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    Cuiaba Cuiaba Presentation Transcript

    • Cuiabá
      Capital do Mato Grosso
      Formatação: by Gi Manteli
      Email: nani_mt2005@hotmail.com
    • Same as above
      Pantanal Ave.
      and Buildings from west region
    • Buildings at west region and Mother Boniface Park
      Same as above
    • Miguel Sutil Ave.
      and towers UC
      Tower at east region
    • Same as above
      One of tallest buildings 32 floors on west region
      Sergio Motta Bridge
    • Downtown view from Bom Despacho Hill (fall)
      The modern Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
    • Old war arenal (19 century) - today a cultural center.
      Saint Gonçalo church
      from 18th century
    • Japanese Palace, used as a comercial center
      Bom Despacho Church, Gothik style church, built by the French Colony
    • Sesc Arsenal at night
      CPA Ave. and Federal Police headquarters
    • Alencastro Square and Metropolitan Cathedral
      Intruction Palace, built by the portuguese King on the 18th century
    • Fernando Correa Ave. at night
      Close up from Bom Despacho church
    • Another modern tower at west region
      Frontal view of Bom Despacho Church
    • View from west region
      Arborized ave. a symbol of Cuiaba (Getulio Vargas Ave.)
    • Italian Cantina
      French Café
    • Another Italian cantina
      Issac Povoas Ave.
    • Typical phone booth of Cuiaba (animals from the region)
      Bom Despacho church at sunset
    • Justice Court of Cuiaba
      Civil Court of Cuiaba
      HSBC headquarts from Mato Grosso state
    • Same as above
    • 8th of April plaza at Downtown
      Another tall tower 32 floors
    • Lavapés Boulevard at west region.
      Flourished trees at downtown
    • British Council
      Buildings at west region
    • North region from Massairo Okamura Park
      Typical treee
    • Fountain on a plaza.
      Water jet at Massairo Okamura Park
      Trail at Massairo Okamura Park
    • Italian restaurant
      The city has big malls, this is Pantanal Shopping desineg by Brazilian Company and the company from Eaton Centre from Toronto - Canada.
    • National Insurance Building at downtown
      Historical Building at downtown
      3 Americas Mall - big mall at east region
    • sidwalks on the borders of Morro da Luz (Montain of Light) at downtown.
      Fernando Correa Ave.
    • Bosque do Barbado Park at east region.
      Buildings view from Mãe Bonifacia Park
    • Geodesic Centre of South America mark, yes Cuiaba is in the execly center of South America.
      Mãe Bonifácia Park entrance
      Bank of Brazil headquarters at downtown.
    • Commercial Alley at historical downtown.
      Commercial streets at historical downtown.
      Tancredo Neves Ave. at east region
    • Old Mansions at histotical downtown
      Our Lady Auxiliadora, built on the 19th by the italian colony
      Skyline from Jardim das Américas neighborhood (east region)
    • Birds at the lake
      Arborished street
      Boulevard at east region