Jada martin complete product for sure


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Jada martin complete product for sure

  1. 1. University of Louisiana Lafayette By: Jada Martin 1st Period 11/28/12
  2. 2. ULL● University of Louisiana at Lafayette● 104 University Circle, Lafayette LA 70504● 337-482-1000● Webmaster @ Louisiana. Edu.
  3. 3. History of ULL .●For a while in the 1980s, UL Lafayette literally made a for itself, The UniversityOf Lafayette. A subsequent of the Louisiana legislative nullified that nameschange, but Authentic persisted. On September 10, 1999, his perseverance wasrewarded when he walked on a stage before an audience of alumni visitingdignitaries, administrator, faculty, and student in the Cajun Dome. There, beforeseveral an order that changed the University’s of Louisiana of Layette’scentennial celebration.
  4. 4. Continued● Another aspect of the celebration worth noting is the Investing in our Future Campaign. In 1997, Authentic and a group of supporters launched the campaign to increase the University’s privately held assets to $75 million with the majority of funds to be used for endowed chairs, professorships, and scholarships The campaign reached its goals early and exceeded them.● UL Lafayette has exceeded 17,000 in enrollment with students from 75 countries. It offers 115 under graduate degree and 28 masters degree programs. Its alumni number more than 79,000.
  5. 5. e q u ir ed Fees Tuition and R Based on 12 Credit Hours● Tuition and Fees- $5,374● Room and Board- $8,362● Books and Supplies- $1,200● Subtotal Per Year- $14, 936● First time freshman’s are required to pay a $7.50 initial enrollment fee.● A $48.00 supplemental insurance fee is assessed for all international students.●
  6. 6. Degrees Offered● Accounting and Finance● Biology General● Engineering● General Studies● Nursing RN Training● Mathematics● Sociology● Philosophy
  7. 7. Major Program● I will have to attend a School of Kinesiology● Kinesiology is a diverse field that studies movement of the human body.● In order for me to be an Physical Therapist I have to have a Bachelor’s Degree.●
  8. 8. Curriculum of Major Program Prerequisite Courses Science & Math Courses Credit Hours● Chemistry(Lab based for Science Majors) 8hrs● Physics(Lab based for Science Majors) 8hrs● Biology(Lab based for Science Majors) 8hrs● Advanced Biology(Cell Biology) 3hrs● Human Anatomy 3hrs● Human Physiology 3hrs● Mathematics(Algebra Level or Above) 6hrs● Statics (I.E. Behavioral or Experimental) 3hrs●●
  9. 9. Other Information Basketball-NBA● Kevin Brooks, Milwaukee Bucks, Denver Nuggets, Adelaide 36ers (1990s).● Bo Lamar, former Detroit Pistons and ABA player.● Fred Saunders, former Phoenix Suns (1974–1976) and Boston Celtics player (1976–1978).● Andrew Toney, former Philadelphia 76ers (1980–1988).● Marv Winkler, former Milwaukee Bucks (1970–71), Indiana Pacers (1971–72). Baseball● Jose Alvarez, Atlanta Braves (1977–1978).● Gene Basque, Only non-Japanese player to receive the Fiji Sawamura Award; Hanshin (Japan) Tigers (1962–1968), Kintetsu Buffaloes (1969).● Paul Bako, Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros, Florida Marlins, Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs, and Los Angeles Dodgers, Kansas City Royals (1998–2009).● Alvin Dark, former shortstop and manager in Major League Baseball.● Javi Dejesus, Minnesota Twins.● Phil Devey, Canadian baseball pitcher.● Scott Dohmann, Colorado Rockies (1999–2000).● Jason Fernandez, Oakland Athletics (2006-).● Ron Guidry, Cy Young Award winner; New York Yankees (1969–1970).● Gary Haught, Oakland Athletics (1991–1992).● Xavier Hernandez, Toronto Blue Jays (1984–1986).● Chris Howard, Seattle Mariners (1988 - 1988).
  10. 10. Why?● I want to attend University of Louisiana at Lafayette because it caught my eye.● I also think that they would help you one on one with getting on the field.● Also, my cousin goes there and he tells me that the professors will help you if you need any help after hours.● I also want to go there because I like the Ragin Cajuns. 
  11. 11. Reference/Sites● http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Louisiana_at_Lafayette● http://kinesiology.louisiana.edu/● http://www.uscollegesearch.org/university-of-louisiana-at-lafayette.html● http://studentsuccess.louisiana.edu/career/whatcanidowiththismajor.pdf● http://bursar.louisiana.edu/Schedule%20of%20fees-Spring2013.htm● http://www.louisiana.edu/AboutUs/History/General.shtml#ULL●
  12. 12. THE END!!!!!!