Do You Wish All Of Your Salespeople Would Do
                  What Your Peak Performers Do?
Why Deciding To Use STATE OF ...
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State of Mind Flyer


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State of Mind Flyer

  1. 1. Do You Wish All Of Your Salespeople Would Do What Your Peak Performers Do? Why Deciding To Use STATE OF MIND Is A Good Decision. Old-School sales trainers come in with a pre-set speech filled with techniques reminiscent of “beating a dead horse.” This bores your team with one-way communication and no interactive participation. They can only tell you what they know because they cannot utilize your team’s experience as an important part of learning. State of Mind Training: ➢ Draws out and identifies the specific previously-unknown verbal and non-verbal persuasive elements your team already uses well so they can learn from each other quickly. ➢ Teaches the “others” how to utilize the best practices of your top performers. ➢ Is intense and engaging training referenced with a customized easy-to-use quick-reference sheet. This assists everyday reinforcement and adds structure to sales meeting discussions. ➢ Helps you build a repository of best practices by identifying and documenting them, then clarifying which practices are consistent with years of real-world pattern detection. Your Team Their “Messages” S.O.M. Filters Everyone On Same Track Why The STATE OF MIND Methods Work About Jade’s Coaching & ➢ When we show your top performers what they are doing, that neither they Training Style: nor you have previously recognized, keeping attention is easy and ➢ Amazingly spontaneous, increased closing percentage is assured. participative and responsive ➢ We show you how to drop your bad habits & techniques. We do this by to your group’s needs. listing what we see and hear top performers up and down the street doing ➢ Stays relevant/targeted to your and not doing. needs. ➢ They can’t say, “That would never work here,” because we’re using their ➢ Simplifies complex persuasive “messages” to draw from. Participants are active in their learning & they elements into knowledge take ownership in improving their skills. chunks that you can under- ➢ Instead of leaving you “high and dry,“ after we leave, they’ll be able to see stand and use immediately. and hear these “learnings” being demonstrated amongst themselves every ➢ Familiar sales meeting-style day. It’ll be like when you buy a new car and suddenly see all the other format. cars on the road just like yours. Sure beats theory… Jade Handy, Coach/Trainer You’ll get the best of his fifteen years of sales experience as well as fifteen years of focusing on what is the “difference that makes the difference” in terms of verbal and non-verbal communication. 515.205.3100 ● 4225 Fleur Dr. #120 ● Des Moines, IA 50321 ●