Project ScheduleFor this project I will be creating a promotional video for my college advertising. With thistask a lot of...
In order to start making with my promotional video I need a Gantt Chart which displayseverything that I will be doing, sta...
Blank Template                            Risk Assessment Form – Part AReference:              [enter reference number]]  ...
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Task 1 sa+ps


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Task 1 sa+ps

  1. 1. Project ScheduleFor this project I will be creating a promotional video for my college advertising. With thistask a lot of planning needs to take place. Therefore the first thing I need to do for myproduction is to plan. I will need to make a client proposal which will share my ideas ofwhat I have in mind for the promotional video. The things that I will need to mention will bethings like; where it will be held, what the colour scheme is, who will be in the video, whatwill be said in the video, what the camera angles will be like and how long the video will be.These are all things that I will need to take into account. I need to know my knowledge oneverything I’m about to do so I will need to write about how digital video technology couldbe used so I will know better on how to promote and advertise the college subject areas ona variety of different delivery platforms. For example I will be talking about Applications e.g.short films and Technology.I will need to write about different structures of briefs. The reason why I would have towrite about structures of briefs is that this helps me show my knowledge of different briefsso I know for the future as well as helping me choose the brief and style that I want when itcomes to me having my client brief so I know which brief is the most appropriate for me.The next stage will be planning and having a client brief with my client. I will be sat downmy in team talking through our own ideas and creating the final brief which will be sent offto the client making sure explain the idea without even mentioning it, This Client Brief haspathways in order to negotiate with the client sharing ideas so the idea turns it into onethat we all agree on. The things we will discuss are things like the colour scheme, how it willbe presented, when we should arrange to meet the client, how many people will befeatured in the video, what is the budget etc. These are all important things I will need todiscuss with my team and have a great understanding on what will be included for mypromotional video. A lot of important things will be happening within the planning stages ofmy report I will need to do a short report just explaining what exactly I have done so far andwhat my next aim will be.When this report is finished I need to do another report talking about; Reading a brief,Negotiating the brief, Legal and ethical considerations, Constraints. This report is to showthat I understand the making of a promotional video and what I have to consider and havekey organisation in. The report isn’t just what I needed to do to understand that I know themaking of the video and what things I have to think about I have to produce a SWOTanalysis. In the SWOT analysis I will have to talk about the Strengths, Weakness’,Opportunities and the threats about the promotional video. This is a good way so I knowwhat the advantages and reasons why I should carry on with the project but as welldisadvantages about the project and what things I have to look out for. For thedisadvantages it’s all to do with the time, budget, and the facilities. These are key thingsthat I need to keep an eye on especially during the making of the promotional video.
  2. 2. In order to start making with my promotional video I need a Gantt Chart which displayseverything that I will be doing, stage by stage in order to finish the promotional video aswell to a high level. I need a Gantt chart for my promotional video in order to set aims forme and my team in order to show the flow of the steps we are going to do so we get to seevisually our path for this project.A Risk Assessment is needed during the process of the promotional video. We need to havea Risk assessment so I and my team all know the dangers and hazards when working on thispromotional video. In the Risk Assessment it should display lists of objects that appear inthat environment and how you should handle and treat that equipment and what dangerseach item has. Not only that, it will ask what are you are creating, who will be involved withthe productions, when it will be made, where it will be made and all details similar to that.This is needed to make it official that the plan of the promotional video is going to happen.I needed to do a bit of research in order to know my plans for my promotional video. Thismeans that no time will be wasted within the time period so that I will use all my timeappropriately. So I will be researching things on the internet of other peoples pastproductions and what kind of things they did before starting their production. Things likeequipment list and budget plan are things I could work out using the internet.
  3. 3. Blank Template Risk Assessment Form – Part AReference: [enter reference number]] Sign-off status [planning/approved etc]Assessment summary detailsAssessment title Promotional Video(Simple name for referencepurposes)Division: Department: FilmSeries/ Prod/Unit: Promotional Programme/Area: Student promotional videoResponsible Manager: Jade Kinder Contact office: Cheadle and Marple Six Form CollegeDate assessment created Confidential risk NO assessment?Assessment Outline A promotional video to achieve future college students to become attracted to our(Summary of what is college and the course we are promoting.proposed)Assessment start date 17th September Review / End date 29th AprilCountry location United Kingdom Hostile / travel N/A advisory?Location details Cheadle Marple Six Form NB: If the country location selected is ‘Hostile’ you are College required to: complete the BBC Overseas High Risk Assessment FormCrew / team Jade Kinder, Conner Murray, Chris McCloskey, Lewis Ainscough Gray(Roles, responsibilities,competencies)Attachments(Detail supportingdocuments)Assessor(s) Chris McCloskey Assessor safety YES(Person drafting risk competenceassessment)Authoriser(s) Jade Kinder Date signed-off(Person responsible forsign-off)Distribution Jade Kinder, Conner Murray, Chris McCloskey, Lewis Ainscough Gray(Who gets a copy of the Data Protection Act: Personal information collected for the purposes of , risk assessment will be used to identify those at risk, andassessment) those involved in controlling risk, from this or similar activities and to fulfil the BBCs obligations under Health and Safety policy and legislation. It will be retained for up to 6 years after the expiry of the activity. It may be shared with other organisations, including our agents and contractors, with whom the risk or the control of risk is shared.Activity and Hazard Summary [This is a summary of the activities listed in part B of the risk assessment.]Activity Who Exposed Hazards{hazard titles Activity Risk RatingTaking breaks every so often so it Any members of the team Eye Strange From ***doesn’t lead to eye strange who are using computers Computer ScreenBeing careful and sensible at all times Any members of the team Handling sharp objects ** e.g. scissors Handling plug sockets and other equipmentTripod or Take breaks or take it in Any members which are Hand Strange from the ***turns in filming so it doesn’t lead to filming and holding the Camerahand strange cameraComments logWho by Date / time Comments Assessor response Date/ time received responded
  4. 4. Risk Assessment Form – Part B Blank TemplateReference:6 [enter reference number]] Sign-off status [planning/approved etc]Activity Title: Stop Motion AnimationActivity Description: A promotional video set as a interview type video attracting future college students to come to our college doing this particular course at the college.List those managing Jade Kinder: She’s very well organised, calm and is punctual. Always full with ideas and plans.this Activity and their Chris McCloskey: He’s creative and imaginative as well as he takes in other people’s ideas.competence: Lewis Ainscough Gray: He can work well in a team, helpful and gets his work done. Conner Murray: He is good at helping out, organising and is willing to try his best in everything.Who & how many are at All crew members are at riskrisk from this Activity? Hazards Control measuresHow could someone become hurt or made ill How are you going to prevent this from happening?A hazard which can hurt someone would be Eye Strange. This In order to prevent this Hazard I would suggest taking breaks every so often for example every 2 hourshazard can be made from a Computer screen. so it doesn’t lead to eye strange as your eyes will be getting rest.A hazard of someone handling sharp objects for example In order to prevent this hazard I would suggest to be careful when handling and using sharp objects andscissors, can lead someone to cut themselves by dropping them sensible at all timesetc.A hazard of someone Handling plug sockets and other equipment this In order to prevent this hazard I would suggest to be careful when handling and using equipmentcan lead to someone because you might lead to falling over equipment objects and sensible at all timesor may be electrocutedRisk Level: After your controls have been applied what is your assessment of the risk level of this Lowactivity? Add additional activities as required – by copying this section and pasting below