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Train of life Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 生命列车 The train of life 不久以前,我读了一本书。书中把人生比作一次旅行 。 Not long ago, i read a book in which it compares life to a journey
  • 2. 人生一世,就好比是一次搭车旅行,要经历无数次上车、下车 ; 时常有事故发生 ; 有时是意外惊喜,有时却是刻骨铭心的悲伤… … Our life, like a journey b y taking a train, will go through innumerable times of getting on and off, accidents happen frequently; sometimes it could be a pure pleasant surprise, sometimes it could be the sadness engraved on our bones and heart……
  • 3.     降生人世,我们就坐上了生命列车。 我们以为我们最先见到的那两个人 ------ 我们的父母, 会在人生旅途中一直陪伴着我们。 The minute we came to this world, we began our journey on the train of life, we thought that the first two person we met: our parents, would accompany us through out the whole journey.
  • 4. 很遗憾,事实并非如此。 The fact is sadly not so . 他们会在某个车站下车,留下我们,孤独无助。 They will get off the train at a certain stop, leaving us alone and helpless 他们的爱、他们的情、 他们不可替代的陪伴, 再也无从寻找 Their love, affection and their irreplacable companionship to us will never to be found......
  • 5. 尽管如此,还会有其他人上车。他们当中的一些人将对我们 有着特殊的意义。 Even so, others keep getting on the train and some of them will have a significant meaning to our life.
  • 6. 他们之中有我们的兄弟姐妹 , 有我们的亲朋好友。 我们还将会体验千古不朽的爱情故事。 They are including our siblings, relatives and friends. We are going to experience the everlasting love story as well.
  • 7. 坐同一班车的人当中, 有的轻松旅行。 Among all the passengers, some are travelling free and easy.
  • 8. 有的却带着深深的悲哀… … Some are always melancholy 还有的 , 在列车上四处奔忙, 随时准备帮助有需要的人… And still others are busy on the train, ready to help those who are in trouble at any time...  
  • 9. 很多人下车后, 其他旅客对他们的回忆 历久弥新 … … Many people, after getting off the train, have an unshakeable impression on other passengers 但是,也有一些人, 当他们离开座位时, 却没有人察觉。 But, some leave unnoticed by anyone
  • 10. 有时候,对你来说情深义重的旅伴却坐到了另一节车厢。 Sometimes, a passenger you has a deep feeling for has nevertheless sit in another compartment. 你只得远离他,继续你的旅程。 So you have to leave him and go on with your own journey. 当然,在旅途中,你也可以 摇摇晃晃地穿过自己的车厢, 去别的车厢找他… … Of course, you can sometimes staggeringly cross the compartments to find him during the journey.
  • 11. 可惜, 你再也无法 坐在他身旁, 因为这个位置 已经让别人给占了… ... But unfortunately, you could never sit alongside him because the seat has already been occupied by someone else......
  • 12. 没关系。 旅途充满挑战、梦想、希望、离别… … 就是不能回头。 It’s O.k. The journey is full of challenges, hopes, and departures......You can do everything but retracing. 因此,尽量使旅途愉快吧! So, try to enjoy the journey as much as you can!
  • 13. 善待旅途上遇见的所有旅客, Be good to all the passengers you have met. 找出人们身上的 闪光点 ... And to find the merits in others...
  • 14. 永远记住,在某一段旅程中, 有人会犹豫彷徨, 因为我们自己也会犹豫彷徨。 Bear in mind that during a certain period of time, someone will be hesitate and irresolute, don’t blame on him because we ourselves sometimes are hesitate likewise.
  • 15. 我们要理解他人, 因为我们需要他人的理解。 We should be understanding so as to be understood.
  • 16. 生命之谜就是: The riddles of life are: 我们在什么地方 下车? Where and when will we get off the train? 坐在身旁的伴侣在什么地方下车? Where and when will the companions sitting beside us get off the train? 我们的朋友在什么地方 下车? Where and when will our friends get off the train 我们无从知晓… … We don’t have a clue......
  • 17. 我时常这样想:到我该下车的时候, 我会留恋吗?我想我还是会的。 I always think to myself: when I have to leave the train, will I feel reluctant? I think i will. 和我的朋友分离,我会痛苦。 让我的孩子孤独地前行,我会悲伤。 Saying goodbye to my friends makes me painful, Letting my kids travelling alone makes me sorrowful 我执著地希望,在我们大家都要 到达的那个终点站,我们还会相聚… … I waywardly believe that we shall see each other again at the terminal station where we all head. 
  • 18. 我的孩子们上车时 没有什么行李, 如果我能在他们的行囊中 留下美好的回忆, 我会感到幸福。 When getting on the train, my children didn’t have any luggage, if i could leave some wonderful memory in their traveling bags, I would feel very happy.
  • 19. 我下车后, 和我同行的旅客都还能 记得我,想念我, 我将感到快慰 . After I get off the train, if all the fellow travellers still remember me and miss me, I would be very pleased and satifying.
  • 20. 献给你 , 我生命列车上的同行者, 祝你 To you, my fellow traveller on the train of life, Wish you a happy journey! 旅途愉快 !