  Systems  (GIS)   is  an  interdisciplinary  technology  tool  for  the  classroom  that  encourages  critical  thinking,  expands  the  curriculum,   promotes  global  awareness,  and  gives  students  real-­‐world  experience  with  in-­‐demand  technology  skills.    Alaska   now  has  a  statewide  license  that  allows  any  K-­‐12  school  or  district  administration  to  access  the  industry  standard   GIS  software,  ArcGIS,  at  no  cost!    Learn  about  the  range  of  GIS  technology  tools  that  are  available  for  use  in  the   classroom,  from  online  GIS  applications  to  the  desktop  applications  included  in  the  statewide  license.  See   examples  of  how  educators  have  successfully  implemented  GIS  software  into  their  teaching  and  learn  about   opportunities  for  incorporating  this  powerful  and  engaging  technology  into  your  classroom.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (Apple):  The  Digital  Classroom  -­‐  A  Blended  Learning  Environment  with  Pete  Vraspir  (Club     Room  II)  –  Consideration  to  student  achievement  gains  and  utilization  of  new  mobile  devices  make  a  blended   learning  environment  using  the  strengths  of  different  technologies.  This  session  will  explore  what  this   environment  could  look  like  to  achieve  targeted  learning  outcomes.   o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  Can  I  Help  You  With  That?:    The  Student  as  Collaborator,  Creator,  Director   with  Justin  Karkow  (SIG  STEM/Discovery  Education  Suite  in  Tower  II)  -­‐  Your  students  have  been  and  will  continue   to  be  your  best  helpers  when  it  comes  to  planning,  teaching  and  assessing  learning,  and  they  are  ready  and   willing  to  help  you  make  your  classroom  more  collaborative,  engaging  and  efficient!    Learn  how  you  can  use   digital  media,  technology,  Alaska  standards  and  Web  2.0  to  engage  your  students  and  move  them  from  the  best   seat  in  the  house  to  the  directors  chair.  ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  12  
    •  Monday,  February  27th    (continued)  1-­‐hour  Informational  (continued):  • 11:00  am  -­‐  12:00  pm  (continued)   o Bronze  Sponsor  (Blackboard):  Engage  your  Teachers  and  Students  with  John  Kim  (Adventure)  -­‐ How  do  your   schools  measure  up  to  the  “21st  Century  Learning  Environment?”  Hear  how  you  can  implement  blended  learning   programs  for  your  students  and  professional  learning  communities  for  teachers,  resulting  in  an  engaged  and   collaborative  learning  community  that  is  prepared  for  the  demands  of  today’s  society.    In  addition,  learn  how   schools  and  districts  have  leveraged  their  investment  in  Blackboard  solutions  to  find  cost-­‐neutral  or  revenue-­‐ generating  ways  to  offer  credit  recovery,  AP  courses,  and  summer  school. o Bronze  Sponsor  (CIM):  Using  CurriculumLoft  and  KUNO  with  Gail  O’Malley  (Quadrant)  -­‐  Is  your  district  aligning   curriculum  with  State  &  Common  Core  Standards?  Do  you  or  your  teachers  use  digital  resources  like  PowerPoint,   video,  websites,  Word  and  PDF  documents,  and  others?  Are  you  beginning  to  implement  individual  devices  like   netbooks  and  iPads?  Get  hands-­‐on  experience  with  CurriculumLoft  and  the  KUNO:  the  affordable,  sustainable,   manageable  way  to  use  digital  resources  with  a  student  device.   o 101  Simple  Activities  for  Elementary  Students  with  Corey  Aist  (Quarter  Deck)  -­‐  With  a  handful  of  simple   approaches,  teachers  will  integrate  technology  into  academic  skill  sets  in  an  effort  to  increase  student   achievement.  This  section  will  cover  a  variety  of  different  concepts,  computer  applications  and  projects  teachers   can  utilize  when  integrating  digital  tools  into  classroom  activities.    Corey  will  also  touch  on  technology  standards   and  the  teacher’s  role  in  developing  these  skills  early  in  the  student’s  academic  career.   o Counselor  Tools:  Connection  and  Expansion  of  Practice  with  Lindsey  Moore  (Whitby)  –  Do  you  want  to  know  how   to  get  free  resources  &  lesson  plans  from  other  counselors  around  the  state  and  country?  Need  advice  &   suggestions  and  no  ones  around  to  ask?  Need  to  track  data  for  decision-­‐making  and  improve  your  parent  &   student  communication?  Want  to  save  time?  Learn  how  to  connect  with  other  counselors  or  those  interested  in   school  counseling  topics  from  around  the  state  and  in  your  region  through  the  Alaska  School  Counselor   Associations  new  website.  Learn  how  to  use  Google  Docs  and  your  own  school  website  to  enhance  your   programming  and  save  valuable  time.    • 1:45  -­‐  2:45  pm:   o Featured  Speaker:  Theres  No  Such  Thing  as  Safe  Sext  -­‐-­‐  How  to  Protect  from  Cell  Phone  Misuse  with  Frederick   Lane  (Endeavor)  -­‐  With  camera-­‐equipped  cellphones  in  the  hands  of  younger  and  younger  children  (the  average   age  for  a  first  cellphone  is  now  below  10),  theres  been  an  epidemic  of  cases  involving  nude  photos  that  students   have  taken  of  themselves  and  others.  All  too  often,  the  students  and  their  parents  are  unaware  of  the  serious   and  long-­‐term  legal  consequences  that  can  stem  from  such  behavior.  This  seminar  will  explain  the  technology   behind  the  sexting  problem,  explore  the  legal  and  social  consequences,  and  offer  practical  advice  for   parents,  teachers,  school  administrators,  and  school  lawyers  on  how  to  reduce  the  likelihood  that  inappropriate   cellphone  photos  are  taken  in  the  first  place.   o Featured  Speaker:  Create,  Collaborate  &  Publish  with  Google  Docs  with  Jim  Sill  (Adventure)  –  Join  us  to  find  out   how  one  of  Googles  most  popular  applications  is  changing  classrooms.  A  Google  Certified  Teacher  and  high   school  instructor  shares  how  you  can  use  the  suite  of  tools  in  Google  Docs  to  start  engaging  your  students  and   get  the  creating,  collaborating  and  publishing.  Learn  tips  and  tricks  on  how  to  use  Googles  free  tools  like  Docs,   Spreadsheets,  Presentations,  Drawing  and  more  in  education.   o SIG  C&C:  "Toon"  into  Reading  with  Janell  Larson  (Easter  Island)  –  Combining  Web  2.0  resources  with  graphic   novels  to  promote  reading.   o SIG  DI:  Social  Media  in  the  Classroom  with  Tatiana  Piatanova  and  Lee  Graham  (Club  Room  I)  -­‐  Join  the  roundtable   discussion  about  social  media  in  the  classroom.  We  will  examine  the  concept  of  teaching  and  learning  "in  the   open"  through  the  use  of  prevalent  social  media  (such  as  Facebook,  Twitter,  YouTube,  etc)  and  what  it  means  for   instructors,  students,  and  learning  institutions.  Additionally,  we  will  discuss  policies  that  help  or  hinder  the  use  of   social  media  in  the  classroom  along  with  benefits  and  perceived  myths  surrounding  the  practice  of  the  use  of  this   technology  for  education.  Please  bring  examples  and  questions  and  be  prepared  to  participate  in  the  discussion.ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  13  
    •          Monday,  February  27th    (continued)  1-­‐hour  Informational  (continued):  • 1:45  -­‐  2:45  pm  (continued):   o SIG  R:  Connecting  for  Success:  Collaborative  Teaching  &  Mentoring  Math  Model  (CT3M)  with  Victor  Zinger,   Natalia  Zinger,  and  Matt  Gho  (Whitby)  –  The  paper  presents  example  of  successful  pilot  phase  of  blended   technology  infused  high  school  math  program  addressing  students  readiness  for  college  and  postsecondary   careers.  The  program  was  designed  and  integrated  in  Alaska,  primarily,  in  rural  school  setting  in  dual  credit   modality.    The  authors  suggested  to  integrate  available  resources  in  form  of  a  partnership  between  secondary   and  university  educational  systems  in  Alaska  implementing  innovative  teaching  methods  and  approaches  based   on  best  practices  and  research  findings;  effective  educational  and  information  and  communication  technologies   for  course  delivery,  planning  assessments  and  communication  (online  synchronous/asynchronous  Elluminate   Live/Blackboard;  application-­‐  rich  secondary  educational  content  in  cultural  context  of  Alaska.   o SIG  STEM:  Games,  Game  Design,  and  iPads  in  the  Classroom  with  Christina  Hum  (Resolution)  –  This  session  will   provide  resources,  learning  experiences,  and  how-­‐to-­‐steps  for  integrating  web-­‐based  games  and  game  design   into  the  classroom  using  iPads  based  on  presenters  recent  action  research.  Participants  will  get  a  tour  of  different   types  of  games,  with  suggestions  for  how  best  to  integrate  into  the  curriculum.  In  addition,  the  session  will  focus   on  how  game-­‐design  can  meet  STEM  initiatives  through  Digital  Storytelling.  Finally,  participants  will  get  a  chance   to  explore  and  play  an  example  game  simulation,  to  examine  its  impact  on  the  learning  process.   o ASTE  Partner  (AASB/CDL):  iPads4  Literacy  Education  Strategies  with  Julie  Johnson  (Voyager)  -­‐  This  session  will   demonstrate  education  strategies  in  the  areas  of  reading,  language  acquisition  and  math  that  are  applicable  to   elementary  age  students.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (Alaska  Communications):  Preparing  your  Network  in  a  Bring  Your  Own  Device  (BYOD)   Environment  with  Russell  Girten  (Quadrant)  -­‐  Students,  Teachers  and  even  Administrators  are  embracing   technology  at  an  accelerating  rate.    Are  you  prepared  for  those  who  want  to  bring  their  own  device  into  your   district  and  therefore…onto  your  network?    Wireless  network  connectivity,  liability  concerns,  Children’s   Information  and  Protection  Act  and  network  security  are  the  just  the  start  of  things  you  need  to  consider.    Come   learn  best  practices  on  how  to  embrace  the  benefits  of  BYOD,  drive  learning  opportunities  through  technology,   and  increase  functionality  for  your  users  while  minimizing  or  eliminating  the  risks.     o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  Engaging  Students  with  Discovery  Education  with  Lindsay  Hopkins  (SIG   STEM/Discovery  Education  Suite  in  Tower  II)  -­‐  Are  you  looking  for  new  ways  to  engage  your  students  with   Discovery  Education?  Why  not  put  the  power  of  learning  at  their  fingertips  through  our  redesigned  Student   Center:  with  unique  logins,  students  can  browse  grade-­‐specific  content  and  access  personalized  assignments.  In   this  session,  we  will  demonstrate  new  ways  to  deliver  resources  to  motivate  students,  engage  higher  order   thinking,  and  achieve  curriculum  learning  goals  with  the  support  of  the  newly  released  Classroom  Manager  and   Assignment  Manager.    • 3:00  –  4:00  pm:   o Featured  Speaker:  Educurious:  Next  Generation  Learning  with  Michael  Golden  (Endeavor)  -­‐  High  school  no  longer   has  to  be  boring  and  irrelevant  for  kids!  In  fact,  it  can  be  engaging,  motivating  and  prepare  students  for  college,   career  and  life.    Learn  about  our  blended  learning,  project-­‐based  courses  in  which  students  tackle  real  world   challenges  delivered  on  a  social  media  technology  platform  with  the  integrated  involvement  of  a  network  of   disciplinary  experts  and  working  professionals.     o SIG  C&C:  Quick  Podcasts  for  Primary  K-­‐1  Teachers  with  Kaiya  Kaltenborn  (Easter  Island)  -­‐  Primary  Teachers  will   learn  how  to  use  podcasts  with  possible  picture  or  video  images  to  capture  their  students  voices.  The  session  will   focus  on  the  basics  of  garageband,  and  using  a  headset  mic  to  record  students  voices.  Participants  will  walk  away   with  3  to  5  ideas  for  instant  use  in  their  classroom.  Directions  will  also  be  included  on  how  to  publish  the  podcast   to  a  website,  email  or  CD.   o SIG  DI:  What’s  a  Quick  Response  (QR)  Code  and  Can  They  Be  Used  in  the  Classroom?  with  Tina  Coulston  and  Kathi   Baldwin  (Club  Room  I)  -­‐  QR  codes  (those  black  and  white  squares  that  look  like  supermarket  bar  code  postage   stamps)  are  popping  up  all  over.  Come  to  learn  why.  Session  participants  will  learn  what  QR  codes  are  and  how  to   create  them.  Explore  examples  of  classroom  applications  and  share  your  ideas  and  experiences."        ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  14  
    • Monday,  February  27th    (continued)  1-­‐hour  Informational  (continued):  • 3:00  –  4:00  pm  (continued):   o SIG  STEM:  Places,  Points  and  Paths  -­‐  Creating  and  Touring  Location  Markers  in  Google  Earth  with  John  Bailey  and   Katie  Kennedy  (Resolution)  -­‐  Google  Earth  is  a  free  computer  application  that  allows  users  to  navigate  a  3D  model   of  the  Earth,  and  to  interact  with  geospatial  content.  Some  of  the  simplest,  yet  most  powerful  content  uses   points  marked  by  icons  or  lines  to  indicate  locations  of  interest.  These  markers  can  be  augmented  with   description  balloons,  within  which  text,  images,  videos  or  active  links  can  provide  further  information.  If  a  user   creates  a  series  of  point-­‐placemarks  or  paths,  it  also  becomes  possible  to  generate  a  tour  that  automatically   navigates  between  these  points.  Keyhole  Markup  Language  is  used  to  generate  user-­‐created  geospatial  content   in  Google  Earth,  but  creating  it  does  not  require  a  user  to  view  or  edit  the  code  directly.  Point-­‐placemarks,  paths,   description  balloons  and  tours  can  all  be  generated  through  user-­‐friendly  interfaces  within  Google  Earth.  This   session  will  teach  participants  how  to  create  and  use  these  features  in  Google  Earth.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (EED):  Alaska’s  Learning  Network  (AKLN)  with  Roxy  Mourant  and  Woody  Wilson  (Endeavor)  -­‐   Discover  how  the  newly  formed  statewide  coalition  can  help  you  in  your  classroom  and  school!  Director  Woody   Wilson  will  describe  the  online  courses  for  high  school  students,  as  well  as  the  upcoming  teacher  training  and   newly  developed  courses.     o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  That  Sounds  Great!  Discovery  Education  Audio  in  the  Classroom  with   Lindsay  Hopkins  (SIG  STEM/Discovery  Education  Suite  in  Tower  II)  -­‐  From  songs,  sound  effects,  speeches,  book   readings,  and  world  music,  Discovery  Education  has  thousands  of  audio  files  in  its  multi-­‐media  library.  In  this   session,  we’ll  listen  closely  for  uses  of  mp3s  in  the  classroom.  From  project  ideas  to  lesson  planning,  it  is  sure  to   be  platinum  hit.   o Social  Virtual  Learning  Environments:    A  Case  Study  of  One  Alaskan  School  District  with  G.  Andrew  Page  and  Seth   Schumacher  (Endeavor)  -­‐  Social  networks  have  spawned  a  pedagogical  wonderland  for  teachers,  schools,  and   districts  or,  for  some  educators,  a  total  nightmare.  Participants  will  learn  how  a  safe  and  structured  social-­‐ educational  network  with  the  appropriate  synchronous/asynchronous  technologies  can  and  has  been   implemented  and  used  in  conjunction  with  traditional  digital  learning  environments  like  Moodle  to  enhance  the   educational  experience.  We  will  examine  the  Connecting  Our  People  platform  used  by  the  teachers  and  students   in  the  Yukon  Flats  School  District  and  how  it  was  developed  specifically  for  rural  Alaska  school  districts  by   Dionysius  Technologies  in  order  to  transcend  the  wide  geographic  and  systemic  disparities  encountered  by  rural   learners,  educators,  and  administrators.  Data  shows  how  this  virtual  “talking  circle”  network  addresses  the  issues   of  culturally  responsive  teaching,  personal  learning  environments,  as  well  as  identity  and  isolation  through   connectivity,  collaboration,  communication,  and  the  social  construction  of  knowledge  in  a  community  of  learners.   Participants  will  have  time  to  share  their  feedback,  experiences,  as  we  will  encourage  a  robust  discussion  of  the   issues,  best/work  practices,  sustainability  and  other  issues  in  a  traditional  talking  circle.  Participants  will  also  have   the  option  to  virtually  interact  with  their  SmartPhones,  iPads,  and  laptops  via  live  text  polling.    3-­‐hour  Hands-­‐On:  1:00  -­‐  4:00  pm   o SIG  DE:  The  Incredible  Embed-­‐able  Eggs  with  Benjamin  Johnson  (Quarter  Deck)  -­‐  The  most  effective  web-­‐sites   keep  users  actively  engaged  on  one  centralized  website.  Though  hot-­‐links  and  web-­‐quests  are  effective  ways  to   share  information  they  ultimately  drive  viewers  away  from  your  web-­‐site  and  into  the  vast  reaches  of  the  world   wide  web.  Enter  "Embedding";  this  effective  solution  allows  you  to  bring  the  content  from  web-­‐sites  such  as   YouTube,  Quizlet,  and  Voicethread  directly  into  your  classroom  web-­‐site.  In  this  session  users  will  first  create  a   classroom  web-­‐site  utilizing  the  powerful,  and  free,  website  creation  tool  Weebly.  With  a  skeleton  site  in  place   we  will  examine  some  of  the  educational  sites  that  offer  embeddable  features  and  interactive  content.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (Apple):  Content Creation, Distribution and Access with iBooks and iTunes U  with  George Cook   (Club  Room  II)  -­‐  Apples  iOS  devices  provide  a  rich  platform  for  accessing  and  organizing  rich  media  content  and   digital  books.  In  this  presentation  Apple  will  present  21st  century  educational  content  solutions  and  workflows.   Specifically:   -­‐   Demonstrate  the  creation  of  guiding  resources  with  iBooks  Author  application  for  Mac   -­‐   Provide  insight  on  organizing  and  distributing  guiding  resources  through  iTunes  U   -­‐   Discuss  student  access  and  interaction  with  guiding  resources  on  iPad  via  iBooks  2  and  iTunes  U  apps  ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  15  
    • Monday,  February  27th    (continued)  1-­‐hour  Informational  (continued):  • 3:00  –  4:00  pm  (continued):   o Platinum  Sponsor  (GCI  SchoolAccess):  Leveraging  Interactive  Video  Conferencing  in  STEM,  Literacy  and  C&TE   Programs  with  Monica  Cougan  and  Missy  Fraze  (Adventure)  -­‐  The  opportunities  are  limitless  with  interactive   video  conferencing  in  the  classroom.  Bring  science  to  life  and  let  students  immerse  themselves  in  scientific   inquiry  through  live  interaction  with  experts,  habitats,  artifacts  and  experimentation.  Or  let  your  students  explore   careers  and  learn  from  experts  in  exciting  career  fields  like  theater,  business,  culinary  arts,  sports,  science  and   much  more.  This  session  will  explore  the  many  opportunities  available  to  teachers  through  the  use  of  video   conferencing  in  the  classroom.   o Using  Comparable  Data  Sets  to  Move  Technology  Ahead  in  Your  District  with  Tammy  Stephens  (Whitby)  -­‐  Are  you   interested  in  how  your  district  compares  to  others  in  Alaska  in  terms  of  technology  resources  and  delivery  of  21st   century  skills?  In  this  session  we  will  show  you  how  you  can  access  comparable  data-­‐sets  for  free  to  help  your   district  make  decisions  regarding  technology  and  creating  21st  century  learning  environments.       o  Tuesday,  February  28th    ½-­‐hour  Birds-­‐of-­‐a-­‐Feather/SIG  Discussions:  • 9:45  -­‐  10:15  am   o SIG  C&C:  SIG  Discussion  with  Therese  Ashton  and  Frank  Hauser  (Easter  Island)   o SIG  DE: Now  Considering…  with  Susan  Warner  (Voyager)   o SIG  DI:  The  Efficient  Educator  with  Janene  McMahan  (Club  Room  I)  -­‐  You  juggle  enough!  Lets  discuss  how  to   streamline  teaching  and  day-­‐to-­‐day  work  activities  to  increase  your  efficiency.  If  you  waste  time  hunting  for  files   or  searching  for  the  same  thing  (on  the  web)  again  -­‐  this  fast-­‐paced  presentation  is  for  you.   o SIG  STEM:  SIG  Discussion  with  Wade  Roach  and  Craig  Kasemodel  (Resolution)     o SIG  R:  1:1  Laptop  Programs  with  Pam  Lloyd,  Bob  Whicker,  Larry  Ledoux,  and  Mark  Standley  (Whitby)  -­‐  This   University  of  Alaska  Fairbanks  Ph.D.  Cohort  (4)  will  share  their  research  strategies,  questions,  and  some   preliminary  qualitative  findings  from  a  mixed  methods  approach  using  online  surveys,  interviews  and  focus   groups  to  explore  1:1  Laptop  programs  in  rural  Alaska.  The  research  questions  include  issues  of  bandwidth,   teacher  practices,  student  perceptions  of  learning  and  cultural  relevance  in  the  implementation  of  1:1  programs.   This  research  is  ongoing  with  final  results  due  later  in  the  year.  (from  Ms.  Lloyd,  Mr.  Ledoux,  Mr.  Standley,  and   Mr.  Whicker’s  UAF  Ph.D.  dissertation  research)   o Platinum  Sponsor  (Apple):  Alaskas  Digital  Landscape  moderated  by  Pete  Vraspr  (Club  Room  II)  -­‐ Participants  will   have  the  opportunity  to  interact  with  a  panel  of  Alaskan  Educators,  Policy  Leaders,  and  Technology  Leaders  to   discuss  the  direction  of  technology  in  Alaska.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (The  Chariot  Group):  SMART  Board  Quick  Tips  and  Tricks  in  Five  Minutes  or  Less!  (Part  I)  with   Sarah  Petersen  (Adventure)  -­‐  Do  you  have  a  SMART  Board,  but  not  a  lot  of  time  to  create?    In  this  two  part   session  you  will  receive  hands-­‐on  practice  to  create  interactive  components  in  your  lessons  that  will  take  you  5   minutes  or  less  to  build.     o Cyberbullying  -­‐  What  Can  You  Do  About  It?  with  Keith  Zamudio  (Quarter  Deck)  -­‐  "Cyberbullying  involves  the  use   of  information  and  communication  technologies  to  support  deliberate,  repeated,  and  hostile  behavior  by  an   individual  or  group,  that  is  intended  to  harm  others”  (http://www.cyberbullying.org).  During  this  discussion  we   will  explore  and  discuss  issues  related  to  cyberbullying  including  ideas  to  empower  students  and  what  can  you  do   if  it  happens  to  you.  Take  home  materials  will  be  provided  in  digital  format  so  bring  a  USB  drive  with  you.   o The  Great  North  Stars  -­‐  DEN  STARS!  with  Lynnette  Sullivan  (Endeavor)  -­‐  Discover  why  Alaskan  educators  love   Discovery  Education  resources.  Discover  how  you  can  use  Discovery  tools  to  engage,  enrich  and  accentuate   learning  in  your  classroom.  This  is  also  a  special  session  for  all  Alaskan  DEN  Stars  to  come  and  meet  the  Alaskan   DEN  Coordinators  from  the  WILD  Alaskan  DEN!   o Touch  Technology  with  Joe  Hackenmueller  and  Tim  Andrew  (Quadrant)  -­‐  An  opportunity  to  explore  the  topic  of   this  evolving  technology  and  its  impact  on  the  teaching  and  learning  process.    ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  16  
    •  Tuesday,  February  28th    (continued)  ½-­‐hour  Birds-­‐of-­‐a-­‐Feather/SIG  Discussions  (continued):  2:15  -­‐  2:45  pm   o SIG  DE: Now  Considering…  with  Susan  Warner  (Voyager)   o SIG  DI: Reading  Group  with  Skip  Via  and  Chris  Lott  (Club  Room  I)   o ASTE: Alaska  Common  User  Agreements  with  Keith  Zamudio  (Adventure)  -­‐  Discussion  and  information  about  an   ASTE  initiative  to  implement  a  common  user  agreement  so  that  traveling  students  have  access  to  the  Internet.   o ASTE  Partner  (AASB/CDL):  Consortium  for  Digital  Learning  Updates  with  Bob  Whicker  and  Steve  Nelson  -­‐  This   session  will  apprise  attendees  of  the  recent  development  of  the  Association  of  Alaska  School  Boards  Consortium   for  Digital  Learning.    Topics  will  range  from  digital  repository  contents,  professional  development  offerings,  and   legislative  efforts  to  expand  digital  learning  to  every  student  in  Alaska.     o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  Anywhere,  Anytime  Learning  with  Discovery  Education  and  More  with  Chad   Lehman  (SIG  STEM/Discovery  Education  Suite  in  Tower  II)  -­‐  In  this  session,  well  explore  a  variety  of  free,  online   professional  development  opportunities  that  you  are  available  to  you.    In  addition  to  resources  from  Discovery   Education,  well  look  around  the  web  at  other  places  where  you  can  access  online  webinars,  virtual  conferences,   video  presentations  and  podcasts.   o AKCIS  Focus  Group  with  CJ  Allison    (Endeavor)  -­‐  How  is  the  Alaska  Career  Information  System  (AKCIS)  used  in  your   school  and  district?  What  elements  and  features  do  you  and  your  students  enjoy  using?  What  elements  would   you  like  to  see  change?  Do  you  know  who  to  contact  if  you  have  questions?  Join  us  as  we  discuss  how  AKCIS   relates  to  what  you  do  as  an  educator,  and  how  we  can  improve  your  AKCIS  experience.   o Research  Paper  with  TBA  (Quadrant)  -­‐  Updated  information  can  be  found  on  aste.org  >  Experience  Menu  >   Schedule  >  Conference  Planner.    1-­‐hour  Informational:  • 10:30  -­‐  11:30  am   o 2012  Alaska  Teacher  of  the  Year:  From  Static  To  Dynamic:  Using  Technology  to  Transform  the  Classroom  with   Cara  Heitz  (Quarter  Deck)  -­‐  I  will  show  you  how  I  have  made  the  change  in  my  classroom  over  the  past  several   years  and  how  the  transformation  looks.    I  use  a  variety  of  web  2.0  tools  and  will  share  ideas  of  how  to  integrate   these  into  your  curriculum.    Some  of  the  tools  include  wiki’s,  blogs,  Google  Forms  &  Spreadsheets,  Animoto,   Dabbleboard,  Diigo,  Bubbl.us  and  Blabberize.    See  examples  of  student’s  work  as  well  as  gain  an  understanding  of   to  how  to  take  one  of  your  static  lessons  and  gradually  convert  it  to  a  dynamic  one!   o Featured  Speaker:  Youtube  in  the  Classroom  with  Jim  Sill  (Endeavor)  -­‐  In  the  past,  educators  have  often  ignored   or  banned  Youtube  due  to  the  sites  reputation  for  unsuitable  content.  A  video  production  teacher  and  Youtube   Teacher  Studio  presenter,  Jim  Sill,  will  showcase  the  many  ways  that  Youtube  can  be  included  into  the  classroom   and  demonstrate  how  to  safely  navigate  Youtube  enormous  site.  Attendees  will  learn  to  use  its  content  to   engage,  inspire,  and  ignite  student  learning.  With  48  hrs  of  content  uploaded  every  minute  and  3  billion  views  a   day,  the  site  has  become  an  invaluable  addition  to  the  classroom  that  cannot  be  ignored.   o SIG  C&C: Sing  and  Learn  with  Carla  Balfour  (Easter  Island)  -­‐  I  have  some  educational  songs  that  I  like  to  use  in  the   classroom  with  my  students.  I  have  always  wondered  if  they  would  have  more  impact  if  the  students  could  see   them  visually  as  well  as  hear  them.  I  will  share  resources  for  classroom  use  that  include  both  music  and  visuals.     o SIG  DE: Creating  a  “Classroom  WithOut  Walls”  …Video  Conferencing,  Collaboration  and  Possibilities  with  Greg   Zorbas,  Rob  Sparks,  and  Gregory  Weissenberg  (Voyager)  -­‐  This  session  is  designed  for  K-­‐12  educators  who  are   interested  in  developing  21st  century  skills  and  extending  their  students  learning  opportunities  beyond  their   classroom  walls.  Discover  how  three  Social  Studies  teachers  from  three  different  schools  are  using  video   conferencing  and  web-­‐based  sites  (Google  docs)  to  allow  their  students  to  collaborate  and  work  on  projects   together.  Emphasizing  a  concept  called  “Thinking  Historically”  the  three  presenters  will  describe  how  they  have   tried  to  incorporate  traditional  content  based  learning  into  the  21st  century  classroom.  This  presentation  will  also   examine  staff  collaboration,  interschool  collaboration,  and  additional  student  collaboration  opportunities.  ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  17  
    •  Tuesday,  February  28th    (continued)  1-­‐hour  Informational  (continued):  • 10:30  -­‐  11:30  am  (continued)   o SIG  DI: The  Connected  Educator:  Capitalizing  on  the  Social  Web  with  Lee  Graham  (Club  Room  I)  -­‐  Social   networking  is  all  the  rage  right  now,  but  what  does  all  of  this  hype  mean  for  teachers?  During  this  session  we  will   explore  literature  that  demonstrates  proven  practices  which  impact  learning  in  K-­‐12  classrooms  via  social   learning.  We  will  focus  on  the  use  of  school-­‐friendly  social  networking  tools  that  students  may  use  in  order  to   maximize  enthusiasm  for  learning,  build  motivation,  and  increase  content  knowledge.   o SIG  R  (Whitby):    Analyzing  the  Conversation:  Using  Computer  Mediated  Discourse  Analysis  to  Explore  Learning  in  Online   Conversations  with  Mark  Hines  -­‐  The  purpose  of  this  case  study  is  to  investigate  an  informal  online  social   learning  community  maintained  for  K-­‐12  teachers  and  administrators.  The  study  looks  at  how  they  share  and   apply  new  professional  practice  to  change  their  knowledge  and  behaviors.  The  project  investigates  3  years  of   online  forum  discussions  in  an  online  Community  that  was  as  set  up  specifically  to  support  community   conversations  amongst  teachers  and  administrators.  The  methodology  is  Computer  Mediated  Discourse   Analysis  (Herring  2009)  to  analyze  both  public  and  semi  private  conversations  that  have  occurred  since  fall  of   2009.  We  will  discuss  different  instruments  and  approaches  used  for  coding  and  analysis.  (from  Mr.  Hines   University  of  Hawaii,  Ph.D.  research)  ASTE/HSTE  Collaboration  with  Mark  Hines  and  Mark  Standley  -­‐  Alaska  and  Hawaii  have  so  much  in  common.   ASTE  and  the  Hawaii  Society  for  Technology  in  Education  (HSTE)  are  working  together  to  create  a  research   bridge  between  our  two  states  and  education  systems  around  learning  and  technology.  Please  join  us  for  a   planning  session  on  creating  and  sharing  research  between  K-­‐12  and  University  levels.  Mark  Hines,  Board   Member,  will  describe  Hawaii’s  research  landscape.  ASTE  members  can  learn  and  share  their  own  research   interests,  topics,  and  opportunities  for  Alaska/Hawaii  education  collaborations.   o SIG  STEM: Engineering  a  Second  Life  with  Wade  Roach  (Resolution)  -­‐  I  will  present  examples  of  how  the  MUVE   SecondLife  is  used  in  our  engineering  program  at  Dimond  High  School.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (Apple):  Deploying iPads: Best Practices for IT  with  George Cook  (Club  Room  II)  -­‐  This  session   will  provide  an  overview  of  best  practices  for  deploying  and  managing  iPads  in  your  education  environment.   Topics  covered  will  include  iOS  5  Enterprise  Features  and  Integration,  Apples  Volume  Purchase  Program  for  iOS   apps,  and  iOS  Deployment  Strategies.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (The  Chariot  Group):  Platinum  Sponsor  (The  Chariot  Group):  SMART  Board  Quick  Tips  and   Tricks  in  Five  Minutes  or  Less!  (Part  II)  with  Sarah  Petersen  (Adventure)  -­‐  Do  you  have  a  SMART  Board,  but  not  a   lot  of  time  to  create?    In  this  two  part  session  you  will  receive  hands-­‐on  practice  to  create  interactive   components  in  your  lessons  that  will  take  you  5  minutes  or  less  to  build.   o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  Connecting  Language  Learners  to  the  Curriculum  with  Discovery  Education   with  Lindsay  Hopkins  (SIG  STEM/Discovery  Education  Suite  in  Tower  II)  -­‐  With  diverse  classroom  populations,   your  ability  to  differentiate  feels  more  important  than  ever.  In  this  session,  explore  Discovery  Education  through   the  lens  of  Language  Learners  and  see  how  digital  media  and  technology  can  engage  and  benefit  students  from   all  backgrounds.   o Gold  Sponsor  (DRS  Defense):  Leveraging  FREE  resources  in  Education  with  Michael  Martinez  (Adventure)  -­‐  In  this   session  we  will:  discuss  the  availability  of  FREE  education  resources  and  identify  sources  of  media  rich  content;   discuss  the  importance  of  integrating  externally  developed  content  into  the  classroom;  and  discuss  the  important   of  developing  an  attitude  of  continual  learning  to  prepare  students  to  compete  in  the  economy  of  the  future.  • 1:00  -­‐  2:00  pm   o Featured  Speaker:  Creating  Great  Google  Sites  with  Jim  Sill  (Endeavor)  -­‐  A  Google  Certified  Teacher  guides  you   through  the  steps  to  create  a  creative  website  using  Googles  web  design  tool.  Find  out  how  easy  it  is  to  quickly   publish  content  like  attachments,  docs,  maps,  calendars,  and  more  with  just  a  click  of  a  button.  Discover  how  to   turn  your  class  projects  into  a  collaborative  portfolio  of  student  work.  Learn  how  teachers  from  around  the  world   are  using  sites  with  students.  ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  18  
    •   o  Tuesday,  February  28th    (continued)  1-­‐hour  Informational  (continued):  • 1:00  -­‐  2:00  pm  (continued)   o SIG  DE:  Setting  Up  a  School  District  Google  Domain  with  Mary  St.  John,  Lynda  Van  Winkle,  and  Sam  Oliveri   (Voyager)  -­‐  Last  year  the  Anchorage  School  District  partnered  with  Google  to  set  up  our  own  ASD  Google  domain.   Learn  from  our  experience  about  the  best  way  to  make  the  tools  of  Google  available  to  all  of  your  staff  and   students  in  a  closed  educational  domain  without  ads.   o SIG  DI:  Getting  Real  about  Copyright  and  FERPA  with  Chris  Lott  and  Skip  Via  (Club  Room  I)  -­‐  What  do  these  two   important  but  disparate  legal  considerations  for  educators  have  in  common  with  each  other?  They  are  generally   misunderstood  and  regularly  used  as  cudgels  to  beat  the  creativity  out  of  our  curriculum.  Come  to  this  session  to   find  out  how  simple  these  issues  really  are,  the  broad  opportunities  this  legislation  provides  for,  and  how  to   assert  our  rights  as  teachers  and  learners.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (EED):  E-­‐Rate  issues  for  Schools  with  Valerie  Oliver  (Quadrant)  -­‐  The  Alaska  E-­‐rate  Coordinator   will  be  on  hand  to  handle  questions  and  discuss  hot  topics  for  the  2012  Application  for  Universal  Funds.    The   Coordinator  will  present  an  overview  of  the  FY2012  filing  window  issues  and  will  allow  ample  time  for  questions   related  to  your  application.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (GCI  SchoolAccess):  Polycom  Collaborations  Around  the  Planet  –  CAPspace  with  Elaine  Schuck   (Adventure)  -­‐  CAPspace  is  a  K12  global  network  that  enables  educators  with  H.323  videoconferencing  to  connect   with  colleagues  and  peers  and  expand  the  reach  of  their  classroom.  Collaborations  involve  two  or  more   classrooms  connecting  to  share  information  and  learn  together.  Since  September  2009  over  1200  collaborations   have  been  posted  in  CAPspace!    This  60  minute  workshop  will  include:  a  tour  of  CAPspace,  finding  collaborations,   creating  collaborations,  and  using  the  new  "exploding  projects"  tool.   o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  A  21st  Century  Lesson  -­‐  Media  Integration  in  Context  with  Lindsay  Hopkins   (SIG  STEM/Discovery  Education  Suite  in  Tower  II)  -­‐  What  does  the  21st  century  classroom  look  like?    Experience  a   model  lesson  that  integrates  Discovery  Education  resources,  Web  2.0  tools,  Interactive  Presentations,  and  free   Google  tools.    Youll  never  look  at  lesson  planning  the  same  way  again.   o Teaching  Digital  Citizenship  in  the  Middle  School  with  Tracie  Weisz  (Quarter  Deck)  -­‐  A  review  of  the  first  year  of  a   new  technology  curriculum  developed  and  taught  at  Tok  Schools  middle  school  (Alaska  Gateway  School  District).   This  session  will  take  a  closer  look  at  the  course  design  and  implementation.  A  review  will  also  be  presented  on   the  course  for  teachers,  which  has  been  designed  to  parallel  what  the  students  are  doing  in  the  course.    • 3:00  -­‐  4:00  pm   o SIG  DI:  Seeing  More:  Augmented  Reality  with  Christen  Bouffard  and  Madara  Mason  (Club  Room  I)  -­‐  How  much   more  could  we  uncover  about  the  world  around  us?  Augmented  reality  makes  it  possible  to  add  and  visualize   multiple  layers  of  information  over  the  "real  world".  AR  has  been  used  to  market  products  and  services  and  to  tie   social  networking  platforms  together,  but  how  is  it  being  used  in  education  and  what  more  is  possible?  This   session  discusses  real  AR  examples  and  explores  specific  ways  it  could  support  user-­‐generated  contribution  and   place-­‐based  learning.  Participants  should  have  access  to  a  smart  phone  or  iPad2  or  other  mobile  device  with  a   camera  and  Internet  access  in  order  to  participate  in  the  activities.   o Platinum  Sponsor  (Alaska  Communications):  What  is  WAN  Acceleration  and  How  Can  it  Help  your  District?  with   Paul  Fellner  and  Bob  Whicker  (Quadrant)  -­‐  With  the  increase  in  the  use  of  web  based  learning  tools  and  a   movement  to  the  cloud,  most  educational  technologists  are  facing  increasing  pressure  to  delivery  more  utility  to   their  users  without  the  corresponding  increase  in  IT  budget.    Bandwidth  upgrades  can  help  but  are  not  always  the   answer.    Become  an  educational  technologist  all-­‐star  by  equipping  your  users  with  a  Wide  Area  Network   designed  to  add  functionality,  reduce  the  impact  of  latency  and  deliver  reliable  application  performance.    Come   learn  about  WAN  optimization  from  Riverbed  and  Alaska  Communications,  how  we  work  in  tandem  to  help  you   deliver  and  power  your  educational  technologies  in  pursuit  of  educational  achievement.  ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  19  
    •   o  Tuesday,  February  28th    (continued)  1-­‐hour  Informational  (continued):  • 3:00  -­‐  4:00  pm  (continued)   o Silver  Sponsor  (Dell/GCSIT):  eInstruction  and  Dell’s  Connected  Classroom–  Powerful  Interactivity,  Total  Mobility   with  Monica  M.  LeRoy  (Adventure)  -­‐  Move  beyond  the  fixed  Interactive  Whiteboard.  Turn  any  classroom  into  a   mobile  interactive  learning  environment  by  combining  Dell  and  eInstruction.  Learn  how  to  create  a  collaborative   learning  environment  and  position  teachers  as  leaders  in  their  districts  with  innovative  tools  that  combine   content,  instruction,  and  assessment  into  one  seamless  process  while  delivering  dynamic  lessons  tailored  to   student  needs.   o Gold  Sponsor  (Discovery  Education):  Weaving  the  Story  of  Learning:  Digital  Storytelling  with  Discovery  Education   STREAMING  with  Chad  Lehman  (SIG  STEM/Discovery  Education  Suite  in  Tower  II)  -­‐  Digital  Storytelling  is  an   excellent  way  to  engage  your  students  and  infuse  technology  into  your  lessons.    In  this  session,  well  look  at   several  tools  that  can  be  used  with  Discovery  Education  media  to  create  digital  stories.    Youll  be  sure  to  walk   away  from  this  session  with  something  you  can  implement  into  your  classroom  tomorrow.   o Bronze  Sponsor  (Cognitive  Edge):  Classroom  tablet  management  with  Brett  Faike  (Quadrant)  -­‐  This  sectional  will   cover  the  idiosyncrasies  of  managing  tablet  app  access,  and  deployment.    How  to  turn  a  tablet  into  a  tool  rather   than  a  distraction.   o Accessibility  Matters  with  Sarah  Frick  (Voyager)  -­‐  Participants  will  be  introduced  to  the  concept  of  Universal   Design  as  it  pertains  to  the  creation  and  dissemination  of  online  course  documents  and  multimedia.  Those   responsible  for  creating  accessible  PDFs,  websites  and  video  will  be  offered  context  in  terms  of  best  practices.   Checklists,  tutorials  and  evaluation  tools  will  be  shared  and  participants  will  have  the  chance  for  further   engagement  by  being  introduced  to  the  "Alaska  Accessibility  Matters"  online  Community  of  Practice.   o Prezi: A Cloud-based Presentation Creator with Mark Van Arsdale (Quarter Deck) - Prezi  is  a  free  online   presentation  tool.    Students  love  easy  of  use  and  teachers  love  the  ability  for  any  place  -­‐  anytime  editing  and   collaboration  (all  you  need  is  an  internet  connection.)    3-­‐hour  Hands-­‐On:  1:00  -­‐  4:00  pm   o SIG  C&C:  I  (Cant)  Can  Do  Art!  with  Joe  Shlosman  and  Joon  Cross  (Easter  Island)  -­‐  This  training  emphasizes  and   combines  the  utilization  of  technology  to  teach  art  appreciation  as  well  as  a  medium  for  teaching  all  core   curricular  areas.  There  are  several  goals  we  are  addressing  this  workshop.  First,  we  will  provide  participants  with   the  latest  research  on  why  arts  should  be  included  in  the  school  curriculum.  As  many  arts  programs  have  been   cut,  the  use  of  technology  provides  the  medium  to  do  art  with  very  few  art  supplies.  In  addition,  the  digital   natives  with  whom  teachers  are  working  find  the  computer  an  exciting  new  tool  for  creating  art.  Teachers  do  not   have  to  be  trained  artists  or  know  how  to  teach  art  techniques  when  they  use  software  and  on-­‐  line  programs  we   are  demonstrating.  Both  teachers  and  students  feel  successful  when  using  technology  to  create  art.  Finally,  our   goal  is  to  find  resources  that  are  free  and  easy  to  use  as  most  schools  are  facing  budget  cuts.   o SIG  STEM:  Explore  the  power  of  online  GIS  with  Katie  Kennedy  (Resolution)  -­‐  Geographic  Information  Systems   (GIS)  is  an  interdisciplinary  technology  tool  for  the  classroom.    Desktop  GIS  technology  has  helped  educators   encourage  critical  thinking,  expand  the  curriculum,  promote  global  awareness,  and  give  students  real-­‐world   experience  with  in-­‐demand  technology  skills.  In  the  past  year  or  so,  major  advances  in  online  GIS  technology  have   made  the  software  much  more  accessible  and  user  friendly.  There  has  never  been  a  better  time  to  start  exploring   GIS  for  use  in  the  classroom.  Come  join  this  hands-­‐on  workshop  and  experience  an  online  GIS  environment  that   can  engage  students  and  take  your  teaching  to  another  level.  (Note:  Attendees  must  have  the  free  Silverlight   plug-­‐in  and  Adobe  Flash  installed  on  their  laptop.)    ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  20  
    •   o   o  Tuesday,  February  28th    (continued)  3-­‐hour  Hands-­‐On:  1:00  -­‐  4:00  pm  (continued)   o Platinum  Sponsor  (Apple):  iBooks,  ePub,  and  iBooks  Author  with  Sally  Eberhart  (Club  Room  II)  –  This  session  will   focus  on  creating  classroom  content  for  iBooks  on  iOS  devices  using  Pages,  an  ePub  template,  and  iBooks   Author.  With  iBooks  Author  anyone  can  create  stunning  iBooks  textbooks,  cookbooks,  history  books,  picture   books,  and  more  for  iPad.  All  you  need  is  an  idea  and  a  Mac.  Start  with  one  of  the  Apple-­‐designed  templates  that   feature  a  wide  variety  of  page  layouts.  Add  your  own  text  and  images  with  drag-­‐and-­‐drop  ease.  Use  Multi-­‐Touch   widgets  to  include  interactive  photo  galleries,  movies,  Keynote  presentations,  3D  objects,  and  more.  Preview   your  book  on  your  iPad  at  any  time.  Participants  will  have  time  to  work  on  developing  content  so  having  a   concept  and  media  resources  (.jpg  images,  videos,  and  text  documents)  in  advance  will  help  facilitate  the  time   spent  in  the  workshop.  (Participants  should  have  a  current  version  of  Pages  installed.  Please  note  that  iBooks   Author  is  a  free  download  but  requires  OS  10.7  Lion.  If  a  participant  does  not  have  Lion,  they  will  still  be  able  to   participate  using  the  ePub  template.) o Teacher  Teams:  Tech-­‐up  Your  Collaboration  with  Dallas  Price  and  Rachel  McNeil  (Whitby)  -­‐  Free  collaborative   online  tools  can  streamline  the  work  of  teacher  teams.  Learn  how  two  sixth  grade  teachers  and  their  students   have  increased  their  productivity  and  benefited  from  technology-­‐based  team  collaboration.  Presenters  will  share   their  experience,  including  the  successes  and  the  challenges,  of  total  collaboration.  Participants  will  be   introduced  to  the  process  of  establishing  a  collaborative  website  and  collaborative  sites  for  students.  Participants   will  create  a  collaborative  website,  establish  collaboration  guidelines  for  their  team,  and  begin  the  process  of   planning  for  their  future  collaboration.  This  workshop  is  suitable  for  most  teaching  or  administrative  teams.      ASTE  2012:  Create  ~  Collaborate  ~  Innovate  Conference  Planner  (Revised:  2/9/12)   Page  21