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I held a workshop at a women's conference in which I used this presentation as a framework for discussion about how social media can help enhance Christian relationships.

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  • Mo ranch workshop

    1. 1. A New Way to Connect: Technological Communication Social media for women of faith
    2. 2. Goals Demystify communication technology & social media Share faith-based examples Encourage exploration Help you get started
    3. 3. Introductions 1. Your name 2. Where you’re from 3. Your favorite technology 4.One thing you hope to gain from the workshop
    4. 4. Tools & Terminology Electronic mail (email) Blogs / Microblogs Social network / online community Podcasting
    5. 5. Electronic mail (email) Lots of free options Convenient Answer when you want Instant messaging available
    6. 6. Email A Christian Perspective Email prayer chains Church announcements Small group reminders Connect with members and visitors What else?
    7. 7. Blogs/Microblogs Blog - web log or or online diary Microblog - web log or diary with short entries (140 characters or less) Private or public
    8. 8. Blogs/Microblogs A Christian Perspective Post upcoming church activities Prayer requests, praise reports Request feedback Post links to insightful articles or sites What else?
    9. 9. Social network Website / online community Connect with friends and family Share updates, photos, videos Organize events Mobile access
    10. 10. Updates
    11. 11. Updates Photos
    12. 12. Birthdays Updates Photos
    13. 13. Birthdays Updates Who’s online Photos
    14. 14.
    15. 15. Social network A Christian Perspective Share joys and concerns Reconnect with friends and family members Keep up with members of the congregation Enhance your relationships (don’t replace them) What else?
    16. 16. Podcasting Recorded shows (audio or video) Download through iTunes or other services Listen at your convenience Topics for everyone!
    17. 17. Podcasting A Christian Perspective Publish sermons / services (and reach a worldwide audience!) Download inspirational podcasts Listen to the Bible daily Bible study, prayer and meditation What else?
    18. 18. Advanced technology Text messaging Social media tips Hootsuite Rules (tags, hashtags, retweets, etc.) Mobile applications & notifications Social media etiquette
    19. 19. Skype VOIP Free communication between Skype users Instant messaging, audio and video conferencing
    20. 20. Connect with me!
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