Task 1


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Task 1

  1. 1. Unit 65- Analysing WebsitesThis is the website http://www3.yha.com.au/ which is targeted at youngpeople ages 18-25. The first thing which is clear when clicking onto this websiteis that it follows a theme throughout the website. The 4 main colours on thiswebsite I see are blue, beige orange and green. These colours run throughoutthe website which makes the website as a whole a lot more professionallooking. I feel like the interaction on the website is straight forward as it hassearch bars for Australian Hostels right at your view level and as I see it as soonas I go onto this website.The text which is shown throughout the website isthe same throughout. I feel like it looks neat and professional. If it was to havemore than one font I feel like it’d be too confusing and unprofessional so something I’d confused. This website uses one for their titles and then for the paragraphs one
  2. 2. more readable and clear for when sharing information. I wouldn’t use anymore than 2 fonts. I would consider exactly what this website includes for mywebsite as they make sure they have a bold, stand out font for the headingsand for the information text or hyperlinks have a clear, easy to read. The sizeof the text is consistent, all the heading titles are thesame and the normal text which are the same andmakes the website just look more attractive and thatis what I want to do for my website too.On this website it has a simple interactive map whichis slip up to the different cities within Australialetting you click onto that like area on the map and ittakes you to a different page listing all the pages andhotels you can go to. It has the option to choose thecheapest first, the highest first as well as the mostpopular and the most rated. I would like to include something like as it is agood information resource and make it easy for customers to search around onthe website. Underneath every hostel it has the name and brief description aswell as the percentage rating on how it averagely done with reviews and amore information button. Not too many buttons so it’s cramped and looks messy but a few simply buttons which can make the viewer gain information and then have the choice to look at more information if interested. As well has as having a background behind the map which has lines all pointing to the map which gives the map a stand out effect. The website has a very professional and attractive page which lists all different type ofhostels. I would love to do something similar for my website as by having listsof accommodation one after the other will make the website a lot easier forvisitors. This is the page that comes up when clicking on one of the areas from
  3. 3. the interactive map. The hyperlink takes you to this page where it defines thesearch to all the hostels they can book in that particular area which I think is avery useful link people it just makes it a lot easier.The logo from the website is very simple yet effected. They have thought outthe colours they would use in their logo and made sure they didn’t use toomany because if you use too many colours it looks unprofessional and messybut they have only used 3 colours and them colours are related as the green isfor the forest outdoor colour, white is for the neat and professional look andorange is the website theme colour all together. I would like to make aneffective logo like this but I do feel like it looks silly with a very small text underYHA I don’t think that small text is needed for the logo as it’s only meant toquickly allow the visitor to get a quick thought on what the website could beabout. The navigation is straight forward which I link about it. I like how it’s only 2colours involved within the navigation more which I think is all the colours youneed. The font is followed throughout the website and has a clear title so weknow what the page is exactly about. The only thing I would change about thenavigation would to be enlarging it alltogether because I feel like the text is toosmall and should stand out more.I feel like have an alternate search on thehomepage is more professional and easierfor the visitor. You can do a specific searchwhich narrows the search down.I feel like the layout of the website is veryprofessional and attractive. It makes thewebsite. I feel like it’s good to make thelayout split into boxes and has a similar
  4. 4. symmetry look to it. I will like to follow the square box effect and include aninteractive map and the deals n the homepage is a great idea and theslideshow animation with deals on to by making it move it catches people’seyes and attracts them more to check out on the deal.This is a print screen of thewebsitehttp://www.hostelworld.com/hostels/Australia . This website istargeted to backpackers ages 18-30. This website follows a clear themethroughout. This website follows a similar theme to the YHA website too. Theyboth have their 3 main colours as white, blue and orange. The same sort oflook is being made for both of their websites. I feel like my website will have tofollow the theme similar to theirs too. But for my website I wouldn’t want toinclude the colour orange but I suppose they have used that colour because it’sa bright colour and makes certain things stand out. I feel like that would be agood idea to include for my website so my website would stand out. Thereforetheir colours they use for their colour scheme are bright and engaging so that’swhat I want to do for my website.
  5. 5. On the website it features a navigation menu which is positioned at the top ofthe page which is centred. The navigation is very similar to YHA too. Thenavigation is coloured the most professional colour which is blue. Thenavigation menu also hasn’t got the biggest text in the world, the font is quitesmall. So from these two websites I can learn that I don’t need my navigationmenu font size to be massive as long as it’s a bright clear font which has a boldcolour. This website has done the exact thing. I will be using white for thecolour of my navigation because its much clearer to see rather than using thecolour black. The background is slightly more appealing than YHA as it has agradient effect. I feel like that gradient effect adds to the navigation menu andmakes it much more attractive. The only thing that I would change is maybedon’t have too much of a dark blue and make it a little bit brighter because itlooks a bit gloomy and dark when it’s meant to be a website for hostels andholidays. But other than that I would base my navigation menu on thisnavigation menu.On the navigation menu on some of the buttons havedrop down menus. The thing that most appeals me tothis drop down menu is that I like when you hoverover the button it automatically comes up and thecolour scheme changes so it’s inverted. Thebackgrounds of the list have changed so it has a palerbackground (white background) and then dark text(blue text). I feel like that brightens up the page aswell as making it much neater and clearer to read.This is something I’d definitely consider. Therewouldn’t be anything to change other than trying to have more drop-downmenus for every button so it’s a continuous graphic on the website.
  6. 6. On the website it features a search bar which has series of search bars so youcan find the perfect result for you. The search bar has a search fields for thename of hostel or city, the arriving date, the departing date, how many guestswill be going and a submit button which is a hyperlink which will take you thepage where all the results will come up in a list. The graphics of the backgroundof the search bar is bright orange so it alerts people as well as having a messybackground which I feel like they have included it to represent fun andenjoyable as well as making it fit more towards the target audience by notmaking it look formal. I feel like it looks silly for the reason that it’s the onlything on the main page which has a messy background. The only way for me tosay it looks effective is if they include that graphic more than once but theyhaven’t. I wouldn’t use it for my website as I would just want it to be basic andeffective but I feel like it stands out and will catches people’s eyes.This is the website’s logo. I feel like itdoesn’t look attractive but it includeseverything you need in a logo. The logoincludes a well thought out symbol within the logo. The symbol has the firstletter of their name, H and represented the letter as an object which is a bunkbed which features two people in bed. I feel like that is such a catchy, simpleyet effective. The background isn’t anything effective it’s just a gradientbackground going from dark blue from the top left going to light blue in thebottom right. They have used the shape rectangle to put the logo within it. Ifeel like it wasn’t the greatest of shapes to use as it makes the logo look toobig. If I was to have this logo I would change it so the symbol was within a circleinstead if a rectangle. I feel like it wouldn’t need the big text for the websitebecause the name of it is in the address bar. I would consider decreasing thesize of it and then putting it in the circle bent to the shape of a circle or placedin the middle of the H. I do want to think of an effective symbol for my websitethough as it makes it a lot more effective.
  7. 7. On this website it includes an interactive map which the YHA includes too. I feel like this is a good feature to include on website if the website is about holidays or hostels or hotels etc. This is a whole map search on where you would want to on holiday which is great for someone who doesn’t haven’t the exact idea where they want to go on holiday. This isposition in the left middle of the page.This website has more features thanthe YHA website. When you clicked onthe place you want to go on holiday itgoes further into detail by displaying amap of that certain area and it hasanother interactive map which hasflags in certain areas of the map whichthe hostels are in location of Australia.I feel like this is a useful tool to havewhen trying to work distance for the airport etc. This map is featured in themiddle bottom of the page. This is a banner display which is on the main page of the website which gives you information on which cities in Australia are the most popular in order as well as giving you a starting prices of each hotels in that area which gives you information on which city is the most dearest and which are the most cheapest. These cities are doing like a drop down menu. I feel
  8. 8. like it’s a smart idea so it’s not taking up so much room and that it looks moreprofessional by having less things on display as it makes it look messy thewebsite by having everything all cramped. This is positioned in the left middleof the page. This is a feature which is on the right hand side of the website at the top of the website. This is a useful feature which helps visitors gain more knowledge in which hostel is best. It gives the listings of the name of the hostel as well of the area it is placed in with the rating out of 100% it has received from previous stayers. I think that gives knowledge on how good is and is a good feature people should include on holiday websites like these. The colours are simple yet effective and still follow the colour scheme and aren’t too bright as it’s not something that needs to be urgently displayed.This website has information and a brief welcoming note which is positioncentre of the page. I feel like this is something that needs to feature on everywebsite and that it gives extra information which some of the visitors may notknow. The colour scheme is still the same and is a clear font. The only thingthat ii would change is to make the text size a little bit bigger as it’s quite smallto read especially when considering people who have glasses.