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Russian Standard Vodka Campaign Proposal
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Russian Standard Vodka Campaign Proposal



Advertising proposal, including research, promotional strategy, media plan, sample creative and evaluation metrics for Russian Standard Vodka 300ml ready to drink (premixed) product.

Advertising proposal, including research, promotional strategy, media plan, sample creative and evaluation metrics for Russian Standard Vodka 300ml ready to drink (premixed) product.



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    Russian Standard Vodka Campaign Proposal Russian Standard Vodka Campaign Proposal Presentation Transcript

    • Who We Are
      Account Manager:
      Jaddan Bruhn
      Sreyna Chao
      Media Strategist:
      Cedric Chai
      Art Director:
      Joe Brown
    • Mission Statement
      “Spark incinerates your competition with our innovative approach to optimising your campaign through the delivery of tailored solutions to burn through the white noise”.
    • Logo
    • The Product
    • The Brand
    • The Client Brief
      The RTD citrus product extension does not have an easy to recite / remember name for consumers to use when ordering it.
      To increase Russian Standard Vodka's RTD market share during the summer 2011/12 campaign period.
      To increase awareness in the target audience of Russian Standard Vodka's RTD products during the summer 2011/12 campaign period.
      Educate consumers on the new bar call.
      Media Placement Budget $1m
    • Environmental AnalysisS.W.O.T.
      Russia's Number One Premium Vodka
      Diversifying into fast growing RTD market
      Brand perceived as authentic & pure
      Only Russian Vodka in Australia produced & bottled in Russia
      Weak image profile with target audience
      Inconsistent distribution
      Different product lines branded inconsistently
    • Environmental AnalysisS.W.O.T.
      High consumer acceptance of increasing diversity in RTD varieties
      Changes in social patterns, population profiles, lifestyle changes, more conducive to convenience of RTDs
      RTD product lowest-cost entry to prestige alcohol brands
      Market leader Smirnoff controls approx 70% Australian vodka market
      Cost impact of alcopopstax
      Entry of other spirit manufacturers into RTD market
      Cross-over of supermarket house brands into alcohol
    • Target Audience Profile
      18 – 25 M / F (60% female skew)
      The Thrill Seeker
      Seeking new experiences, excitement & opportunity to take risks
      See everyday as a source of new stimulation
      Enjoy spending time with friends & indulging their own needs
      Born to shop
    • Target Audience Persona - Kristen
      21 years old
      Full-time TAFE student
      Part-time sales job
      Single, lives with parents in inner-suburban Sydney
      Short-term focus
      Has a night out once a week
      Goes to cinema once a month
      Style, fashion & being noticed
      Profile on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.
      Constantly connected through smart phone
    • Target Audience Media Profile
      81% use Facebook everyday
      71% still read print magazines
      66% access newspaper content online
      63% use social media to interact with brands
      45% read blogs everyday
      45% read traditional newspapers daily
      44% watch traditional TV daily
      42% watch TV shows online
      27% watch movies online
      25% access his/her mobile devices for social media
      24% read magazine content online
      Ruth Burke & Associates: How does Generation Y navigate the media landscape?
    • Primary Research
      Key Consumer Insight:
      “I want my drink to reflect my shift in taste from sweet drinks in bright colours to authentic drinks with real flavours”.
    • Media Plan
      Cedric Chai
    • Communication Objectives & Strategy
      Top of mind awareness during University holiday and Christmas break
      Encourage interaction and engagement through promotional activities
      Obtain consumer data and details
      Generate talk and create brand advocacy
    • Student
      Age 18-21 & attends University, TAFE or College
      Age 19-23 & works full time
    • Key TouchpointsMedia Consumption P18-21 and Studying
      As with school students Digital consumed on their mobiles while out & about and in uni
      Reach (%)
      Digital at Home & Outdoor are heavily consumed with this audience. TVand Radio are still high reaching however need to focus on key zones due to a high proportion of light to medium users. Radio has higher consumption than youth who attend school
      Source: CCS Australia Benchmark 2009: P19-21, studying or at University/TAFE/college
    • Touchpoints P18-21 and Studying: Likelihood to notice advertising
      Outdoor, Magazines and TV are key for them to notice brands
      Source: CCS Australia Benchmark 2009: P19-21, studying or at University/TAFE/college
    • Key TouchpointsMedia Consumption P19-23 Full Time Workers
      Reach (%)
      This audience experiences a higher media consumption overall against students. Digital at home/work & Outdoor are heavily consumed. TV is also high reaching however need to focus on key zones due to a high proportion of light to medium users. Consuming more traditional media than the uni & school students with higher press & radio consumption.
      Source: CCS 2009: P18-23, work full time
    • Touchpoints P19-23 Working F/T: Likelihood to notice advertising
      Lower tendency to notice media. Outdoor and Blogs/reviews play an important role
    • APN Outdoor
      Cross Track Posters
      Captive audience
      75% of rail commuters wait between 3 to 10 minutes for a train
      Mass reach
      On a typical weekday, CityRail (NSW) has around a million passengers
      54% of commuters are Gen Y
      A welcome distraction
      59% notice when advertising changes and
      42% read ads time and time again
      47% visited a website or a store to find out more information as a result of viewing rail ads
    • November
      Central, Town Hall, Bondi Junction & Wynard
      Miranda, Burwood, North Sydney, Chatswood, Bondi Junction, Kingscross, Town Hall, Central & Redfern
    • JCDecauxCitylights
      Effective in reaching people close to POS
      Popular bars & clubs located in the city
      Reach 745 000
      Min Reach TA – 54.1%
      Min Frequency – 6.4
      In December, 15 Special builds to be placed around high traffic areas and nightlife hotspots
    • Point Of Sale
      Display Posters & Coasters
      trigger top of mind awareness while the target is in a position to purchase Russian Standard RTD.
      Inform consumers about current campaign
      Encourage impulse buys
      Encourage enquiries about Russian Standard
      Reinforce brand Image
    • CINEMA
    • Live in Cinema
      Creates an emotional connection with the audience
      Provides unrivalled cut through
      Viral opportunities
      Strong word of mouth
      Cinema experience heightened, increased customer enjoyment
      Highly targeted
    • If they like a brand they will tell others
      Peer to peer recommendation are even more important to this group
      They love sharing ‘pass-on-able’ content
      Becoming a ‘fan of’ something is a form of self expression – 50% of youths have ‘fanned’ something in the last month
      Launch of campaign – First 50 people to share/post online commercial on their social media page will win Russian Standard vouchers
      Weekly prizes and giveaways
      Online drink specials
    • Approximately 10 million user accounts in Australia
      School and Uni Students are likely to visit FB at least once a day
      Facebook is used by more than 90% of social media users from both sexes and all age groups.
      On average, Facebook users use the site around 16 times a week
      Ability to engage and interact with consumers
      Inform them directly about current promotions and upcoming events
    • YouTube is 4th largest website in the world
      43% of Australian internet population visit YouTube each month
      On Average Australians watch 62 videos a month on YouTube
      32% of Australian YouTubers are 18-29
      51% use YouTube to watch music videos
      1/3 of users who see a relevant add will click on it
      Sampling and free giveaways in Sydney’s most popular bars
      Like Russian Standard FB page
      Follow Russian Standard on Twitter
      Register for online competition
      Participation rate in online competition
      Click Thru and conversion rate of ads placed online
      Participation in online promotions
      How many people used QR code to access site
      Measurement of sales during & after campaign
      Accumulated fans/followers since the launch of the campaign
      Number of impressions on sites advertised
      Conduct market research for brand awareness
    • Creative Concepts
      Joe Brown & Sreyna Chao
    • Creative Brief
      Role of advertising
      Increase consumer awareness of the Russian standard RTD citrus and adept “Pure Russian” as the bar call.
      Russian Standard RTD is the youthful convenient authentic Russian vodka.
      Key consumer insight
      “I want my drink to reflect my shift in taste from sweet drinks in bright colours to authentic drinks with real flavours”.
    • Concept Development
      Focus group
      Concept testing
    • Results
    • Bar Call
      ‘Pure Russian’
    • Concept Results
    • Rationale
      Classy and prestige
    • The Fantasy
    • Promotional idea
    • Promotional Ideas
      Point of sales
      Live at the cinema
    • Strategy & Execution
      Out of home
      On Premise
    • Cinema
      60 second “the Fantasy”
      Live performance (dance group)
    • Ad #1
      On premise
      Bus shelters
    • Ad #2
      On premise
      Bus shelters
    • Out of home / billboard
    • Social Media
      Maintain the on going engagement of the consumers
      Increase the visibility of the online campaign
      Maximize entrants into viral comp
    • YouTube - Viral Video
      Modern & fun
      Interactive & engaging
    • Promotional Aim
      Building customers and product relation
      Build a data base of our target audience
      Get as many views, likes and responds
    • Thank you for your time..
      Hope you enjoy the video =)