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ODUG LA incentive scheme - Final bristol deck 03/07/2014
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ODUG LA incentive scheme - Final bristol deck 03/07/2014


This is the final deck for the launch of the ODUG LA Incentive Scheme launched in Bristol on 03/07/2014

This is the final deck for the launch of the ODUG LA Incentive Scheme launched in Bristol on 03/07/2014

Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1.                 Local Authority Incentive Scheme Bristol  July  3rd  2014  
  • 2.                AGENDA       2  
  • 3. AGENDA       3     Welcome  Address   Introduc4on     Overview  of  the  Open  Data  Agenda   LA  Incen4ve  Scheme  Details   How  to  apply  for  LA  Incen4ve  Scheme  Funding   Q&A   Networking  and  Refreshments      
  • 4.                HOUSEKEEPING       4  
  • 5.                WELCOME  ADDRESS   5   Paul  Wilson   Open  Data  Lead  BCC  
  • 6.                INTRODUCTION   6   Chirdeep  Singh     Senior  Partnership   Manager  at  CDE   Catapult   Peter  Reynolds   Execu;ve  Director   of  Innova;on  and     the  Ci;es  Lab  at     the  Future  Ci;es     Catapult  
  • 7.                OVERVIEW  OF  THE  OPEN  DATA   AGENDA   7   Heather  Savory   Chair  of  Open  Data  User  Group    
  • 8. ODUG  Remit   •  Outreach  -­‐  to  Open  Data  users,  re-­‐users,  wider   stakeholders     •  Demand  Led  Open  Data  -­‐  PrioriKse  user  requests  for   data  to  idenKfy  the  most  important  data  sets  for   release   •  Benefits  Cases  -­‐  evidence  gathering  &  research  to   inform  cases  for  the  release  of  Open  Data   •  Release  of  Data  Fund  (RoDF)  –  assess,  prioriKse  and   make  recommendaKons  for  funding   •  Work  with  Central  Government  Sector  Boards  and   the  wider  Public  Sector   •  Advise  PSTB  on  addiKonal  funding  for  Open  Data  and   on  Open  Data  policy     8  
  • 9. Open  Data   •  Transparency    –  holding  government  to  account   •  Efficiency,  innova4on  and  enterprise   –  BeTer  public  service  delivery  –  ci;zen   informa;on  and  choice   –  Improved  public  sector  efficiency  –  joining   the  dots  between  spending  and  outcomes   –  Economic  growth  -­‐  opening  up  new   innova;ve  market  opportuni;es  for  the  UK   9  
  • 10. Economic  Value  of  Open  Data   •  Es4mated  value  of  PSI  to  the  UK  economy     –  16bn  per  annum  (UK  Gvt  esKmate,  2011)   –  More  than  £1.8bn  of  direct  annual  benefits   per  annum  plus  wider  social  benefits  of  > £6bn  (Shakespeare  Review,  2013)   •  GeoServices     –  Global  revenues  $150-­‐$270bn  per  year,   growing  13%  per  annum  (Oxera  2013)     –  US  geospaKal  industry  2011  -­‐  $73bn   revenues,  500k  jobs  with  an  impact  of   15-­‐20x  this  amount  on  the  US  economy,  so   driving  $1.6T  revenue  and  $1.4T  cost  savings   (BCG,  2013)     10  
  • 11. Public  Service  Delivery  Example   >55  million  hits  for  police.uk   Improved  community   engagement   11  
  • 12. Public  Sector  Efficiency  Example   12    NHS   prescrip4on   data  –poten4al   saving  between   generic  and   branded  sta4ns     is  £200m    
  • 13. Business  InnovaKon  Example   •  US  start-­‐up  founded  on   government  open  data   •  Makes  use  of  free  data  published   by  the  US  NaKonal  Weather   Service     •  Uses  machine  learning  to  predict   the  weather  and  other  essenKal   elements  for  agribusiness   •  Acquired  by  Monsanto  for  around   $1bn   The  UK  has  the  poten4al  to   grow  these  types  of   innova4ve  businesses   13  
  • 14. UK  Open  Data  today   •  Britain  recognised  as  a  global  leader  in  Open   Data  and  Transparency     •  Agtudes  to  releasing  Open  Data  changing     •  Evidence  of  real  benefits  increasing     •  Major  datasets  are  becoming  available     •  NaKonal  InformaKon  Infrastructure   launched   14  
  • 15. ODUG  Achievements  –  Key  Datasets   Open  Data  released/commiTed   -­‐  HMLR  Historic  Price  Paid  and  INSPIRE  Polygon  Data   -­‐  Register  of  UK  ChariKes     Open  Data  on  it’s  way   -­‐  Historic  Met  Office  data  –    incremental  release  2015   -­‐  VAT  Register  –  preliminary  release  &  consulta;on   -­‐  CHIEF  Data  –  consulta;on  underway   -­‐  DVLA  Bulk  Data  –  consulta;on  imminent     Datasets  under  ac4ve  debate   -­‐  Open  NaKonal  Address  Dataset   -­‐  Ordnance  Survey  Open  Data   15  
  • 16. ODUG  Achievements  -­‐  Other   •  Demand  Led  Data  –  evidencing  real-­‐world   demand  for  Open  Data   •  Community  Engagement  –    widely   networked   •  A  voice  for  data  users  at  the  heart  of   government   •  Respected  input  to  policy/public   consultaKons   •  Release  of  Data  Fund  (RoDF)  ‘up  and   funding’   •  NaKonal  InformaKon  Infrastructure  –   ODUG  review  underway   16  
  • 17. 17                  LA  INCENTIVE  SCHEME     Jacqui  Taylor   Member  of  Open  Data  User  Group    
  • 18. Supply  Led  Open  Data   18  
  • 19. Demand  Led  Open  Data   19  
  • 20. Request  New  Data   20  
  • 21. Evidencing  the  Demand   21  
  • 22. Focus  is  Local   22  
  • 23. Three  Themes   23   Public  Conveniences   Planning   Licenses  
  • 24. Public  Conveniences   24  
  • 25. Planning   25  
  • 26. Licensing   26  
  • 27. transparency.strategy@cabinet-­‐office.gsi.gov.uk   27  
  • 28. 28  
  • 29. ‘Local’  data.gov.uk   29  
  • 30. Key  to  Remember   30  
  • 31. 31                  HOW  TO  APPLY  FOR  LA  INCENTIVE   SCHEME  FUNDING   Tim  Adams   Programme  Manager  
  • 32. www.local.gov.uk/lginformplus@LGInformPlus Supported by the LGA because... •  LAs hold much data that could contribute to social & economic growth if released nationally •  Much data is fragmented, inconsistent and not published on data.gov.uk. •  Local government is well placed with best practice in information sharing standards built up over a decade •  LAs are given incentives through support, coordination and funding.
  • 33. www.local.gov.uk/lginformplus@LGInformPlus What the scheme sets out to do •  Provide useful data – responding to common requests •  Keep it as simple as possible for councils •  Enable data users to accurately interpret data and aggregate it across councils Hampshire Durham Sevenoaks Leeds Craven Westminster Any council
  • 34. www.local.gov.uk/lginformplus@LGInformPlus Summary of submission stages Visit the online pages: http://opendata.esd.org.uk 1.  Apply – local authority 2.  Acceptance – LGA 3.  Submit dataset details – local authority 4.  Technical review – project technical team 5.  Acceptance and payment - LGA
  • 35. www.local.gov.uk/lginformplus@LGInformPlus Viewing and making submissions http://incentive.opendata.esd.org.uk/submissions Register if necessary Sign in to submit for your local authority
  • 36. www.local.gov.uk/lginformplus@LGInformPlus Submissions for your council Apply for new submissions and update existing ones
  • 37. www.local.gov.uk/lginformplus@LGInformPlus Submission stages Link to ODI Certificate How frequently you will publish Estimated number of FOI requests pa the dataset addresses Tick when complete for review Any comments Link to open dataset that complies with schema We check schema compliance We pay your local authority
  • 38. www.local.gov.uk/lginformplus@LGInformPlus Guidance on the scheme and schemas Overview Submission guidance Planning schema Licences schema Toilets schema
  • 39. www.local.gov.uk/lginformplus@LGInformPlus Guidance Documents •  Overview •  How to apply •  Scheme guidance for: Planning, Licences, Toilets Electronic files •  Validation files for the ODI’s CSV Lint utility: Planning, Licences, Toilets •  Definition files for DataShare users : Planning, Licences, Toilets Online •  Help page (online aids and resources) •  Knowledge Hub Local open data forum •  Support@esd.org.uk (technical & admin support service) •  Tim.Adams@local.gov.uk (programme manager at LGA)
  • 40.                LOOKING  TO  THE  FUTURE   40   Heather  Savory   Chair  of  Open  Data  User  Group    
  • 41. On-­‐going  Challenges   •  Ordnance  Survey  Derived  Data  Licensing   restricKons   •  Realising    and  measuring  the  full  economic   potenKal  of  Open  Data   •  Achieving  ‘Open  by  Default’   •  Gegng  public  sector  procurement  right   •  Understanding  the  UK  posiKon  on  data   privacy   •  Improving  accessibility  to  Open  Data   •  Skills  gap   41  
  • 42. Be  Part  of  the  Open  Data  RevoluKon   •  Strong  understanding  of  the  importance  of   Local  Government  and  Local  Government   Data     •  Funding  for  this  ODUG  proposal  is   supported  by  the  Public  Sector   Transparency  Board     •  Help  us  show  how  NaKonal  Views  of  data   can  be  brought  together  for  public  benefit         42  
  • 43. 43                  QUESTIONS?  
  • 44. 44                  @odugUK                                    @Saturn4       @jacquitaylorn                @DrTimAdams