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Task 1


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Transcript of "Task 1"

  1. 1. Session Main Task Subtask Deadline Milestone Comment1 Ass 2 Tasks1 and 2 - Plan My web Research I used the internet to look site at a range of similar websites for inspiration.2 Proposal My proposal was quite length discussing legal and ethical considerations and what theme I’m going to follow and why.3 Complete all I print screened pages of Assignment 2 Task 1 different pages analysing elements things I would and wouldn’t use on that website for my own. I reached the deadline.4 Storyboards Complete all of Hand in Planned how my website Assignment 2 Assignment 2 wanted to look and what I’m going to follow. I reached the deadline.5 Flash training I created all the graphics Using a Guide Layer, Mask needed for my website Animations, Converting an and imported them on object to a graphic symbol, flash creating a layout for Creating a movie clip my website on Flash. Unit 65 Ass 3 Produce an symbol, Combining and interactive Flash or Director nesting movie clip symbols, website, created solely in Flash or Managing symbols and Director instances, Duplicating Symbols, Swapping Symbols Creating Button Symbols, Creating Scenes and Label Frames, Creating Scenes and frame Labels, Basic Playback
  2. 2. Control, Creating and using remote rollovers, Creating a Preloader6 Plan the steps I will take to I made a schedule so I produce the website. know how long I needed for each on each tasks so I Produce a detailed schedule would reach the deadline of main, sub‐tasks, deadlines on time. and milestones. Create / save any resources I will need to complete them. Short report to explain the importance of planning.7 Create website8 Made labels for each page of Now my website on Flash my website. is neat and clear on my timeline.9 Created actions so each Made sure they are in page will stay on that page right position and look good10 Insert graphics e.g. logo, Made sure they are in banner, screen icons, right position and look images. good11 Insert navigation Made sure they are in right position and look good12 Make sure links work Tested correctly.13 Insert information Made sure they are in right position and look good14 Make a form Made sure they are in
  3. 3. right position and look good15 Make a bookings page Made sure they are in right position and look good16 Website finished Saved it!!!17 Optimise web site Save it as a HTML file so I Save as SWF and HTML can see what I looks like Publish Website Upload Website on the web.18 Test website Website Published and Tested so I knew all the tested buttons and graphics work well and look good.. I reached the deadline.19 Show how well the website I did a report so I could met the brief, critical share my overall thoughts evaluation, feedback from what I did well and what I Produce an End of project report: peers, feedback from could have improved. audience, feedback from tutor20 Complete all of Assignment 3 Made sure my work is assignment 3 handed in completed to the End Unit 65 Assignment 3 deadline.I reached the deadline.
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