Seven Thoughts About New Orleans   june 2011
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Seven Thoughts About New Orleans june 2011



Prof. Bill Quigley's presentation "Seven Thoughts About New Orleans" from June, 2011.

Prof. Bill Quigley's presentation "Seven Thoughts About New Orleans" from June, 2011.



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Seven Thoughts About New Orleans   june 2011 Seven Thoughts About New Orleans june 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Seven Thoughts About New Orleans
  • 1 RaceRaceRace RaceRaceRace RaceRaceRace
  • African American Population in New Orleans
  • 2 Everyone Left
  • 80,000 left behind
  • 25% of New Orleans Do Not Own Car 100,000 people - 27% of NOLA lived below poverty line
  • 8300 Prisoners Left in Cells
  • The Result
  • 3 Everyone Suffered Damage
  • Many Never Made It Out 1,700 direct deaths
  • Danziger Bridge 2 killed 4 shot
  • Seven Police Officers Charged with Murder
  • Impact on Children?
  • African American Neighborhoods Were Most Flooded Feet of Water Black – over 10 Dark red – 8 to 10 f Red – 6 to 8 Yellow – 4 to 6 Blue - 2 to 4 Green 0-2
  • Scope of Damage Mississippi Louisiana Alabama Florida
  • Katrina Damaged 90,000 Square Miles Area from Boston to Baltimore Inland hundreds of miles
  • 4 Our Neighbors Did Not Want Us
  • Before we were close enough to speak, they began firing their weapons over our heads.”
  • St. Bernard Parish: September 2005 Rent Only to Blood Relatives Ordinance
  • Jefferson Parish Council Passes Resolution Opposing Tax Credits for Housing. Member Chris Roberts: "With the number of jobs out there, nobody should be on public housing unless you're ignorant or lazy." October 2005
  • We do not want “thugs” and “trash” from New Orleans public housing projects. Everyone with dreadlocks or che-wee hairstyles will be stopped by law enforcement.” Sheriff Jack Strain St. Tammany Parish
  • Noose Around New Orleans for African-American and Moderate Income Renters
  • “ We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn’t do it, but God did.” Richard Baker, U.S. Congressman (R-La) Days after Katrina
  • 6 Privatization of New Orleans
    • Public Schools to Charter Schools
    • Public Housing to Private Developers
    • Public Healthcare to Private Providers
    • Public Oversight to
    • Private Oversight
  • September 15, 2005 School Board Converts First Schools to Charters – Meeting in Baton Rouge
  • Largest Union in Louisiana United Teachers of New Orleans DECERTIFIED after 35 years 7500 people lose jobs
  • Refusal to Reopen Public Hospital –that saw 350,000 a year
  • Demolished 4000 public apartments
  • 7 The Money
  • Who Got the Disaster Contracts?
  • 2% Rule of Gulf Coast
    • 98% of the money distributed in a disaster ends up enriching corporations
    • 2% gets to the people.
  • Example #1 – Blue Tarps on Roof
  • Example - Blue Tarps – 2%
    • SHAW GROUP 1 st got $175 a square to put on the tarps.
    • Shaw subcontracted the work out to A1 CONSTRUCTION for $75 a square .
    • A1 subcontracted the work out to a WESCON corporation for $30 a square .
    • Who in turn subcontracted it out again to guys who did the work for $2 a square.
  • Shaw Group got contract for $175 a square (100 sq ft) -subcontracts for $75/square earns $100 each square- average roof is 1500 square feet – 15 squares X 15 Per roof!
  • A1 Construction gets $75/square subcontracts out for $30/square X 15 Per roof!
  • Roofers get $2 per square (of original $175)
  • Example #2: Ashbritt Inc of Florida
    • Received no-bid contract for $579 million to pick up trash in Mississippi
    • Miami Herald reports company does not own a single dump truck!
    • MH also reported the company gave $40,000 in previous 12 months to GOP lobbying firm
  • Example # 3: Circle B Enterprises - Georgia
    • Awarded $287 million no-bid contract to build FEMA trailers
    • Company filed for bankruptcy year before
    • Company does not have a website
    • Company had no license to manufacture trailers in GA.
  • Example # 4 – Disaster Capitalism
    • $200 million in CDBG $ to bail out a private utility corporation, Entergy New Orleans.
    • Parent Entergy Inc. reported a net cash flow of $777 million dollars for the third quarter of 2006.
    • Louisiana is saying this $200 million in CDBG funds counts as low and moderate income people of New Orleans – most not even back.
  • Lagniappe
  • Analysis & Lessons Learned
  • Lesson: Build and Re-Build Community
  • Self-Reliance
  • Value every single life equally
  • Don’t Wait for a Leader- Become One
  • Lesson: Prepare for Love-Hate Relationship with Government
  • Disaster can be a lens to reveal structural injustices in our community race gender class Educational opportunity for us to learn about ourselves, our institutions, and our communities
  • Justice-based Reconstruction will NOT be funded
  • We as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values
  • Our Hearts Must Be Totally Open to Injustice and Pain and Totally Open to Hope and Love
  • Wherever you find tragedy and injustice You will also find resistance and inspiration
  • Don’t Want Charity Do Want Justice Do Want Solidarity
  • If you have come to help me you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us struggle together. Solidarity Lila Watson – Aboriginal Activist Collective
  • Justice Challenge? Solidarity and Never Again!