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Unit 33 Evaluation
Unit 33 Evaluation
Unit 33 Evaluation
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Unit 33 Evaluation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Unit 33 – EvaluationI feel like our stop motion animation was effective and professional, however we did get arange of feedback which would help us improve if we decided to do it again. Peoplesuggested that my team and I should improve on the set as they found it quite basic. Ibelieve that is a fair comment as time was getting short so the minor things such as the setdidn’t seem a big deal if it was basic. If my team were to do it again I would have a muchmore effective background and design it myself. As for the images we used for our set wetook them from the internet and enhanced them to our standard. If I was to do it again, myteam and I would have spent longer on the appearance of the set.Another suggestion was that my stop motion animation wasn’t as steady so the angle of theset kept changing. This is because the stop motion animation was worked on over a periodof time. Therefore my stop motion animation angles weren’t exactly right and when myteam and I re-set up the set each time we filmed it would never be exactly the same so itwouldn’t look that professional as the set would be keep moving once we have put all thepictures we took for the stop motion animation together. In order to improve this problem Iwould try and film as much as I can in one big long day or I’d decided to mark out where thecharacters are and props are then we know exactly where they are. We did try and makesure it was all the same by looking at the last image I took in order to use it as a guide to setup my set for each time I filmed.A comment was made saying the introduction at the beginning was too slow and went on abit too long. In order to improve this if I was to do this again I would shorten the time on thepicture of our logo using the editing software, Adobe Premiere Elements. I felt like it wasn’tappeared for too long so I believe it wouldn’t need shortening too much but some would bean improvement. The way my team judged how long the logo should be displayed for wasthe introduction music and timed it to the beat so it would work professionally. But not justthe logo would need to be shortened. Seen a so the comment said the introduction thatwould mean that the script would be too long. This is one thing that we felt as well when itcame to recording our script. We repeatedly recorded it to see if we could say it quicker andtried as best as we could. We using editing software to higher the pitch and changed thespeed of it to quicker as well. We used this effect as we felt like high funny cartoon voicesare something that appeals to the target audience. If our team were to do the introductionagain we would re-do the script in order to make it shorter and make sure the conversationdoesn’t go on for too long. We found it hard narrowing it down and using lines we didn’tneed and could remove so we decided we shouldn’t bother. The reason why we didn’t re-recorder was the time management, we honestly didn’t have enough time in order to keepup to date with the stop motion and the script being too long wasn’t something my teamwanted to risk.Jade Kinder
  • 2. Another suggestion we got from the feedback was adjusted the sound levels. Thissuggestion occurred quite a lot in the questionnaires and the feedback emails. To be honestI completely agree, in our animation some of the sound files were louder than other soundfiles which lead to the sound levels being loud and then up. The reason why the problemoccurred was that I didn’t have that much access to sound editing software facilities. Irecorded the script using a microphone, I edited the sound recording using sound boothwhich is editing software but I didn’t know how to adjust it to be the exact same of thesoundtrack and sound effects that I was using. This is something that you can’t always relyon. My time management for the stop motion was very slim so I couldn’t find softwarewhich allowed me to adjust them to equal sound levels as I just didn’t have the time. If I didhave more time I would purchase or find software which allowed me to do this. I do feel thesound levels was the most key thing that I got from feedback and I wish our team could ofimproved it. When putting it onto the video everything seemed fine but you don’t realisethe change once you save everything together. My microphone was too quite was very hardto deal with which made my animation seem poorer. One thing I’d definitely get if I was todo it again would be a new high quality microphone.I feel like my team worked really well together. We were able to achieve everything thatwas expected of us. By working together as a team we were able to work out who was doingwhat each lesson which helped us kept on top of things and helped each other out when itwas needed. We decided to keep one person at one job and another person at anotherbecause each member of the team is different and have different skills. Some people arebetter at drawing and some people are better at the writing side to the project. I feel like Iwas better at the writing side so I kept on track with the Dope Sheet and Planning side butthen the rest of the team was creating the props and set and drawing the storyboards in. Ifeel like it works out better because it’s better time management as we were able to keepon top of it all as well as producing the work to our highest quality. How we worked well asa team. The one thing that was good about our team was that we never fell behind andwere never stressed. We kept setting ourselves goals to achieve each day which was abenefit as we got them done and that was a constant flow throughout the making of thestop motion animation.The only issue with the team when creating the stop motion animation was that beingreliable. If someone wasn’t in that pushed us back and became more multi-tasking. Somepeople have certain files on their computer which some of the team members don’t so ifthey weren’t in we couldn’t keep on top of things so easily. If I was to improve somethingabout my team it would be making sure everyone is in constantly whilst making theanimation as then it gets too much and was hard to tackle.Jade Kinder
  • 3. In Conclusion, I feel like my stop motion animation was an overall success. I feel like ourteam was able to work together professional and were much organised. This is a highbenefit when producing something like a stop motion animation. We planned well and if wedidn’t plan we couldn’t have been able to get even half of it done. I believe we were able tocapture the target audience very obviously and that the characters were done to a highstandard. I feel like our time management for all of the animation was very well organisedand I feel like that it is vital for when producing an animation. The things I want to improvewould be technical equipment so I had a higher quality microphone but all completelydepends on the total budget for the stop motion animation as well as a better design for thebackground set and making sure we mark out the exact place the characters were last shotout so we can create a nice smooth stop motion rather than an animation that movesconstantly.Jade Kinder