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Task 2 a Task 2 a Document Transcript

  • ResearchAudience ResearchAgeThe audience for my promotional video will be aimed at future collegestudents to between the ages 16-17 year olds as I’m promoting Photographyas a course in Cheadle and Marple Six Form College and the age you will bestarting college. If I was to have the age aimed at children aged 4, the thingsthat would feature in the promotional video they wouldn’t understand. Thepromotional video isn’t created for the purpose of being entertained, it’s toeducate and inform you so the age group for this video can’t be too young. Isuppose if there were adults watching the video it wouldn’t make a differenceas an adult can go back to college to get qualifications as well as beingappropriate to adults as the parents of the students will need to understandas much as them as they are responsible for them at that age.GenderThe gender for my promotional video won’t be aimed at a certain gender asthe promotional video I’m creating isn’t applied specifically for a type ofgender. Photography as a course is seen to be aimed at women and men. If Iwas doing a course in college such a PE or English Language I would start toaim that course at a certain gender. I feel that the subject English Language is asubject based for Females as more Females take the course than guys and I seePE as a subject which is a male’s subject as more men take that subject thangirls. I would say Photography is a subject both genders enjoy and both see asan equal subject for both 2 genders.Socio-economic grouping (SES)Socio-economic grouping is when an individuals or groups position within arange of items in a social structure. Socioeconomic status always depends as itneeds a combination of variables. The variables are to do with all differentsubject matters including occupation, education, income, wealth, and place of
  • residence.Sociologists use the power of socioeconomic status as it helps topredict the usual behaviour.This is a table showing social class and how socio-economic grouping works. Inrelation to my promotional video I am having my target audience be aimed atfuture college students so I don’t expect to have an employment as their mainfocus should be going on their coursework and exams in higher education notjobs so early on within the stage as they should focus on getting goodqualifications so they can get to different social classes of so they can survive.
  • Lifestyle Hobbies and interestsThe one thing that I have to consider is the lifestyle of the promotional video.The people who would be interested in the course would be someone who hasthe hobbyLocationFor my promotional video I will need to take in consideration where exactly Iwant to film my video. Seen a so my promotional video is aimed at my college Iwould want the location to be involved within the video. The reason why Ithink it’ll be a good idea to have college is that having it filmed in the locationallows people who haven’t been at the college before to have their firstexperience and opinion on how the college looks. As well by having thepromotional video being filmed in college is very relevant. There would be nopoint or purpose if you had your promotional video for Photography course inDisneyland Paris as it has no involvement within what the video is trying toteach you. Therefore I believe by having the background being the collegerelates to the promotional video as well as allowing people to have their firstopinions and imagination to how the college looks. Not only that it is justprofessional to do that and will look slick and attractive.Audience FiguresBroadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB)BARB first started up in the year 1981 in order to help provide the industrystandard television audience measurement service for broadcasters and theadvertising industry.BARB is owned by many different companies which are BBC, ITV, Channel 4,Channel 5, Sky and the IPA. BARB isn’t for Profit Company limited byguarantee.
  • BARB commission’s contractors have the job to help give research servicesamong other things such as the viewing figures of a certain television show.This is an advantage as it helps tell the company how well their company isdoing. The audience measurement contracts are held by the followingcompanies: RSMB, Ipsos MORI and Kantar Media.BARB has the responsibility for giving estimates of the number of people whowatch television. This is done for numerous of things for example it includeswhat channels and programmes are being watched which provides the TVprogrammes name, the time it’s being watched at, and the type of people whoare watching at any one time e.g. Gender, age etc.BARB does this service by providing television audience data on a minute-by-minute basis for every channel received within the UK. This data which is beengiven from the BARB gives us knowledge of the data is available for reportingnationally for terrestrial, satellite and cable reception for both analogue anddigital platforms and at ITV and BBC regional level. Here’s an example on the BARB website showing the list of Channels showing the weekly reach and the every week views and the percentage of the sharing figures. This shows the weekly viewing summary showing which channel is the most popular. This shows BBC 1 is the most popular and the least popular is Channel 5 +1.Radio Joint Audience Research Ltd (RAJAR)RAJAR was first developed in 1992 to control a single audience measurementsystem in order to produce data for the radio industry for examples companiessuch as BBC and UK licensed commercial stations.The company is owned by the Radio Centre which is a company whichrepresents the Commercial Radio stations in the UK. They are known for othersimilar names which are Commercial Radio Companies Association and by theBritish Broadcasting Corporation. RAJAR is made up as a ‘deadlocked’company,
  • RAJAR has learnt to do long testing period of electronic gadgets that helps tocapture listening. This is done by two ways, one by picking up encoded signalswithin station transmissions or by matching captured audio against a databaseof all transmissions. This way helps to measure and capture both conscious andunconscious listening. These things which the RAJAR theoretically help finishlisteners joining to the wrong station.They still believe it’s not as good as it could be and RAJAR are still adding totheir methods and they do main survey’s and a new two-year contract usingdiaries was awarded to Ipsos MORI in May 2006, to begin in 2007.This is an example from RAJAR’s website of the viewing figures and the generalpopularity of Radio channels. These shows the most popular radio stations aremostly BBC radio channels