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Digital graphics pro form a new

  1. 1. Digital Graphics Jonah Adshead
  2. 2. File Formats
  3. 3. Raster Graphics • A Raster graphic is an image made up of bitmaps. Bitmaps are made up of pixels and each pixel records the colour of their section of an image. • Bitmapped images have a set resolution meaning that resizing can cause distortion and affect the quality of the image.
  4. 4. Vector Graphics • Vector graphics are made up of vectors. These vectors are defined by a start and end point with curves and angles between them. From this information the line can become a curve, a triangle or any shape. • Because of this a vector graphic can be scaled as big or as small as desired with no loss of definition.
  5. 5. JPEG Stands For Joint photographic experts group Used For Photographs in a web format Advantage Compatible with many software types and so is a good general file to use. Disadvantage Loses quality when many edits are undertaken due top the multiple compression and recompression each time.
  6. 6. TIFF Stands For Tagged image file format Used For Desktop publishing Advantage Allows multi-page documents to be saved as a single file. Can be compressed with no loss of quality. Disadvantage Is not as compatible with many software programmes as a JPEG file is.
  7. 7. PSD Stands For Photoshop Document Used For Front covers of magazines Advantage Can save layers, page formatting information and supports transparency Disadvantage Is only compatible with photoshop.
  8. 8. AI Stands For Adobe Illustrator Art Used For Logos and graphics to represent a company. Advantage Makes vector graphics so the work can be scaled as big or small as desired. Disadvantage Only compatible to adobe illustrator.
  9. 9. 3DS Stands For 3D Studio Used For 3d modelling, animation and rendering Advantage Industry standard format for using and saving 3D files on different software programmes. Disadvantage Can only be used on software that supports 3D designs.
  10. 10. Digital Graphics Images
  11. 11. Shape Task
  12. 12. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I like how simple the image looks. It was easy and quick to achieve a good result and this means that many shape images can be made quickly and it would be good for a large scale production. What would you improve if you did it again? If I was to do this task again I may try and use more shaped to add some detail in the image. I do like the simplicity of the current image however and I believe adding more detail would create an entirely different look.
  13. 13. Rotoscope
  14. 14. Evaluation What did you like about your image? Much like the shape image I really liked the simple look the image has and how quick and easy it is to create. It is much easier to add detail to the image however and this gives it a much more realistic and sophisticated look. What would you improve if you did it again? If I were to do this again I would add more detail in the image by adding highlights into the hair and different tones on the skin etc. I would also like to experiment with the different fills such as the pattern fill and gradients rather than the standard block colour fill.
  15. 15. Text Based
  16. 16. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I like the way the image contains only typographical elements and translates the meaning of the word through its appearance. The simplicity of the image I also find attractive. What would you improve if you did it again? If to do the image again I would maybe try and make it more complicated. I don’t know if this would necessarily improve the image but would instead change the whole look of it and make it completely different. Nevertheless if doing this again I would like to explore the design possibilities from a more graphical and complicated angle.
  17. 17. Logo Creation
  18. 18. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I like the simplicity of the logo and believe the colours work well drawing the eye, as does the bright yellow spark graphic I have included in the centre of the design. The newspaper graphic fits in well for the purpose of the logo as it is strongly linked to Print Based Media. What would you improve if you did it again? I think some of the spacing of the different elements could be improved next time I do this. The newspaper and pen is slightly off centre but I don’t think they look too good, I don’t know if that’s because they are not enough off centre to look like a deliberate design decision or what, but I would play about with the positioning of different elements if creating a logo again.
  19. 19. T-Shirt Designs
  20. 20. Proposal Dimensions 2400 by 3200 pixels Content Quite a simple line design featuring two triangles a hand of Fatima, some gems and two Egyptian themed cats as well as lined patterns and an Egyptian eye. Export Format PNG file Advantages; Compatible with Redbubble, Supports transparency Disadvantages; Very large file size
  21. 21. Proposal Deadline Monday Tuesday Wednesday Begin drawing out lines of image on Photoshop. Finish drawing lines and add in details of patterns and begin adding colour. Complete colour adding and finish off image ensuring I am happy with it. Upload to redbubble. Schedule Audience Males and females around 15-25 years of age.
  22. 22. Peer Evaluation What are the strengths of the final image? What could be developed if the image was repeated?
  23. 23. T-Shirt Evaluation
  24. 24. Does your final product reflect your original intentions? Yes, I believe the design of my final product fully reflects the idea I had in my head when beginning the project and I am pleased with it. The final design looks very like the initial drawings I did at the beginning of the project and so I am happy that I represented the idea I had at the start of the project well.
  25. 25. Is your product suitable for your audience? Yes, I believe the product is suited to the target audience I have proposed of males and females from 15-25 years of age. This audience group are the most fashion conscious of any other and so will most likely appreciate the content of the t-shirt design as it includes quite a lot of on trend themes and ideas. It is quite gender neutral, meaning both male and females would be able to wear it well.
  26. 26. What do you like/dislike about the techniques you have used? I think the technique of using the lasso tool to draw around a scan of a drawing I had done worked well. It allowed me to separate the different parts of the image and build the design up bit by bit. This technique did however mean I was filling the shapes in with a white background and so meant no parts of the image are transparent and so must be put on a white t-shirt in order to look attractive.
  27. 27. What do you like/dislike about how your final product looks? I like the final look of my product overall but I was unable to make the background of my image transparent. Because of this I decided to only make it available to buy on white clothing so this fault would be harder to notice. That is something I dislike about the final product as it would've been nice to be able to sell it on multiple different colours of t-shirt. I think the simplicity of the image works well and the fact that it is mainly black and white line drawing is attractive and make the few colours I have used stand out well and look very striking.
  28. 28. Why did you include the content you used? If undertaking the task again I think I would work on the way I drew the graphic on Photoshop. This is because the way I did it didn’t allow me to have transparent fills in the shapes I wanted to be transparent. I realised this fault very late in my production and couldn’t right it and although not disastrous it did mean I could only print on white t-shirts, a factor that has limited my designs. Other than that I believe the colours I have chosen work well and the design is good, the complexity of the image is well balanced as it is simple enough not to look overcrowded but detailed enough to still be interesting to look at and attract the eye of a potential customer.
  29. 29. What style have you employed in your products? I have took quite a lot of influence from drawings and other designs featuring a Hamsa or Hand of Fatima as I like the look of these images and believe they are quite fashionable at the moment and so work well in a design. The geometrical triangular design I have adopted is also popular at the moment and is featured in clothing, album artwork and even tattoo’s! I believe the cats I have used in my image fit in well with the mystical Hand of Fatima and work well in the image, as do the gems I have also featured.
  30. 30. Peer Feedback • Summarise peer feedback and discuss – Responses you agree with – Responses you disagree with
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