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Diary Diary Document Transcript

  • Unit 65- Diary02/10/12My objective for today is to deeply analysis 2 websites which are related to back packers. The 2websites that I looked at were:I was able to achieve 1 website which was analysed, I will have to analyse 1 more next lesson but domore work in my own time so then I am up to date with my assessment.04/10/12My aim for today is to finish off the first analysing of websites. I hoped to of researched more but ittakes longer than I thought it would. I want it to be as detailed as possible so if I’ll have to move ontomy planning next lesson so I don’t fall behind.I was able to achieve the analysing of the website fully.05/10/12My aim for today is to start my storyboards for my website for the hostels for backpackers betweenthe ages 18-25. I felt like I needed to know what my website would look like layout wise in order forme to do my storyboard so that’s why I decided to do my storyboard first.I was able to achieve most of my story boards on the computer. I did the total of 3 in order to makea decision which layout is the best and will benefit me for the website I am going to create.09/10/12My aim for today is to start my client proposal which will state what I’m going to create, why I will becreating and want resources I need etc. This will help me to have a full understanding of the projectbefore I even begin to start it.I was able to achieve a good start on the client proposal and got a lot done I did around a quarter ofthe proposal which I was very pleased about but I will have to finish it off in my spare time because Ihave to make sure I get everything completed by the deadline.10/10/12My aim for today is to finish off my entire client proposal off so it’s all out of the way and so I knowalready how my website will look for every single page on the website.I was able to achieve to finish of my entire client proposal which I am very chuffed about. I knownow how everything is going to look on everything is planned and things that I need to be careful ofwhen creating the website e.g. legal and ethical considerations.
  • 11/10/12My aim for today is to finish off the storyboards so I know the exact layout for my website so I don’thave to struggle on deciding at the time I have to make the website so I feel like it is an efficient wayto get it over and done with.I was able to complete all of the storyboards to a high quality standard. I used word in order tocreate them. I feel like it is clear to me what my website will exactly look like now.12/10/12My aim for today is a catch up lesson on everything. I collected all my images and resources for thewebsite as well as finishing off all bits and bobs I needed to do.I was able to finish everything off.