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Questionnaire results

  1. 1. Questionnaire Results.
  2. 2. Gender.Results. Analysis. Gender. By looking at the chart I can see that mostly males answered the questionnaire, I don’t think that this will affect the data making it bias though Male as there is only 3% difference. 47% 53% Female
  3. 3. Age.Results. Analysis. Age. From looking at the pie chart based on the results from the 3% 0% questionnaire, I feel that the3% 12% 0-15 best age to target our movie 26% 16-30 on would be the 16-30 year 31-45 olds. I also feel this would be 46-60 appropriate as it is an age that 61-75 me and my partner can relate 56% 76+ to.
  4. 4. How many horror films do you watch per month?Results. Analysis. How many horror films do By looking at the results I can you watch per month? see that people watch between 1-3 horror films per month and the second top 0-1 films result was 8+ films, this could 21% 29% 2-3 films show that horror films are 9% 4-5 films quite popular, which would be 12% 6-7 films a good genre to do as it 29% 8+ already has a big audience.
  5. 5. What is your favourite type of horror film?Results. Analysis. what is your favourite type By looking at this pie chart I of horror film? can see that the leading sub Psychologic genre chosen was the al demonic/Possession genre. 0% 21% Demonic/ 24% Possession This would probably be the Slasher best sub genre to use as its 12% already quite popular and its 6% Vampire/ what people want to watch. 37% Werewolf Zombie
  6. 6. Where do you prefer to watch horror films?Results. Analysis. Where do you prefer to By looking at our results, I can watch films? see that most people prefer watching films at home than at the cinema, this could show that our audience were more At home of the struggler type, not 38% wanting to spend a lot of 62% At the money on a film or the cinema mainstream, with their want for security-being in their own home.
  7. 7. What platform do you prefer watching films on?Results. Analysis. What platform do you By looking at the results I can prefer watching films on? see that over half of the DVD people asked chose DVD’s as 6% the most preferred platform to Download watch films on, this could also 26% Blue Ray show the psychographic of the 56% aspirer, as they are quite Internet materialistic and may want the 12% Streaming DVD to show what they have. 6% Other
  8. 8. When watching a horror film, who do you prefer in the main role?Results. Analysis. When watching a horror By looking at the data, I canfilm who do you prefer to see that people prefer a group see in the main role? A family of teenagers in the main role, this could be linked to the 3% 12% A group of fact that most of the people teenagers who answered the 24% A man questionnaire were in the 16- A woman 30 age gap. I feel that either 31% 12% one or a group of teenagers A child would be good to use as it is 18% Other popular in a lot of films.
  9. 9. What do you prefer to see when watching a horror film?Results. Analysis. what do you prefer to see By looking at the pie chart I can when watching a horror see that the three most popular film? Gore answers were gore, possession or sexual nature, I think that gore Violence and possession would be a good 0 21% thing to show as it connotes the 23% Sexual horror genre, but I feel that Nature sexual nature was chosen Drug 12% because of the link between 15% Abuse Murder mostly male and the age group of 3% 16-30. I don’t think that sexual 23% Possession nature would be appropriate.
  10. 10. Do you enjoy watching films based on exorcisms and demonic possession?Results. Analysis. Do you enjoy watching Due to the results shown in films based on exorsisms the pie chart, I can see that a and demonic possession? film including exorcisms or demonic possession would be a good idea to focus on as over 50% of people said that they 38% Yes enjoyed watching 62% No them, making this a good sub genre, to use.