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  • 1. Unit 65Task 1: Investigate uses of Web animationThe website Build a bear workshop is a professional, easy to use interactivewebsite. The reason why they would make it easy to use is because theirbusiness is aimed at children so when creating the website they have to take inconsideration that children will be going onto their website. This means thatthe navigation must be clear to see, for example if a text was a link they wouldhave to show that by appearance e.g. by changing the colour of the text or hadsome kind of effect like a glow or a drop shadow. Not all of the links changewhen you hover over them this could lead to confusion and I feel isn’t thatclear as it needs to be obviously clear when having the target audience ofchildren so perhaps making all the links have underlines or a change of colour,obviously the colour would have to be related to the theme so a bright boldrainbow scheme colour.
  • 2. This is the Toy Story home page when you click onto the toy story hyperlink onthe Toy Story. The website includes lots of sound within the website. They dothis as they have thought about their target audience, children. They want it toseem interesting so they have added sound effects and sound track in thebackground. The song that is playing in the background is a orchestra whichgoes on throughout slowly changing into different songs and is the music theyplay throughout the movie. There isn’t any buttons into controlling it otherthan muting your sound on the computer. Even through the music isn’t tooannoying I still think they should have a pause and stop button in order for theviewers of the website make their own minds up if they want to keep themusic playing as not all people like the same music. One thing that I foundgood was the sound effects. The sound effects were on the navigation menu.As the change colour and animate they as well have a noise. The noise it makesis a xylophone noise and each button has a different pitch too. When clickingon the characters a bubble effect happens. This purpose is to notify you canclick on the image and it’ll take you to the page specifically about thatcharacter. I feel like the sound effect noises is one of the best ways to makeyour website a lot more advertising especially when the target audience arechildren
  • 3. YouTube is a websitewhich is targeted atevery gender andevery age group.YouTube is a verypopular websitewhich contains lotsof interactivity.When you first goonto their websitethere is a big bannerdisplay differentwebsiteadvertisementswhich have paidYouTube to display. That contains a hyperlink to a video. YouTube always havea certain advertisement every week. On YouTube’s website the basic colourscheme appears on every single page. The colours that scheme are grey, white,black and red. I feel like it is good professional layout which is suitable for allage groups as well as both genders. I do feel though it’s lacking a bit of coloursand the background is too dull. I would have a picture background relating toYouTube but not over the top so it clashes and looks busy just a backgroundpicture which isn’t overcrowded and too busy. All the navigation and featuredvideos are placed very clear all the interactive is straight forward and easy touse. There is a search bar which is features in thecentre at the top which shows it’s the mostimportant thing on the website as it grabs yourattention the most and YouTube without asearch bar would be so confusing and hard! Ingeneral it’s an impressive and basic website.On YouTube in the centre of their website theyfeature a timeline which has the most popularYouTube’s displaying on the timeline to
  • 4. represent a news feed like on a social networking site like Facebook. When avideo has been loaded by a channel it’s featured here. The people who are onthe timeline are usually up to YouTube themselves. If a video is uploaded thereit’s more likely to have lots more views then videos which don’t get featuredthere. This is due to the fact that it is displayed on the homepage. YouTube isknown for displaying lots of entertainment which is of videos and games withinvideos for example interactive games and secret codes which are hidden.Banner Advertisementsand PromotionWhen I first go onto their websitethis is the start-up screen. Iautomatically see animation andinteraction on the homepage. Thefirst animation that caught my eye is the slideshow animation which is centredto the top of the page. This has 3 pictures which are automatically on a loopwith the newest products and the latest offers/ deals. There is an option if oneof the pictures is too quick they provide an option in the bottom right handside of 4 navigation buttons. The navigation has 1, 2, 3 and a pause button,when the visitor clicks on 1, 2 or 3 it automatically sends you to that newproduct/ deal and you could use the pause button to pause the whole thingagain, the loop which makes it stay on the new product/ deal for a series ofseconds thing changes to the next one on a cycle. This is very efficient andmakes the visitor not miss out as well as being time efficient as if they didn’thave that navigation they would have to sit and watch the navigation on theloop constantly in order to read the advertisement.
  • 5. This is a banner advertisement which is featured at the top centre of theirwebsite. This advertisement isn’t always there YouTube gets paid quite a lot ofmoney from companies asking them to advertise their business on theirwebsite for the fact it is so popular it will help promote their websites becausepeople will see it.All the advertisement which is featured on YouTube always links back to thepurpose of YouTube. By this I mean that the advertisement will always includea link going to a video because YouTube is all about videos and entertainment.The advertisement is fairly big in order for viewers to notice it instantly.It’s not only a banner ad it helps promote the site they are displaying on theirscreen. The amount of click through from their website would be mass. I thinkit is a great idea for YouTube to do it as it’s a bit more extra money as well asmaking the website look busier. I wouldn’t say do more advertisementsbecause that would lose focus of YouTube but it’s smart for them to include apromotional banner advertisement.On the Toy Story website this banner advertisement which is positioned at thebottom of the homepage, not where I would choose to but it but it is stillpretty eye catching because the advertisement are on a loop turning 360degrees. I feel like that would get annoying after a bit but the advertisementchanges when it flips around. It’s promotion for them on what Disney offer.
  • 6. Interactive elements On the website it features a lot of roll over buttons. This makes it clear for children which buttons are links assomething changes to the picture/linkwhen hovered over it. On their websitewhen the cursor hovers over it a red outline appears highlighting the box. Thisalerts and shows it will take you to another page. This effect is run throughoutthe website for only picture links. This is very professional looking as well asbeing useful at the same time. Build a bear workshop has a navigation bar which is shown in a professional and handy way. The navigation bar is placed centred and right at the top of the page. This is because the navigation menu will be the most used animation on the website so it needs to be well seen. The target audience for the website is aimed for children of both genders so the appearance has been well thought of as they have used the colour scheme of multi-colours so bothgenders will be attracted to the design of the website. When the cursor hoversover one of the tabs on the navigation bar a list appears on the screendisplaying all the links related to the topic which is the heading in thenavigation bar. The links are underlined when hovered over them.
  • 7. Build a bear workshop has an interaction on their websites which isn’t thatcommon on a lot of websites. This animation I have seen in most childrenthemed website. I think it is used because of the ease so children can just clickon one button which gives a range of selected choices. The interaction on thewebsite is a left arrow and a right arrow, when the visitor clicks on thesebuttons is changes to a paler colour to show it’s a hyperlink and then goesthrough a range of alternate choices related to the topic which is above thepicture. From that the picture itself has a hyperlink which will send you to thepage of that topic and allow you to view all the choices available. I think this isa useful interaction as it allows children to discover different pages on thewebsite as well as making it easy for them. This interaction is position moretowards the bottom of the page as it’s not too important to be well noticedbut is their if help is needed whilst traveling through the website. This is the navigation on the Toy Story website. The colours are basic professional colours but relate to the Toy Story theme of red, white, blue. The navigation menu has an animation on each button as well as being a roll over button. When the cursor goes over the navigation button it changed colour from a white background tab and navy coloured text it turns into a red background tab with yellow coloured text. The tab itself has an animation which makes the tab do a 360 degree rotation. I feel like it’s different to other
  • 8. websites and including animation on buttons and bright colours attractchildren so I feel like they have thought about their target audience a lot but Ido feel like the website would crash/lag as every button rotates so if a kid washovering fast over them all back and forth it could cause some errors.YouTube feature their logo in the top left of the pagethroughout every page of the video. This logo is ahyperlink and when clicked always takes you back tothe homepage so you can never get lost. I amimpressed by YouTube’s logo as it’s a simple yet effective logo which capturesthe purpose of what YouTube by the red button around Tube displaying insimpler terms that you surf our website for videos. This is the navigation bar which is featured to the left hand side of the YouTube homepage. This navigation bar goes down in a list displaying options which are type of categories which can be found on the website. These are hyperlinks and when clicked will take you to the page which have been tagged in the type of topic. Towards the bottom there are channels which have been asked to be promoted by YouTube and that isupdated quite frequently. They have an option in the bottom right corner tosee all the topics that they provide. The navigation is themed black and grey. Ithink it works well and is very professional looking. One thing I would change isinclude red in the navigation bar as that is the other main theme colour in theYouTube logo. When the cursor hovers over the button the background goesdarker to black and the text gets lighter to white. As well make a topic calledfeatured channels rather than placing them at the bottom of the navigation. Ifeel like it makes the website scruffy looking.
  • 9. Linear and interactive animations On the Toy Story website it has a series of interactivity and animation. On the homepage there is a picture of all the characters from Toy Story 3, the latest toy story and when you go to hover over one of the characters a bubble noise comes and then a navigation button appears saying visit this characters page. This is done for every character. I feel like it fits the target audience really well but I feel like the music is toomuch and would get over crowded with noise.When you click on one of the characters page every page looks similar to this.Each page has the background on where you first saw them on the film which Ifeel is a small detail but very clever. The character doesn’t stay still itsanimated and moves. The character moves how it moves its character todescribe their personality.They say random sentencesover 30 seconds or so. Thisreally does interest theviewers and is somethinggreat to have especially whenthe target audience is atchildren. On the toy story website they have hidden navigation which is blended into the picture but when hovered over the washing lines sways like wind just flew past and makes a noise. I feel like once again there istoo much noise within the homepage, I would like some noise just they includetoo many which makes it annoying to stay on their website.
  • 10. Disney has a music page. This is the place to view all of the Disney programmes/films and listen to their songs, theme songs and sound tracks. They have an animated banner atthe bottom where it slides along none stop but there 2 arrows one for left andone for right. The layout is similar to the information page as it’s trying to sellyou to buy songs so wants to look professional. This is the load up screen when going onto the Disney, Toy Story website. It has a featured Disney character on show which is bouncing up and down switching with the percentage of how far along the website is to upload. The graphic is to a high quality. The font style of the percentage is the toy story themed font. I think it is always good to stick with the same font as it seems more professional
  • 11. EntertainmentThe Disney website offerloads of entertainment ontheir website. For examplethey have a game page. Thegame page has pages andpages of games and evensplit it down so there is acategory which is a list ofthe most popular gamesright at the top of the pageso it gives information andrecommends the games as well as a category for the newest ones which is allin all very useful. The page is bursting out with colours everywhere as well asbuttons which are hyperlinks which take you to different pages. The gamepage is very professionally done and in general easy to navigate around on thepage. The only thing I would change is have a ranking order in which is themost popular and as well have a search bar so if someone was looking for aspecific type of game they can simply search rather than scrolling and clickingnext page until they find the game you want. This is a specific game which is on the Toy Story website. The game is a photo booth game where you be the photography and capture a picture of buzz light-year. When you first click on the page it
  • 12. first pops up with a list of instructions which help tell you how the game works.The have thought about who would be playing this game e.g. children so theyhave used pictures to explain as well as writing which I feel is a goodinformation technique. With this game is includes hyperlinks which have thenavigation buttons on how to get started, the option of printing the pictureyou took and then more and morebuzz actions so will take you other gameswhich involve the character buzz. It has appropriate links to movie’s thecharacter has been in.On the build a bear website has the target audience of children the websitehas created a game which is called Build-A-Bearville. This is an online gamewhich allows you to build a bear online. The advertisement for the game isconstantly moving so it always catches your eye. It’s constantly moving byhaving a moving background image of the town moving in the backgroundgoing left to right. As it well it features the animation of a pop up which is aspeech bubble coming from the girls mouth saying join the fun etc. The pop upis on a frequent loop which re-pop up’s every 5 seconds. When the cursorhovers over the button it has a white glow to show it’s a hyperlink. I feel likeit’s a clever way to grabs someone’s attention but I do feel like it should havesome sound maybe because when there is a character welcoming you onto achildren’s website they always use audio because they prefer to have that asan option as well as just reading. So perhaps when the cursor hovers over theanimation it automatically plays a voice clip of the girl saying join the fun!
  • 13. InformationThis is the information page on the Disney website. If you compare this page toprevious pages the style and layout has changed. This is due to the moreprofessional page. For example if you were applying for a job the pagewouldn’t be all colourfulwith pictures everywhere it’dbe reduced and moresensible looking. So for theinformation page their maintarget is to inform not toentertainment but as wellstill have to consider theirtarget audience and can’tmake it too dull.On the toy story page it has an information page on each of the characters. Theinformation isn’t too dull and on a plain empty page as they have to considertheir target audience children. They have navigation buttons with thumbnailpictures which send you to all the pages that certain character is on. I feel likethat’s an helpful tool. I feel like they could have more pages relating to thecharacter for example a gallery page and the original designs when producingthe movie.