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The forces
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The forces


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This presentation is an extremely amazing piece of information and it will tell you about forces and some very simple physics

This presentation is an extremely amazing piece of information and it will tell you about forces and some very simple physics

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. The ForcesToday I will be teaching you the basicKnowledge of forces and somesimple physics!
  • 2. What are forces?Forces are simply a push or a pullThis simply means theyare pulling in oppositedirections.These are opposing forces.
  • 3. Electromagnetic force affects electrically charged particles. Along withgravity, it is the force that we see most on a daily basis. It is responsible for electricity,magnetism, and light. Of the four fundamental forces of nature the electromagnetic forceis the second strongest and, like gravity, operates over unlimited distances.MagnetsUnlike gravity, the electromagnetic force is felt only by objects that have an electriccharge, which can be positive or negative, differing types of charges attract one another,but those with the same type repel.Magnets have two polesa south and north pole.When the north (+) polemeets a south (-) pole theyattract.Since most objects, most of the time, do not have an overall electric charge, they do notfeel the electromagnetic force, so for example a child playing with two toy cars can bashthem together and they are not repelled or attracted to each other as they aren’telectrically charged simply gravity affects them and pushes down on them so they don’tfloat off.
  • 4. What are weak nuclearforces?The weak nuclear force is the forcethat stops the sun from burning toofast and if this force was any strongerthe sun would have extinguishedbefore there was life on Earth. Theforce remains hidden inside theatomic nucleus. This is a push force.
  • 5. The strongnuclear force iswhat isliberated duringnuclearreactions, ofthe sort thattake place inthe Sun,nuclear powerplants, andnuclear bombs.
  • 6. What is gravity?In the very beginning of the universe, after the Big Bang, gravity pulledatoms together to make stars and planets. Once the stars and planets hadformed, gravity kept the planets in orbit around the stars, and moonsorbiting around the planets. And on each planet that is large enough, gravitykeeps an atmosphere around the planet, like earth. The moon has noatmosphere and very little gravity therefore an astronaut would weigh a lotless on the moon than on earth but his mass (stuff inside him) would be thesame!On Earth, gravity keeps the air around us (and everything else) from driftingoff into space. Gravity also causes things to fall to the ground, and causes theoceans tides, and causes hot air to rise while colder air falls (which in turncauses wind).
  • 7. Did you know?The earth pulls the Moontowards it. The Moon pullsthe earth towards it withexactly the same force but inthe opposite direction.The effects of Forces
  • 8. Forcey facts• Well did you know your body uses forces as well asanything else.• This force is used when your heart pumps bloodaround your body which potentially keeps you alive.• Without forces life would never of existedanywhere.• Forces are what allows us to move, forces keep usfrom floating out of the earths atmosphere it’s whatmakes us who we are.
  • 9. Thank you for watching this slideshowSee you later!