Social Media Strategy for Stellar Organics


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A data-driven online strategy with offline tactics to increase Stellar Organic Winery's sales of South African wine to the US market (November 2009).

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Social Media Strategy for Stellar Organics

  1. 1. Stellar Organic Winery Online/Offline Strategy for US Market
  2. 2. Two SegmentsConsumer Industry  • Conscious Consumer • Buyers o Care about ethics of brand o Whole Foods Market o Care about eco issues o Earth Fare o Care about social impact of • Distributors products they consume o Triton• Enthusiasts o Vinnovative Imports o Spread the word • Influencers o Willing to try something new o Wine enthusiasts o Early adopters of new products o Fair trade community• Super Fans  Fairtrade o What we want to create  Transfair USA  o If they love it, they will share it   and stay loyal
  3. 3. US Wine Market ProfileMore Americans are drinking wine BUT two thirds still dont drink wine, they have historically bought imports or premium but economy has forced a change to domestic and affordable luxury ranges• 35% of Americans were drinking table wines by 2008• Market expected to grow by 2.1% in 2009• Fairtrade – speaks directly to conscious consumers, especially human rights elements• Organic – market continues to grow at rate of approx. 18% annually, Washington state and Oregon consumers buy greenest (OTA); Whole Foods leads retailers• Losers  o expensive imports o bars as people opt to drink at home• Economy  o has made alcohol a culinary enhancer NOT an intoxicator o people entertain at home so the experience around drinking wine is more personal and quality-driven• Recent change to law  o direct-to-consumer shipping = boost to online sales 
  4. 4. Target Consumer ProfileDemographics Online• Millenials: 21-30 years old • Facebook – approaching 70% drinking o Open to trying new types of wine, age users, 21+ including New World and eco- o Millennial: 25-34 age group has 101.5% friendly o Progressive growth rate; o Want to help those in need and o Friends = Family make the world a better place o Boomers: part of 35-54 age group with o Assume technology 276% growth on FB and doubling every o Friends = Family two months; 55+ age group has194.3%• Boomers: 54-62 years old growth rate; women in o Highest consumers of table wine (41% ) • Twitter – 28% of users in $30K to $60K o More disposable income income brackets o More leisure time o Millennial: 18-34 make up 47%, o Interested in heart-health benefits o Boomers: 50+ make up 21%, of wine o Are embracing technology and using in greater numbers
  5. 5. Facebook Statistics – iStrategy Labs
  6. 6. US 18+ Social Network Site Usage
  7. 7. The Big Idea - Stellar Moments• People online live their lives offline• Connect the Stellar brand to very human moments of life, laughter, memories, celebration, online and offline• Define a life moment then add the ingredients that make it a Stellar Moment’: o eg: family, friends, good food, good wine, organic, Fairtrade, teamwork, embracing new practices o Add value to the moments by highlighling the Organic, Fairtrade, Eco- concious ethics of the Stellar brand• Affordable luxury to be enjoyed with friends and family, knowing that every bottle is also about best practice in production methods, employee relations and business ethics
  8. 8. Consumer OpportunitiesOnline Offline • Use Twitter to announce • Identify or create wins opportunities to meet • Connect specific wines to prospective consumers so moments, e.g. Talk about they can taste the wine and organic farming methods in hear the Stellar story in the the run up to Earth Day company of like-minded • Use Facebook Fan page to people share staff and customer • Use opportunities to get Stellar moments online contact details and • Talk about Stellar ethics share Stellar’s online and the Stellar story presence details • Follow up online • Announce local offline events
  9. 9. The Big Idea in Action: Clarendon, Arlington• Demographics: majority 21-40, own home with value of $500k+, 73% born in another state, higher than Arlington County average education attainment, majority in management occupations• Whole Foods – stocks Stellar and has tasting events for other products, especially Friday evenings, Sunday afternoons• Best Cellars – host regular wine tasting events, opportunity to tell the Stellar story to prospective consumers• Make the connection offline through these distributors and use the opportunity to invite consumers online to main Web site and Facebook/Twitter pages
  10. 10. Industry Opportunities - Online• Begin reading and following Influencers (• Find Opportunities to feature Stellar (Whole Foods blog)• Leverage existing relationships (i.e. Fairtrade)• Build relationships (TransFair USA)• Create content to feature Stellar on influencers website and blogs (Fairtrade YouTube channel)
  11. 11. Industry Opportunities - Offline• Attend and Feature Stellar at Fairtrade events across U.S.• Connect with distributors to create in-store events• Partner with Whole Foods and Earth Fare for in-store events to feature a “Fairtrade Menu”, showcase: wine, chocolate and cheese
  12. 12. Connecting the Dots• New Web site needs to mention FB and Twitter presence• Cross-pollinate: if you Tweet it, Facebook it and make sure it redirects to the Web site and relates to an offline experience/event where poss.• Encourage people to share their Stellar moments via SM tools• Create content to share with target audiences, via influencers, Stellar website and social media tools (e.g. Whole Foods blog, Graperadio)• Add a Stellar Moments tab, with staff stories, which dont have to be about drinking Stellar but maybe about the team work or care that goes into producing a bottle or reasons to celebrate - Heaven on Earth wins Gold at The Biofach 2009 International Organic Wine Awards, sharing helps to create a connection /emotional proximity between consumers and the brand• Create a “Stellar in Your City Tracker” to provide updates on where Stellar can be found now and the markets it is ‘coming soon’ to
  13. 13. Connecting the DotsThree step process
  14. 14. Connecting the Dots
  15. 15. Measurement – Free Tools
  16. 16. Measurement – Paid Tools
  17. 17. Created by:Jacqueline Sibanda, Africa FellowJacqueline Titus, Sustainability Fellow