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How you can keep your information with you at all times

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MMI Demo

  1. 1. My Medical Information - MMI™ Jonathan Adams, President and CEO Your Medical Information Gateway for Improved Healthcare
  2. 2. Let’s Get Started <ul><li>Insert MMI™ into USB port </li></ul><ul><li>Click on the corresponding USB drive </li></ul><ul><li>Click on Auto Run </li></ul><ul><li>Begin navigation through the MMI™ concept demonstration </li></ul><ul><li>During your tour please consider how many times you or a loved one has been to the doctor’s office and completed forms with repetitive information, or you have forgotten some of the answers to the questions asked on those forms </li></ul>
  3. 3. MMI™ Home MMI™ is web-based. The opening page has the customer’s photograph and lists vital statistics - name, address, telephone number's, and emergency contact information
  4. 4. Accessing the MMI™ Gateway From Home, click on the Decrypt PPI icon for access to the MMI™ Gateway                  
  5. 5. You Have Safely and Securely Arrived The customer’s primary health statistics will be listed in table format for quick reference
  6. 6. The Constants You will always see a DECRYPT button You will always see a email button You will always see a Help button
  7. 7. The MMI™ Menu Select from the menu to access customer statistical and medical record detail
  8. 8. A Menu of Choices Each field has sub-categories with more focused customer detail
  9. 9. What Conditions Do You Have? The interactive conditions list will provide detail at the click of a button, e.g., when diagnosed, how being treated, physicians, medications, etc
  10. 10. Your Medical Team Detail Drill-down menu of customer physicians by practice /specialty
  11. 11. Your Medical Team’s Detail Select the interactive GP/Internist and view the physician’s detail With MMI™ it will be possible to link to the physicians’ DocNet™ site and make an appointment
  12. 12. Hospital Visit Detail Hospital visits are maintained at the hospital’s database level – MMI™ gives the consumer the control for accurate and timely record keeping This data is invaluable to the customer who frequently moves from one area to another
  13. 13. Keeping Track of Medications Tracking medications is important for the customer but also for the emergency responders and care providers across disciplines
  14. 14. What Are Your Numbers Access to pathology reports and blood work records is possible with MMI™
  15. 15. Seeing is Believing Imaging requires large data storage capability. SHNC is prepared to dedicate servers specifically to image archives using XYZ protocols /standards
  16. 16. Medical History Often Repeats Itself How often are you asked about your family medical history? It will be possible for an MMI™ customer to upload their history when a new family member is born
  17. 17. Billing MMI tracks the dates, payments and billing codes/cost at the time service is provided
  18. 18. My Medical Information - MMI™ Your Medical Information Gateway for Improved Healthcare For more information please contact: Jonathan Adams, 443-949-0258