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Sales Copywriting Speaker: Jacques de Villiers profile 2013

Sales Copywriting Speaker: Jacques de Villiers profile 2013



Sales Copywriting Speaker, Jacques de Villiers's 2013 profile. You'll be able to find out about Jacques's services to improve sales including, sales training, sales management training, sales ...

Sales Copywriting Speaker, Jacques de Villiers's 2013 profile. You'll be able to find out about Jacques's services to improve sales including, sales training, sales management training, sales improvement consulting, sales copywriting, business speaking, motivational speaking and the like.



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    Sales Copywriting Speaker: Jacques de Villiers profile 2013 Sales Copywriting Speaker: Jacques de Villiers profile 2013 Presentation Transcript

    • Jacques de VilliersSales Copywriting SpeakerJacques de Villiers has 600+ sales improvement speaking, training andconsulting assignments and 400+ writing assignments under his belt over acareer spanning 30 years.Jacques is known as the thinking man’s sales and copywritingspeaker.Over the last 15 years, Jacques has shared his passion forwriting through his sales, marketing and copywriting businessesas a professional speaker, consultant, trainer, speechwriterand direct marketing copywriter.Jacques’s impact is not only in the valuable sales andmarketing skills he delivers to his clients, but in the meaninghe helps create for them.He understood early on in his career that it is easy to teachskills, but if the delegates didn’t have the will, resilience and ‘fire inthe belly’ to make the sale, no amount of skill would help.The Meaning MakerBecause Jacques helps individuals and teams find meaning in the work they do,he is, from time to time, asked to help heal fractured and broken salesteams.
    • Jacques’s search for meaning for himself and his clients has been stronglyinfluenced by the minds and writings of Carl Jung, David Bohm, Martin Buber,Viktor Frankl, Callie Roos, Bruckner de Villiers and Joseph Jaworski.He shares their illuminating insights with his audiences through his mission:Thinking, writing and speaking to change the world one person at a time.ServicesSales ... Marketing ... Copywriting➡ Sales training➡ Sales management training➡ Copywriting training➡ Sales letter writing➡ Content writing➡ SEO copywriting➡ Sales prospecting scriptwriting➡ Sales meeting scriptwriting➡ Sales improvement coaching➡ Business speaker
    • Sales TrainingThe Architecture of Selling is a basic sales training course that gives newsales people the key to unlocking the sales process and succeeding insales.You’ll learn:‣ Design a life of meaning, purpose and destiny‣ Develop bullet-proof self-esteem, unstoppable confidence and resilience‣ Set goals for success‣ Learn where and how to prospect for qualified leads‣ Conduct a professional sales meeting‣ Present your solution‣ Overcome objections‣ Ask for the order‣ Discover the 3 ways to increase your sales,guaranteed‣ Discover how to use neuroscience to help you sellmore‣ Become a master networker‣ Design a simple, yet effective customer relationship system‣ Tap into your prospect’s buying style‣ Learn 6 ways to persuade and influence your prospect to your way ofthinking[Duration: 1 or 2 days ... dependent on the training brief]
    • Sales Management TrainingDiscover how to become a transformational sales leader – understanding thesales management process and your role in it.You’ll learn:‣ How to build a positive sales culture‣ How to get your sales team to change, even when change is difficult‣ How to get the most out of your sales team by playing to each teammembers’ strengths‣How to become a force that your team wants to follow‣How to help your team generate and close more business‣How to use the power of neuroscience to influence andpersuade your sales team to become the best it can be‣How to recruit, train, coach and keep top-notch salespeople‣How to design a sales strategy that works for you, yourteam and your company‣ How to generate quality leads through social media and Internetmarketing[Duration: 1 or 2 days ... dependent on the training brief]
    • Direct Sales Copywriting TrainingThis direct sales copywriting course will help you achieve the results youhoped for in your Internet, email and social media marketing.You’ll learn:‣ How easy it was for Jacques to create a website that turned over R900000 a year‣ How one sales letter netted Jacques R27 967 in a week‣ A 9-step process to write sales letters and content that sells‣ 3-steps to increasing your business‣ Why negative motivation pulls more attention than positive motivationand how to use that to your sales advantage‣ How to use the pulling power of persuasive words to punch up your salescopy‣ What the most effective call-to-action is and how to use it properly toclose more sales more consistently‣ What is more effective – long copy and short copy?‣ How to get onto the 1st page of Google with solid, field tested SEOstrategies‣ How to create a set of keywords that will give you an unbelievable edgeover your competitors when it comes to search and positioning‣ How to make your web page sticky so that your visitors have toliterally force themselves off your site‣ How to design a successful article marketing strategy‣ How to use your blog as an effective marketing and branding tool‣ How to influence your target audience every step of the way[Duration: 1 Day]
    • Copywriting ServicesHeadlines, Benefits and Calls to Action Spoken Here!Jacques also speaks, noun, verb and adjective.If you’re battling to find a passionate copywriter who live and breathe hiscraft and who actually give a damn about getting results for you, then youshould seriously consider sales copywriting speaker, Jacques de Villiers.Jacques can really help you to:‣ Generate real rankings on search engines like Google‣Generate leads‣Get your visitors to spend more than 15 secondson your website‣Sell your products and services‣Build trust and credibility in your brandJacques de Villiers has been writing articles anddirect marketing sales copy since 1990. Jacques is fluent at:‣Direct marketing sales copywriting‣Designing, writing and managing email marketingcampaigns‣ Content marketing – writing of content for websites and blogs toattract search engines (SEO) and quality visitor
    • Sales Scriptwriting ServicesA six-pack is not made in the gym ... it is made in the kitchen. So toowith selling ... a sale is not made in the meeting, but on the copy table.Too few sales organisations have a well-crafted and field-tested salesscript for prospecting and the actual sales call. Most companies rely onthe innate talent and personality of the sales person to pull off the sale.“So, how’s that working for you?” [Dr. Phil]If 80% of your sales force is only hitting 42% of its target, then you needa sales scriptwriter who understands the human condition, and how scriptthe words that will get customers to buy.Sales Improvement CoachingIf you have an individual sales person that you believe haspotential but is just missing the mark, consider sendinghim/her to Jacques for a couple of hours.Jacques will help the sales person pinpoint the areas ofexcellence and areas for improvement.And, with the sales person will map out a strategy to close more deals moreconsistently.
    • Business Keynote SpeakerIf you have a sales or marketing conferenceplanned, or just a small boardroom strategysession with key players, consider invitingJacques de Villiers to speak at it.His encyclopedic knowledge of sales, directmarketing, copywriting and neurosciencewill benefit any audience that is keen toimprove its sales.Keynote Addresses (45 - 90 minutes)‣ How to Persuade Anybody to Do Almost Anything - Persuasion & Influencestrategies for sales professionals.‣ The Neuroscience of Selling - Discover the neuroscience strategies tohelp both marketers and sales people sell more.‣ Google and the Art of Dating Angelina Jolie - Discover the SEO writingstrategies to rank high on search engines and get qualified visitors tobuy what you are selling.‣ How to Write a Winning Sales Letter - This is ideal for marketers whoare trying to sell clients through direct marketing (snail mail, emailand website).
    • TestimonialsJacques, your presentation was a smashing success. The delegates respondedenthusiastically to your wit, humour and valuable insights … so much so,that they voted you the top speaker for the day.Beulah van Rensburg, sales and marketing talent management, Media 24I’ve attended one of Jacques’s presentations on Internet marketing.Brilliant value for money and he really shares openly. A great presence andpersonality as a presenter, and important for me … a humble man. I havemuch respect for Jacques and can really recommend him.Wolfgang Riebe, Professional Speaker, Author, National President of theProfessional Speakers Association (PSASA) (2010/11)I have been on a couple of seminars that Jacques hasfacilitated and the information that he has impartedhas been a Business Changing Event. We at CapacityCompany have applied the information that we had beentaught and it has literally changed the way we dobusiness. Thank you Jacques.Lars Lofstrand, Owner, The Capacity CompanyJacques has a pin-point understanding of what it takesto succeed on Internet search engines, and as aspeaker he has the ability to convey these “other-worldly” concepts in a concise and usable manner.Erich Vermeulen, Professional Speaker and BusinessConsultant, Author
    • When requesting Jacques to deliver a Level 1 Channel Sales Training course,his delivery of the required course was both creative and good value to thechannel community of the SAP Business One Channel.Stephan Diedericks, Channel Manager, Silverhedge SolutionsYour energetic body language was magical!You totally lived up to the challenge tocreate team spirit at our conferenceopening by allowing us to ‘dress you up’in our Huizemark brand muscles andMexican bandana – you did not only inter-acted with the team, but became part ofus and managed to make each person feelspecial.What we appreciated most was yourwillingness to research real estate salesto enable you to use the correctterminology and make your presentationrelevant to our industry. It is months later now and many agents stillrefer to your session as the highlight of the conference. You certainlyhave made lifelong fans at Huizemark! Thank you, Jacques!Adrie Barnard, National Franchisee Training Manager, Huizemark FranchisingGroup“Jacques is an excellent motivational speaker. He has a lot of energy andcontributed to my team’s morale. He has also over the years provided a lotof useful insight into our sales function.”Luca Wildt, Managing Director, EDS Enterprise
    • Your presentation was excellent and the ladies loved you. Our marketingteam has received numerous requests for your details.Val Carstens, Chief Executive Officer, EnvironThank you for a great seminar. It was inspiring, informative, helpful andreally hands-on. I can only highly recommend it to anybody out there whohas a website, who is designing a website and who wants to say on top ofthings when it comes to marketing. This is seriously good stuff!Melanie Zimmerman, Chief Executive Officer, Exclusive SerenityThere are very few business people out there with assharp a grasp of human nature, what motivates people,what compels people and how people think, as Jacquesde Villiers. Jacques has combined knowledge andexperienced gained over many years in diverse spheresof industry into various impactful offerings in theform of writing, training, motivation and speaking –and he’s done it cleverly, wittily and effectively.It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Jacquesover the years – I look forward to many more years oflearning from him and I encourage others to makecontact with him and begin doing the same.Tiffany Markman, Copywriter, Editor and TrainerJacques is a great persuasion trainer. I attended oneof his courses and decided to buy the DVD long beforethe course was over!Michael E. Stoker, Owner, Insurance Gateway
    • Anyone who can’t apply at least five of your tips immediately to radicallyimprove their sales results needs a brain transplant.Paul du Toit, Managing Director, Congruence GroupExcellent, best thing that happened to me this year, marketing related andbusiness. Look forward to future relations. Willem HusselmanDie aanbieding was wonderlik, ek het dit baie leersaam gevind. Sal vandagdefnitief kan toepas in my lewe en ook my werk. Mariette, PA StationersBrought a lot of things to my attention that seem so obviousbut I only understood how to use them when brought to myattention.David Allin, Sales Representative, All-In-SalesExcellent. A total pleasure to have been involved with theexperience of this seminar. Jacques presentation isinformative and is a must for people in business.Shuaib Mamode, The Finishing TouchVery informative and interesting. Jacques uses a greattechnique to get the message across. Will definitely attendanother one of his seminars.Desiree Duarte, sales co-ordinator, PrimolitosOne of my guiding principles is to better myself every day. Your seminarcertainly helped me achieve this.Gideon Gerber, Chief Executive Officer, SEESAThe comfortable atmosphere created by Jacques enabled me to absorb andunderstand the principles fully.Ryan Grindley, Sales Consultant, Cecil Nurse Business Furniture
    • Daar is beslis baie positiewe riglyne wat ‘n bermarker se taak kan verbeteren vergemaklik.Pieter Joubert, Sales Executive, Bolt  & Engineering DistributorsBest value for money and time. I’d like to attend one of your seminarsagain.Shenora Strydom, Sales Executive, Ronmar Office EquipmentI enjoyed the seminar very much and was fascinated by the way it was done.I didn’t even notice the “graveyard” session.Erika Gerber, Financial Manager, SEESContact Jacques de Villiers082 906 3693jacques@jacquesdevilliers.comSkype: jacques3737Web: www.jacquesdevilliers.comWeb: www.9kmotivationalspeakers.comWeb: www.inspirationalquotes.co.zaFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Marketing-and-Sales/293169585719Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JacquesDeVilliersGroupLinkedIn: http://za.linkedin.com/in/jacquesdevilliersYou Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/calebwebTwitter: @devilliersgroupSlideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/jacquesdevilliers/