Cv 2012


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Cv 2012

  1. 1. CV Writing Rachel Heyes TutorThe Manchester College
  2. 2. Theterm curriculum vitae, or CV, literally means ‘course of life’What is a CV?
  3. 3. Opportunity to:Sell your skillsHighlight your strengths and achievementsGrab the interest of the recruiterWhy use a CV?
  4. 4. Do not list all your achievements and experiences on your CVInclude the most current and those that are the most relevant to the role for which you are applyingKeep you CV fresh (Updated)CV Dos and Don’ts
  5. 5. Personal Details – Name, Surname, address, Contact Number, Professional EmailEducation – Reverse Chronological Order inc. Dates, Name of Institution and TownExperience – All inc. Voluntary/ShadowingPositions of responsibility, achievement, interests – Well Rounded, Potential Subject Matter at Interview ie. Scouts, Animals, Team Sports, AthleticsRefereesCV Format
  6. 6. Clear, brief, easily scannedIdeally the font size of regular text is 11 or 12You should be able to hold your CV at arm’s length and still read it comfortablyAvoid large blocks of text that won’t be readSplit information into individually focused bullet pointsCV Layout
  7. 7. 1-2 Pages MaxGood Quality PaperCorrect Spelling/GrammarAvoid Graphics/Tables/ChartsAvoid HumourAvoid Coloured PaperCV Presentation
  8. 8.  Video
  9. 9. Template (Handout)
  10. 10. On my current media scheme, I am gaining skills through college based learning aswell as work based placements. I enjoy scripting and filming my own work in my spare time. I also volunteer on a Wednesday at the BBC’s kit hire department; DV Solutions. Media Experience Sept 2010- March 2012 Advanced Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media, which is a work-based training scheme for the media industries supported by the BBC, Manchester College and Vision+Media. The Apprenticeship involves full-time work placements with broadcasters, independent companies and other media organisations in the North West, plus training in production skills from the Manchester College. I have had such experience as: February 2011- Sept 2011 Work placement at DV Solutions (BBC kit hire) • Equipment maintenance • Dealing with the booking and hiring of kit • Gave advice and help on equipment Sept 2010- Dec 2010 The Manchester College, Manchester. • Film production shown in Corner House Theatre • Journalism Workshop • Volunteered at the ‘Meet the Commissioners Event’ at Media City on two occasions Other media experience separate from the scheme: . August 2011 Volunteered on the BBC interactive day at The Cliff training ground.Example (Handout) • Helped introduce school children to interactive green-screen. July 2011 Assisted on filming a music video at the Ruby Lounge, Manchester. • I was in charge of operating two cameras to capture a live performance. June 2011
  11. 11. 1. Job Advert2. CV3. PortfolioToday’s Tasks
  12. 12. Select a Job Advert for a position that you feel you could apply for: ◦ ◦ ◦ media/ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ – Step 1
  13. 13. Write a CV ◦ That meets the requirements of the job advertisedTask – Step 2
  14. 14. Provide examples of your own work (relevant to the job application) ◦ Such as:  Portfolio – Photos, Audio Clips, Videos ◦ Hard Copies, DVDs, CDs, USB  Online Portfolio, Website or Blog  Facebook Page (Professional)  Twitter (Professional)  LinkedIn  YouTube Channel (Professional)All should be professional standards!!!Task – Step 3