[H2020] New Horizon of European Robotics and Cognitive Systems


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[H2020] New Horizon of European Robotics and Cognitive Systems

  1. 1. New Horizon of European Robotics and Cognitive Systems Cécile Huet, Head of Sector Unit A2 – Robotics DG CONNECT - Communication Networks, Content and Technology EUROPEAN COMMISSION IROS 2013 – New Horizon - IARP JCF 2013 - Tokyo, Japan
  2. 2. History: EU Robotics programme in FP7 (2007–2013) • More than 100 on-going projects today • With over 700 partners • FP7 – Robotics: ~500 M€ funding Largest publicly funded robotics programme in the world (civil) http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/robotics/projects/areas-projects_en.html
  3. 3. Background: Project Portfolio UNDERSTANDING PERCEIVING Touching Seeing Hearing Advanced sensing PERCEIVING APPLICATION AREAS Aerial Underwater Industry and manufacturing Professional & domestic Medical and rehabilitation Monitoring and surveillance COGNITIVE SYSTEMS & ROBOTICS LEARNING UNDERSTANDING Recognising Interpreting Adapting Modelling Cognitive architectures ACTING ACTING Manipulating Navigating Interacting Collaborating Monitoring "COGNITION"FOR ROBUSTNESS AUTONOMY ADAPTIVITY REAL-WORLD,…
  4. 4. Impact of the EU effort  Substantial addition to the body of knowledge (hundreds if not thousands of publications, papers, presentations etc)  Progress towards deployment in application areas e.g. search & rescue, underwater, surgical, manufacturing,…  Progress towards socio-economic aspect  Raising public awareness(e.g. London Science Museum, European robotics weeks)
  5. 5. European Robotics Week 2013 25th November to the 1st of December Over 170 activities already registered (Workshops, Laboratory Tours, Competitions, Exhibitions, …) YOU…. ROBOTOCIST …..WANT TO BE PART OF IT!! PLEASE REGISTER NOW http://www.eu-robotics.net/euroboticsweek/events-2013
  6. 6. Horizon 2020: Strategy  Stronger focus on innovation and bringing research closer to the market  Simplified access for all companies, universities, institutes in all EU countries and beyond  New instruments to foster innovation, for example Pre-Commercial Procurement or the SME Instrument  Three priorities: - Excellent Science - Industrial Leadership (this is where robotics will be situated) - Societal Challenges
  7. 7. But H2020 is also about… BETTER SYNERGIES BETWEEN VARIOUS FUNDING PROGRAMMES  Increased coordination and elimination of Europe's fragmented efforts.  Coordination of initiatives at regional, national and European level is key.
  8. 8. Towards Horizon 2020: Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in robotics Basic Research R&D Innovation Uptake
  9. 9. What is a PPP? European Robotics PPP Private Partner euRobotics aisbl ● Development of research & development & innovation agenda ● Suggesting call topics, priorities, funding profile Regular meetings Public Partner ● Implementation of R&D&I agenda structured dialogue CLEAR SEPARATION OF ROLES Private Partner: Strategy Public Partner: Implementation The private part is not involved in the selection of proposals 
  10. 10. THE PPP NEEDS ALL THE STAKEHOLDER IN ROBOTICS Make the best of robotics in Europe We need you all to make a difference
  11. 11. H2020 Excellent Science Industrial leadership Societal challenges
  12. 12. ICT in Industrial Leadership 1. 2. 3. 4. Components and systems Next generation computing Future Internet Content technologies and information management 5. ROBOTICS 6. Key Enabling Technologies: Micro- nano-electronics and photonics
  13. 13. Horizon 2020 – LEIT – Call1 – Overview CHALLENGE 5: ROBOTICS Roadmap-based R&D&I in Robotics - 1st Call Publication: 11 December 2013 Deadline: 23 April 2014 ICT23.a - Research & Innovation Actions PRIORITY Market domains: manufacturing, commercial, civil, agriculture RTD: advance key technologies for the priority domains + system development + shared resources and assessment ICT23.b - Technology transfer - Robotics use cases Industrial and service sectors • TYPE of ACTIVITY 74M€ • % fund. • Size R&D - 100% 57 M€ Small/Large INNO. - 70% 12 M€ Small/Large INNO. - 70% Public safety / environment and infrastructure monitoring Large ICT23.c - Pre-commercial procurement in robotics 5 M€
  14. 14. Horizon 2020 – LEIT – Call2 – Overview CHALLENGE 5: ROBOTICS Roadmap-based R&D&I in Robotics - 2st Call 1. What 2014 Publication: Julyare you looking for? OVERVIEW Deadline: 20 January 2015 ICT24.a – Research & Innovation Actions Bu • TYPE of ACTIVITY • % fund. • Size ICT23.a 57 M€ PRIORITYRobotics domains: healthcare, consumer, Market ICT23.b 12 M€ transport ICT23.c 5 RTD to advance key technologies for priority domains R&D - 100% Small/Large ICT24.b - Technology transfer Industry-academia cross-fertilisation ICT24.c - Technology transfer Robotics ICT24.a 50 Robotics use cases ICT24.b 12 ICT24.c 12 ICT24.d - Pre-commercial procurement in robotics: ICT24.d 5 ICT24.e 4 healthcare ICT24.e - Community building and Robotic competitions INNO. - 70% Large 12M€ INNO. - 70% Small/Large 12M€ INNO. - 70% Large 5M€ 83M€ 50M€ Coordination 4M€ Action
  15. 15. ROBOTICS in LEIT  ICT Horizontal and Cross-Cutting Activities • CC.1 - Platforms for Connected Smart Objects  Access to Finance  SPACE
  16. 16. Specific Call for Manufacturing, FoF Modernising Europe's Manufacturing Capabilities FOF 9: ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) Highly flexible and near-autonomous robotics systems. FOF6 : Symbiotic HR collaborations for safe and dynamic multimodal manufacturing systems FOF 11: Flexible production systems based on integrated for rapid reconfiguration of machinery and robots tools
  17. 17. H2020 Excellent Science Industrial leadership Societal challenges
  18. 18. H2020 Societal Challenges: Where is Robotics in the Workprogramme? SC1 SC2 SC3 SC4 SC5 SC6 SC7 Climate Inclusive, Innovative Security Health Food Energy Transport Assistive living Marine robotics Const ruction Auton. Vehicle ROBOTICS
  19. 19. H2020 Excellent Science Industrial leadership Societal challenges
  20. 20. ROBOTICS AND COGNITIVE SYSTEMS IN Part I - Excellent Science FETPROACT 2: Knowing, doing and being, cognition beyond problem solving - Foundational research on future artificial cognitive systems and robots - Multidisciplinary: knowledge, cognition and related issues (including embodiment, learning, motivation, autonomy, knowledge,…) - Takes artificial cognitive systems beyond the level of dull task execution - Demonstrate robust performances for future robotics systems - Include all types of robots (including all sizes, shapes and multi-robots)
  21. 21. COMING NEXT November 6: IROS – HERE! -> JOIN US! From 15:15 to 18:30 Forum on New Horizon of European Robotics and Cognitive Systems Nov. 6-8 ICT Vilnius, Lithuania Launching event Dec. 12 Publication of the 1st call Jan. 1st 2014 Horizon 2020 starts Jan. 13-14/2014 Infoday: Luxembourg Stay tuned: http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/robotics/ Contact: Cecile.huet@ec.europa.eu
  22. 22. THANK YOU