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Visual resume

  1. 1. Joanna Diaz’s Visual Resume
  2. 2. Hello! My name is Joanna Diaz.
  3. 3. It all started summer of 2001
  4. 4. In one of these.
  5. 5. With a lot of these…
  6. 6. Working in Admissions and FinancialAid full time during summers, andpart time during semesters.
  7. 7. At the same university I attended
  8. 8. Until relocating here in 2005
  9. 9. To study here
  10. 10. While working part time here
  11. 11. Until graduating with aBA in Psychology in 2007.
  12. 12. “No more pencils, no more books...”So I took some time away from a normal day job to dabble in various fields of interest.
  13. 13. I tried out marketing asa promo model working my way up to Lead
  14. 14. Attended workshops to make peoplebeautiful and occasionally worked with photographers as their makeup artist
  15. 15. I love my newmom. Adoptedme though I’m deaf. And volunteered at the local Humane Society
  16. 16. Time to work!
  17. 17. Until recession hit and jobs were cut
  18. 18. With superhero speed, I painted the town red leaving behind my resume at every location possible.
  19. 19. Persistence paid off!
  20. 20. I worked here in administration though Ialso on occasion handled reception, patientscheduling, and assisted the Finance department with claims.
  21. 21. While still promotingDiageo brands on the side(The gig did not require me to shave the bushy mustache)
  22. 22. And even continuing my education with a certification in Photography I’m a busy, little ant…
  23. 23. When not working, I love to:
  24. 24. Read
  25. 25. Compete in 5k+mud run obstacle courses
  26. 26. My stories and experiences have motivated friends, coworkers, and now even gym acquaintances intojoining in on these runs.
  27. 27. Hit the gym!Working out is now my lifestyle.
  28. 28. Support our soldiers by volunteering and/or attending events organized by a localWounded Warrior Project chapter
  29. 29. And a few other volunteer opportunities I have participated in…
  30. 30. I even volunteered at the local horror movie convention, Scream Fest. I was in charge of managing the chaos surrounding the Boondock Saints. Why do thesehorror guys keep choking me?
  31. 31. My strengths are:
  32. 32. I love to be busy! Because of this, I have mastered the art of multi-tasking.
  33. 33. I am not a boring presenter
  34. 34. I believe in teamwork
  35. 35. But I can also perform individually
  36. 36. I am always seeking new challenges
  37. 37. And a new opportunity in NY. I am ready to start immediately.
  38. 38. I have MAD computer skills.
  39. 39. Skills Leadership Marketing Creativity Event Coordinating Presentations Public Speaking Excel Reports Writing Other (frequently used)
  40. 40. By studying this chart, you can gather that Ihave a wide range of skill sets in additionto what I have used for employment. Theskills listed have barely been used in a workenvironment. These are skills which Iacquired by doing volunteer work, freelancejobs, and even while completing my Bachelor’sDegree. By providing me with an opportunityto utilize these, I will have not only thepotential to grow as an individual andsucceed, but also to surpass yourexpectations.Allow me to prove to you that not only will Iget the job done, I will get it done right!
  41. 41. Keep in touch: Joanna 347.913.6447