Task 4


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Task 4

  1. 1. Vector AnimationVector images are more flexible than Raster images because they can be easilyresized and stretched. As well they are known to look better on devices forexample monitors and printers because raster images always seem to showthe same images whatever the devices resolution. Another good point is thesame regardless of a devices resolution. Another advantage of vector graphicsis that representations of images often require less memory than bit-mappedimages do. Vector Images are used on software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Macromedia Freehand among others • .EPSStands for Encapsulated PostScript and is a graphics file format. EPS files aremostly self-contained. PostScript documents that are an image or drawing andcan be used with another PostScript document. These file formats are used forgraphics, images and text. They are used so you can have an embeddedpreview can be used on Bitmap. This is the most popular file format for Vectorimages. • .FLAIs a file format which used on flash and that is used to add animation, video,and interactivity to Web pages. Flash is frequently used for advertisements andgames. They are compressed file formats which are viewable on the web withFlash. It’s a file which can be edited and converted into .SWF for professionaluse.Vector images can be created by points of connected lines, control points andby curves. Vector images are a group of individual objects rather than pictureelements. But Vector images do have some disadvantages for example Vectorimages are images which doesn’t look realistic and an advantage is that youcan resize them and they won’t lose any quality from them. Lines are a line segment comes between two anchor points. A main image ismade up of lots of smaller, individual lines. They are what make up a Vectorimage. Curves and shapes are used the image can add colour in order to fill theimage in or just simply outline the shape.
  2. 2. Changing the size or shape of the image will not affect the way that the imagelooks like. Vector allows artists to change the properties of the image and havemore manual control over the image. Vector images are able to increase anddecrease the size of the image as much as you like and won’t make anydifference to the image whereas Raster images pixelate.Vector images will stay the same when being moved and won’t have anautomatic background like you would have on Raster images and makescropping images and changing the shape on a Vector image much easier unlikeRaster images.Polygons allow any paths which are on the image which are closed allowed tocreate from three or more adjoining line segments. A curve can be calculatedand drawn by knowing the position of two end points and control points. Apoint that is shown when its at the start and end of the path including partswhich the path changes direction.Raster AnimationData compression is when techniques are basically for reducing the file size ofimages so it allows it to be stored for example onto a disk. The quality of theimage is reduced so some of the information is lost and makes the file sizesmaller.This shows a Lossy compression. The high resolution cant be scaled on Rasterimages because it leads into the disadvantage of the image losing quality in thepicture. Whereas Lossless is where it can be undone and can result in thepicture being in a high resolution and is used for Vector graphics becausewhatever size it will be there quality is still the same quality. Raster images areused in paint programmes such as photo shop, coral draw etc. A raster imageor in other words called a bitmap is a type of way to show digital images.Raster images takes a wide range of formats here are some examples: • .gifThis stands for Graphics Interchange Format. A format for a file that contains agraphic or picture and is widely used over the internet and used for things suchas advertisement banners
  3. 3. • .jpgStands for Joint Photographic Experts Group and can store more colours than agif but usually results in loss of quality. JPEG are often used for images for theweb. • .bmpThis stands for Best Management Practices which is an image file format whichis used to store bitmap digital images for example on Microsoft Windows andOS/2 operating systems. • .tiffThis stands for Tagged Image Format. This is a format for storing grey-scaledata. It is the standard format for scanned images and for exporting grey-scaleand colour images to other programs • psdIs a Photoshop image file and is used on Photoshop which is a graphics editingprogram. The file formats are made up from layers which are joined together.Raster images show information which turn into pixels on the screen. Thepixels make a final finish image. When raster images are viewed the images aresmooth and sharp for a photograph or a drawing. When stretched the pixels dobecome quite obvious which isnt too good. The smaller the resolution, thesmaller the digital image files.CompressionCompression is a method which is used when you want to save free data bymaking large files of pictures lower in size. Compression doesn’t change yourimage what so ever so the image will be appeared to look the exact change asthe only thing we are changing is the size of the file so we reduce itconsiderably.The quality of the image might be a tad effected but not to an extent. It hasbeen compressed so of course when the large file has been reduced too muchthere is going to be a noticeable change. The reason being is that the default
  4. 4. size of the picture which has a small compression isn’t too obvious only whenthe image has been zoomed in on and the detail in the picture has beenreduced. You know when the picture has been compressed because pixelsstart to show which shows the reduced amount of detail in the picture so lessdifferent shades of colour are being used.