Happy holidays-gift-12-great-email-and-social-media-marketing-tools-and-resources


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Happy holidays-gift-12-great-email-and-social-media-marketing-tools-and-resources

  1. 1. Everything Holiday follow us on:www.verticalresponse.com
  2. 2. 12 Email and Social Media Sites for the Holidays (and All Year Round).The holidays are here, and we know busy entrepreneurs like you are working hard to make the most of it. So, wethought we would help out and share some of our favorite email and social media tools and resources to assistwith your marketing. They’ve sure helped us. And, using social media and email together can help you get yourmessages read this season and beyond. So here are 12 email and social media sites for the holidays (and allyear round). Happy Holidays!1 Killer Buttons We’ve developed our very own, easy-to-use call to action button creator called the VerticalResponse Button Builder! It allows you to easily create yourown call-to-action buttons to place in your emails or onyour website. Type in your text, choose your style, anddownload your button, drag it to your desktop, or email it toyourself, and you’re good to go! 2 Copywriting Tips Copyblogger.com is chock full of relevant, quick articles to make you think about your copy in new and different ways. Check out their insights, ideas and tips to make your copy even stronger.3 Email Rendering in Different Email Clients Have you ever sent yourself a test of youremail and it looked different than what you expected?That’s because email clients like Gmail render the codedifferently than Outlook. Avoid strange looking emails bysending a test to EmailOnAcid.com and see how it looksin 48 of the most popular email clients and mobile devices.It takes 5 minutes, and you can test up to 3 email clientsfor free! follow us on:www.verticalresponse.com 1
  3. 3. Happy Holidays Gift: 12 Great Email & Social Media Marketing Tools & Resources 4 Which Test Won? Testing is an exciting and essential aspect of email marketing; however, it often gets overlooked. Anne Holland’s site, WhichTestWon.com, was developed to educate and inspire businesses and marketers about testing. According to Which Test Won, testing can help generate 40% more leads and 20-25% more sales, yet fewer than 40% of marketers do any tests at all. Give your testing skills a spin by taking the weekly ‘Which Test Won’ poll. You might be surprised by the results!5 Subject Line Checker Did you know that over 35% of spam is detected by the subject line? Get into the inboxby checking your subject line. Quickly preview yoursubject line across email clients and devices. 6 VerticalResponse Marketing Blog The VR Marketing Blog is VR’s very own resource for everything from building your email list, savvy subject lines, copywriting success, email delivery, and more. We’re also proud to have won an International Stevie® Award for best copy and content, be a finalist in the American Business Awards, and get named as one of the top 5 blogs to jumpstart your email marketing by Kabbage, Inc. follow us on:www.verticalresponse.com 2
  4. 4. Happy Holidays Gift: 12 Great Email & Social Media Marketing Tools & Resources7 Link Shortening Service & Tracking Since Twitter only allows for 140 characters,you’re pretty short on space. Though links in your tweetsare now automatically shortened to 19 characters,services like Ow.ly or Bit.ly will also allow you to shorten,customize, track and analyze all of your links. 8 Social Media & Twitter Management Want to organize, manage and post to your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts all in one place? VerticalResponse Social is our social media communications dashboard that gives you the ability to create, schedule and publish campaigns within your VerticalResponse account. It also provides free suggested content based on your industry and interests, a content calendar, and a custom engagement score. You can also see and manage all replies and comments to your posts.9 Online Influence Discover your ‘online influence’ and compare scores with friends or competitors. Klout provides social media analytics by measuring data fromyour networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,Foursquare, YouTube, Last.fm, Blogger, YouTube,Flickr, Google+ and even Instagram. Keep up with thecompetition and check back daily to see how influentialyou are. follow us on:www.verticalresponse.com 3
  5. 5. Happy Holidays Gift: 12 Great Email & Social Media Marketing Tools & Resources10 Facebook Personalization & Apps Take your Facebook business page to a wholenew level with customized templates and platforms. Severalfree or inexpensive companies provide Facebook appsthat allow you to personalize your page and engage youraudience beyond the basics. Here are a few of our favs:Involver, North Social, Offerpop, Wildfire and Shortstack. 11 Facebook Insights & Analytics Facebook Insights is a free service included with your business Facebook page that provides metrics/ analytics regarding your Facebook growth, demographics, consumption of content and trends. It’s a great way to understand your audience and increase engagement.12 Sites & Blogs Social Media/Marketing: Keeping up to date with the latest marketing/ Social Media Examiner social media hints, tips & trends is a must.Here are some of our favorites we visit on a daily basis: MarketingProfs Social Media TodaySmall Biz: ClickZInc. Small Biz Trends iMedia Connection Mari SmithAmerican Express OPEN Forum Convince & Convert follow us on:www.verticalresponse.com 4