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Collision Repairers and Social Media Marketing
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Collision Repairers and Social Media Marketing


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Social media provides a unique opportunity for collision repairers to augment traditional marketing practices. This presentation will give you a brief lesson on how to harness the power of various …

Social media provides a unique opportunity for collision repairers to augment traditional marketing practices. This presentation will give you a brief lesson on how to harness the power of various social networks/venues when marketing your repair shop.

Published in: Automotive

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  • 1. Collision Repairers and Social Media Marketing
  • 2. What is Social Media?
    Optimal local marketing opportunity
    Portal for interaction/dialogue with customers and prospects
    Platform for the most targeted marketing practices (by demographic) around
    600,000,000+ users…and growing!
    Your ticket to more business and visibility within your local market
  • 3. Why Social Media for Collision?
    Local businesses and organizations (like collision repairers) have a unique marketing opportunity on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. With targeted advertising applications ( and the ability to speak to your customers, social marketing can augment some of your less successful, traditional marketing.
    What one social media fan/connection does, is broadcasted out to their connections, resulting in a previously untapped line of company recognition and visibility.
  • 4. Facebook
    Create a Business Page
    Include hours of operation, location, phone number, etc.
    Acquire fans
    FB Ads
    Add your FB page link to other ad venues
    Run a contest
    Post relevant content regularly
    Some directly promoting your business
    Some discussing the going-on’s in and around your community
    Some “Useful Tips” or “Car Care Ideas” etc. (anything engaging)
    Respond to your fan’s interaction.
  • 5. Twitter
    Quick posts (tweets) with relevant content
    140 characters or less (Twitter guideline)
    Ability to follow customers and other parties of interest, and re-broadcast their content
    Track trends and keywords for your local area to uncover prospects (3rd party applications)
  • 6. YouTube
    Create a channel for your Collision Repair facility to broadcast video content
    Commercials, customer review video, how-to videos (i.e. “how to keep your car safe from the snow”)
    Promote YouTube content on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to grow viewership and enhance all of your social networks
    Receive customer/fan feedback to use to your shop’s advantage
    Recommendations, reviews, questions, etc.
  • 7. Foursquare
    GPS powered social network
    Allows customers to check in at your business (think, “Bob Smith just checked in at XYZ Auto Body”)
    This is then broadcasted over Facebook and Twitter
    Bring customers in through Foursquare only specials
    “Ding, dent or scuff? Drop in and check-in to receive a free detail after your repair!”
    Use a seemingly small job like this to open your relationship, then expect their business when a major repair is imminent
  • 8. Yelp
    Review and rating engine for local businesses and services
    Claim your business, include pertinent information (i.e. hours, location, etc.)
    Respond to customer reviews and complaints
    Often times the decision-making application for service seekers
    Your shop MUST have a Yelp presence!
  • 9. In Conclusion…
    Interactivity is key in today’s consumer culture
    Social media is an avenue for you to actively promote your business, and have a virtual conversation with your customers
    More and more people are turning to social platforms to both seek out and review service providers
    Local-oriented businesses have the best opportunity to effectively utilize social marketing