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I've just done the editorial in the City AM Big Data supplement and thought you might like to read it

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Big Data supplement - City AM

  1. 1. AN INDEPENDENT SUPPLEMENT BY MEDIAPLANETFrom hindsight to foresight What does it mean to you?We look at how big data What is big data and howcan offer new insight can it help your business? No. 1 / Feb. ’12 BIG DATA A SPECIAL REPORT ON MANAGING YOUR DATA TURN YOUR DATA INTO INSIGHT PHOTO:SHUTTERSTOCK Realise the value: Know how to manage your data, and what you can gain from it
  2. 2. 2 · FEBRUARY 2012 AN INDEPENDENT SUPPLEMENT BY MEDIAPLANET CHALLENGESBig data is certainly the topic du jour in the business and technologymedia, dividing critics and inspiring contradictory opinions. Dismissedby some as old hat, and hailed by others as a revolutionary new business WE RECOMMENDtool for competitive advantage. So who’s right? Jacqui Taylor CEO, Flying Binary PAGE 6 ‘It is my firm belief that data is the key toIndentifying what big solving some of the biggest problems that we face in business, across industry anddata means to you efining Big Data aspect of big data to the detriment but they must not distract business on our planet’D is easier said than of the more business critical fea- leaders from the essential question We make our readers succeed! done! ture — the opportunity to unlock for enterprises; how do you realise Firstly, it doesn’t actionable insight. the insight from your big data? BIG DATA, 1ST EDITION FEBRUARY 2012 help that there are So back to the original question, More technology initiatives fail multiple defini- is it a revolutionary new business than succeed, so realising that val- Managing Director: Chris Emberson Editorial and Production Manager: tions emanating tool for competitive advantage? ue will require old school change Faye Godfreyfrom analysts and solution pro- Well, the ‘big’ of big data cer- management practices and the Business Development Manager: Hannah Butlerviders, keen to catch the wave tainly isn’t new, as enterprises following questions may help.of this trend. The name, big data have long recognised the value of How can you embed insight in- Responsible for this issue:doesn’t do itself any favours, em- storing every piece of information. to your culture so that it is at the Project Manager: Gordon McCrackenphasising the volume aspect of So what about the analytics? Larg- heart of every decision? How can Phone: 020 7665 4401data, when other features, such as er organisations have been using Caroline Boyd you create a top-down data cen- E-mail: Head of Research and Strategy, gordon.mccracken@mediaplanet.comthe nature of that data, are just as data mining and business intel- Big Data Insight Group tric organisation? How can you getimportant. Moreover, the volume ligence tools effectively for some the information to the right peo- Distributed with: City AM Print: City AMargument is largely subjective; time, but the costs were for many lower costs. This, combined with ple so they can act on it in a time-what’s big to one organisation is prohibitive and the focus was of- the explosion of information in en- ly fashion? How can business and Mediaplanet contact information: Phone: 020 7665 4400not necessarily big to another. ten reactive rather than proactive. terprises, is allowing organisations IT leaders work together to plan, Fax: 020 7665 4419 to analyse and uncover new pat- manage and realise the value of E-mail: do you know if you have What’s changed? terns, and leverage insight in a way big data? With thanks to:big data? Data evolves from something that they couldn’t do before. The journey to insight is fraught Some say that an organisation 2 you have to cope with, to with risk. But placing business ob- 1 has a big data problem when something you can compete with. Don’t lose focus on jectives at the heart of every deci- Mediaplanet’s business is to createtheir data is beyond their ability to New tools and technologies have realising value sion will help keep your big data new customers for our advertisers bymanage. But this definition focus- made it possible to process huge Debates over definitions are venture on track, and ensure you re- providing readers with high-quality editoriales too much on the ‘management’ amounts of information at much 3 certainly attention grabbing, alise the value of your big data. content that motivates them to act.
  3. 3. Mind the Gap in the Your Big Data StrategyO rganisations are struggling to cope with the volume, variety, velocity, and complexity of modern data. Big Data is a big challenge. It is costing more money and demanding more resources, but thereis an opportunity too. Big Data can add incremental revenues and deliver a crucial competitive edge.The Era of Big Data Operational DBMS AdvantagesWe are addicted to, and dependent on, an exponentiallyincreasing amount of data; everything from internet text,search indexes, call records, medical records and e-commerce – allowing users to spot trends and understand what’sand more. We need it to make decisions fast, deliver effective happening – in real-timecustomer service, and satisfy regulators. In short, we can’t dobusiness without it. data into a single databaseA decade ago, managing data was much less of a challenge. It Reduce IT effort by simplifying the process of expandingwas more structured, easier to categorise and was often cross- and operationalising new data sources and attributesreferenceable. Today, the game has changed, and managing Makes it easy for organisations to run their coreinformation in our ‘Big Data’ world is an increasing challenge. operations on Big DataNow we are assailed by reams of unstructured and semi- Enables organisations to take advantage and eliminate the risks of the era of Big DataMobile devices, social networks, logs, emails, tweets, video,and sensors are all now part of the information ecosystem.This is having a major impact; not just on volume, but onvariety and velocity of data management. Traditional relational databases are great solutions for dataAll the while, the costs of managing, extracting, transforming, data. However, these technologies struggle with data that isloading, and storing this massive amount of data are eating up complex in nature and hitting organisations in high volume inIT budgets at a time when controlling operational expenditure multiple paramount. This new data paradigm results in the need for new databases Big Data Applications that enable organisations to operationalise their Big Data. Imagine a world where applications 1. The ability to unify data from all sources without forcing to leverage Big Data to understand data modeling, transformation, schema normalisation, or the hassles of data management and integration of risk. Healthcare organizations can 2. The functionality to easily add, update and expand achieve better insight into disease information, change attributes, and continuously improve trends and patient treatments. Public the data by capturing record sets and queries sector agencies can catch fraud and 3. The ability to support mission-critical applications with other threats in real-time. These are the highest scalability, performance, government grade real, global applications being used security, back-up, and disaster recovery today with Big Data. But how did 4. The power to perform iterative, ad-hoc queries on the they get there? full database in real-time, eliminating the need for pre-Organisations shouldn’t have to compromise on the dataavailable for business decisions. Applications should be These capabilities make it easy and cost-effective to bothcapable of handling any data, at any volume, in any structure operationalise Big Data and run core operations on Big Datain real-time. This is at the heart of a Big Data Application. Applications.Big Data Applications address 21st century issues, enablingorganisations to access all their data, structured orunstructured in real time. and unstructured data into a single database allows organisations to turn their ever-growing volumes of data intoThe biggest challenge facing organisations trying to buildthese applications lies with the approach. A 21st century to-market advantage, as well as new revenue streams andproblem requires a 21st century solution. business models. Find out why organisations choose MarkLogic to power mission-critical Big Data Applications. Call +44 203 402 3619 Email Visit MarkLogic UK | One Kingdom Street | Paddington Central | London W2 6DB
  4. 4. 4 · FEBRUARY 2012 AN INDEPENDENT SUPPLEMENT BY MEDIAPLANET AN INDEPENDENT SUPPLEMENT BY MEDIAPLANET FEBRUARY 2012 · 5 NEWSTURNING DATA CompetitionINTO INSIGHT JACQUI TAYLOR ON BIG DATA drives big data Jacqui Taylor CEO, Flying Binary It is still early days for big systems to finally work at the speed data but experts believe and depth required to make sense gaining a competitive of the vast reservoirs of data sitting■ Question: What is big data “We’re now entering the era of hindsight to foresight. Business- advantage is shaping up to on corporate servers as well as in-and why is it an issue now? the internet of things,” he says. es want to know more than what be a key driver for longer formation speeding through their■ Answer: With the advent of “Machines and sensors are happened in the past, and why. term adoption. systems live, in real media and the ‘internet now all connected with com- They want access to what is hap-of things’, companies now puter systems and creating data. pening right now, why it is hap- Getting an edgehave far more data moving When you add the vast amount pening and have suggestions as NEWS According to Alys Woodward, “It is my firm belief that data isat higher speeds which they of data of varying velocities and to what can be done to capitalise For most companies the question Programme Manager for Europe- the key to solving some of theneed to interrogate to make varying types that are passing on it. of what to do about big data is not an business analytics at IDC, this biggest problems that we face inthe best decisions. through company systems, you The key to success in making a new one, they have been wonder- has encouraged some early adop- business, across industry and on can see how we have entered the sense of the growing masses of ing if there were insights in their ters which, in turn, is beginning our planet.Data just keeps on getting bigger days of big data. data is not to just marvel at the data warehouse for quite some to prompt others to investigate In the same way that the in-and bigger. In the past, compa- “Businesses know that they can terabytes a business can now time. The trouble is, the technolo- the technology. troduction of cloud computingnies only had what was entered get a competitive edge from under- mine and look for insights, it is gy has never been available at the “The main early adopters are created a similar buzz over theinto their systems and then standing the data they have stored more about the detail. right spec at the right price. the big, well known brands, par- last couple of years, big data, likestored on their servers. or can get access to. This means “Businesses have often All-in-one data warehousing ticularly in America,” she says. cloud, will prove to be a game Then came the internet, which we’re seeing an increasing number thought that the more data you and business intelligence sys- “They’re looking to mine their changer for those that ignore theprovided a new channel of infor- of organisations using the latest can crunch in real time, the bet- tems used to be the main choice data warehouses and use tech- hype and use the technology tomation to tap into. This gave rise technology to turn all that data in- ter, but what you really need is available to companies. Today nologies, such as Hadoop, to solve real world social media and millions up- to insights that they can act on and focus,” says Prentice. there are specialist providers make sense of unstructured data Technology of any kind at itson millions of concurrent con- which nobody else has access to.” “The really critical factor is you whose technology can offer the online, such as conversations on best is an enabler but it is nev-versations. Brands are keen to can’t just go through a load of da- quickest retrieval, loading, cap- Twitter and Facebook. er about the technology itself; itutilise these in the hope of un- Front foot ta and hope some great piece of ture and analysis of information. “As they’ve done this, their is about what we can achieve bycovering popular sentiment for These new tools are so powerful inspiration will pop out at you. Blending these best of breed competitors are now fearing leveraging the best of what wetheir goods and services. that Prentice believes the field The number one priority is to de- solutions is enabling big data they’re falling behind. They know build. We now have tools that can At the same time, it is not just of business intelligence, which cide what insight or what data there’s a mass of data they could blend different data sources frompeople generating data, sensors has been a staple practice among would make a different to an or- be learning from, but it’s not un- the silos littered across a com-are too. They are being placed in most companies, is moving from ganisation if you had it. You’ve got til a competitor makes the jump pany with data from the socialeveryday situations, from railway to know what you want to know.” that they do. In fact, sometimes networks to generate insights inpoints to delivery vans, to auto- Steve Prentice, Prentice believes that compa- a competitor may not have made hours not years. Delivering the Research Fellow,matically capture data and trans- Gartner nies realising the value of data the leap into big data but a brand results to individual stakehold-mit it to a company and its em- and the insights it can provide, if has fallen behind in market ers using a self service model,ployees, as well as other machines. interrogated in the right way at share. It realises getting new in- with mobile capability, will cre- It means, for the first time, the right speed, means that the sights from the data it has stored ate a level of engagement nevercompanies are not only tasked area of big data is not yet a ‘tip- and the vast amount of informa- before possible.with making sense of data cre- ping point’ but is most definitely USING BIG DATA tion available online is the best All this without the huge cost Companies are usingated by customers and leads but at a ‘turning point.’ insight obtained from way to get back its edge.” and months of delay that buildingalso objects, explains Steve Pren- big data to improve Alys Woodward, a traditional business intelligencetice, Research Fellow at analyst SEAN HARGRAVE their business Programme Manager for European SEAN HARGRAVE solution normally demands.” PHOTO: SHUTTERSTOCKfirm, Gartner. business analytics, IDC
  5. 5. 6 · FEBRUARY 2012 AN INDEPENDENT SUPPLEMENT BY MEDIAPLANET INSPIRATION NEWS IN BRIEF Big data: A billion pound opportunity Big data has been simmering away for the past couple of years but 2 it could start to come to the fore this year, analyst firm Deloitte is predicting. As a progression from classic business intelligence big da- ta has been on the radar for en- terprises but now Jolyon Bark- er, the global lead for the firm’s BIG DATA, BIG BUSINESS Technology, Media and Tele- 1. EMC’s Mark Sear likens big communications Industry divi- data to diamond mining 2. The stars of The sion, is predicting the technolo- Inbetweeners movie. Producers gy is about to become the norm, used big data technology rather than the exception. when deciding whether to make the movie or not “So-called ‘big data’ projects 3. Big data is becoming more had a total industry revenue of important in the health sector only £65 million in 2009,” re- PHOTOS: SHUTTERSTOCK 1 3 flects Barker. “However, 2012 will see 90Personalisation: per cent of Fortune 500 com- panies kick off a data-related initiative, which will boost the industry’s revenue to between £650 million and £1 billion.”The goal of big data■ Question: If big data is decide whether or not to make a Gaining pace “Acceptance of big data is still in its infancy, mostly used for meteorology and physics sim- ulations, but interest is gain- ing pace. Nevertheless, as da-happening now, or is about ‘The irony of big data movie. ta warehouses start to over-to, what insights are being is that you can take “They actually picked up sen- flow and as the need for moreoffered? timent and the buzz around the relevant and timely analysis■ Answer: We’ve yet terabytes of data television show to predict how begins to put strain on tradi-to reach mass adoption and then come up many DVDs of the series they tional analytics tools, the in-but early indications of with a small gem were likely to sell,” says Sear. dustry cannot afford to getpersonalisation is the, “They then further analysed carried away with the ‘big’perhaps ironic, first which makes the sentiment towards seeing a full in big data; it needs to main-advantage of big data. technology wonderful length film and estimated how tain its focus on extracting Mark Sear for personalisation’ many DVDs they would sell. The insights that help to improve Technical Evangelist, EMC results were positive enough to decision-making and busi- CHANGE encourage them to make a movie, ness outcomes.”In use, big data is turning out this is an area where I think some patients. That way, precise doses which was a huge success.”to be the equivalent of diamond of the most interesting break- can be established and the im- Key drivermining, according to EMC’s Tech- throughs will be. There’s already pact of one drug on, or over, an- What’s next? According to Deloitte’s re-nical Evangelist, Mark Sear. You an online service that will anal- other can be monitored better. In the near future, Sear predicts search, internet companiesshift tonnes of soil to find a tiny yse your saliva and then tell you insurance companies will be us- have led the way with explor-gem; and therein lies the para- which conditions your DNA sug- Forecast planning ing big data techniques to compet- ing big data, but the sectorsdox of big data. The data may be gests you are most likely to suf- While it is early days for big data, itively price policies for individu- that are likely to follow includebig but more often than not, the fer from. It also gives lifestyle ad- Sear reports that the news event als. This is likely to start through the public sector, financial ser-insight may appear tiny in com- vice on getting out of the ‘at risk’ of Whitney Houston’s death was tracking boxes which can be add- vices, retail, entertainmentparison. However, that is the goal groups. It’s using interrogation used by a network entertain- ed to cars to monitor performance. and media. This could triggerSear believes early adopters are of massive databases to give you ment company to predict spikes Alternatively, the data could also a talent shortage with up toalready pioneering towards and a personal insight into your DNA, in traffic for her content. They be used to guide local authorities 190,000 skilled professionalswhich will become the norm in and then combining that with took the buzz around social me- to improve traffic management by needed to cope with demandyears to come. another database on preventa- dia to establish which audio and analysing traffic flows. in the US alone over the next tive, healthier lifestyle advice.” video files it should cache at local Additionally, information, five years.Putting it into practice While this is already happen- nodes around the world to stop such as reports of many vehicles The key driver, the firm“The irony of big data is that you ing, Sear believes that in the fu- its central network from being applying their brakes sharply, found, has nothing to do withcan take terabytes of data and then ture doctors will use similar overwhelmed. could be used to forewarn of po- the technology but solely thecome up with a small gem which techniques to personalise treat- Similarly, the producers of The tential accident black spots be- insights and competitive ad-makes the technology wonderful ments to patients through big Inbetweeners movie used big da- fore a person is injured. vantage it can deliver.for personalisation,” he says. data systems knowing a person’s ta technology to measure senti- “We’re already seeing great ev- full medical history which it can ment on social media sites, no- SEAN HARGRAVE SEAN HARGRAVEidence of this in healthcare and compare against other similar tably Facebook and Twitter, to
  6. 6. BIG DATA ANALYTICS 2012 Delivering Business Value from Big Data 20 JUNE HOTEL RUSSELL//LONDONBig Data – The Next Frontier in Innovation and Competition The conference that will bring together the senior business and technology leaders who are shaping the future of Big Data. For sponsorship or delegate enquiries please contact Steve Richardson on 0161 830 2142 or email on