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Working title
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Working title


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  • 1. Working Title – Case Study
  • 2. Introduction• Working title is a British film production company based in London.• The company was founded by Tim Bevan and Sarah Radclyffe in 1983.• It produces feature films including comedy with actors such as Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Grant.• With Box Office Sales of $4,845,866,722 worldwide!
  • 3. Structure of Working Title NBC Universal is a company engaged in the production and marketing ofComcast is an internet service entertainment, news, and information provider products and services globally. Comcast NBC Universal Comcast and NBC Universal both own parts of Universal Universal is one of the six main Universal major movie studios Universal is a parent owner of Working Title Working Title
  • 4. Structure of Working Title• Tim Bevan didn’t want to just produce one film at a time.• He had the view that it is too risky to be dependent on just one film at a time.• The structure of the company is balance between different genres of film at the same time.• They have a development department that has a wing in the UK and another in the US.• One person runs the department in the UK and one runs the department in the US.• Below them, there is roughly six development executives.• They have a book department that keeps up to date with new books and novels that are possibilities for film production.• Business Affairs department due to the amount of films that were being produced at one time – 3/4 lawyers.• Production department for the producing of the films.• Music and marketing specialists.• Finance Department.
  • 5. Working Title’s Survival• Working Title has Universal studios as it’s parent company which would be able to inject very large amounts of cash into films which allows for Working Title to have such large budgets for their films.• Also, one of the top owners of Working Title is NBC Universal which is a huge company and can be used for different promotions. Working Title can promote and advertise through NBC Universal using their television connections for example.• Comcast are an internet service provider which allows for further promotion through that channel. The internet reaches a very large audience and Working Title can use this to their advantage.• Overall Working Title has a lot of influential companies owning them which helps their survival within such an American industry!
  • 6. A Working Title film Johnny English Reborn• Produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Chris Clark.• Released on 7th October• The film had a budget of $45 million.• Box Office Sales: $160, 078, 586• DVD released on: 13th February 2012 at £14.95• Now selling for £9.99 in some stores.• Second film of Johnny English.• Advertised in cinemas and television.