Develop a Media Plan - Plan, Buy & Monitor Media NSWTADV404AAustralian Open / Optus Media PlanMarket IntelligenceThe targe...
Develop a Media Plan - Plan, Buy & Monitor Media NSWTADV404AMedia Schedule & BudgetDecember 2010 - January2011 OPTUS BUSIN...
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Australian Open / Optus Media Plan


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Australian Open / Optus Media Plan

  1. 1. Develop a Media Plan - Plan, Buy & Monitor Media NSWTADV404AAustralian Open / Optus Media PlanMarket IntelligenceThe target audience for this campaign has been identified by the client, Optus Business Marketing, as primarilybusinesses and government departments of a scale large enough to employer over 400 staff – existing OptusBusiness customers and prospective ones.In 2007 the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) identified 2,466 organisations that adhered to the criteria. Ofthese organisations, Optus Business Marketing has estimated that 740 (approx 30%) are existing OptusBusiness customers.Within the targeted organisations there are approximately 28 individual roles of decision making seniority,authority, rank and influence that this campaign is designed to communicate to, in total, a potential targetaudience of 69,048 people. As the campaign is focused on Sydney and Melbourne, the audience beingtargeted is 45% in Sydney, 31,070, and 30 % in Melbourne, 20,715For the campaign objectives stipulated by Optus Business Marketing to be reached, it is critical for the seniorand executive decision making roles within the designated organisations to be targeted. It is anticipated that80% of the target audience will be reached with a frequency of 3 or more times utilising the media schedulethat has been proposed.Audience ProfileDemographic – M/F 45 – 55, with a 70% male skew, married, educated, high income earner, employed insenior or executive role at large Australian company / government department, high socio-economic status(AB quintile), residing in eastern and inner city suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne.Psychographic – Visible Achievement (Roy Morgan Values Segment) – the target audience is confident,respected, seeking quality and value. Practical, realistic, efficient and effective – quality and price thatrepresents good value is highly regarded. The target audience is likely to be a gold or platinum QantasFrequent Flyer member, and a member of The Qantas Club, due to their frequent business travelling.Media ConsumptionThe target audience are heavy readers of newspapers, particularly national newspapers, and are also heavierthan average readers of magazines, specifically business and finance related titles. Individuals conforming tothis psychographic profile are only light viewers of commercial television, largely limiting their viewing to newsand lifestyle programs, with commercial radio consumption also light, most likely either classic hits ornews/talk.Media ObjectivesThe Media Plan is designed to reach 80% of the target audience with a frequency of three or more timesduring the campaign period. Utilising the selected media the campaign flight pattern is continuous with burstsof activity at key points during the campaign; familiarising the target with the campaign message and inspiringa call to action as key milestones during the campaign schedule approach.Varying the media utilised and shaping the communication around the target’s media and lifestyle habits,acting on the target’s mercantile instincts and interest in finding out more, reducing wastage and acting toensure the target is exposed to the campaign message many times over the campaign period is best achievedthrough the media selected, avoiding heavily pushing the campaign message through media channels notreadily conducive to the ethos and creative of the campaign content, which may negatively impact the target’sperception of the advertisement’s focus.Geographic areas to be coveredThe draw area is metropolitan Sydney and Melbourne. The target audience lives, works and conducts their lifein the CBD, inner urban areas, eastern suburbs and the north shore areas of Sydney, and the CBD, inner urbanareas and eastern suburbs of Melbourne.JADDAN BRUHN Page 1
  2. 2. Develop a Media Plan - Plan, Buy & Monitor Media NSWTADV404AMedia Schedule & BudgetDecember 2010 - January2011 OPTUS BUSINESSMARKETING DEC DEC DEC DEC/JAN JAN JAN JAN JANCost PerInsertion5 -1112 -1819 -25 26 - 1 2 - 89 -1516 -2223 -30Radio2GB (mon-fri x 4 breakfast) 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 300.00MagazineAFR BOSS OBC 285x245 1 24,832.50AFR BOSS 1st DPS after contents - 285x480 1 39,256.25CFO OBC 285x230 1 18,480.00CFO WALLCHART CALENDAR 1 27,500.00THE Monthly IFC 275 x 210 1 11,500.00QANTAS-The Australian Way Four Colour DPS 285 x 430 1 1 18,188.00QANTAS-The Australian Way Four Colour OBC 285 x 220 1 1 12,408.00QANTAS-The Australian Way Third Page Vertical Four Colour 285 x 80 3 3 6,468.00NewspaperAFR Monday national bellyband 70x657 1 1 1 1 95,943.00AFRQtr page colour 20cmx4 Mon, Wed, Fri"market wrap pg1" position 3 3 3 3 18,443.64Sydney Morning Herald (SAT) Full page colour 55cm x 11col 1 1 94,500.33The Age (SAT) DPS 550x786 Full Colour 1 1 129,699.90Good Weekend Full page colour 365 x 288 1 1 43, (100% SOV leaderboard &MREC) 300x250 + 728x90 - per 30 days 1 1 13,500.00afr.commedium rectangle - home page 300x250 -per month 1 1 18,150.40afrboss.commonthly sponsorship 100% SOV mediumrectangle 300x250 1 1 2,035.00eDMQANTAS Frequent Flyer monthly membership email sponsorship 1 1 0.00BRW email sponsorship - daily mon-fri 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3,080.00TOTALJADDAN BRUHN Page 2