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  • 1. O thello, w duringSha ritten kespea grea tra period,is seta instthe re’s t gic gabackdrop ofthe w rs betw V a Turkeytha ra inthe la pa ofthe a een enice nd t ged tter rt sixteenthcentury. Cprus,w is the settingformostofthe a w s aV noutposta cked y hich ction, a enetia tta bythe Turks in157 a conquered the follow y r. 0 nd ing ea
  • 2. The questionofO thello’s exa ra is open ct cetosome deba The w M nowrefers te. ord oortothe Isla A bicinha nts ofN mic ra bita orthA w conquered Spa inthe eighth frica ho incentury butthe term w s used ra , a therbroa inthe period a w s sometimes dly nd aapplied toA ns from otherregions. fricaOthello’s darkness orbla ckness is alludedtoma times inthe pla,a the ny y ndoppositionofbla a w ima tha ck nd hite gery truns throughoutO thello is certa a inlyma ofdifference betw O rker een thelloa ndhis Europea peers,butthe difference is nnev quite sora llyspecifica amodern er cia srea mightima ittobe. der gine
  • 3. Othello is anoble figure of greatauthority, respected andadmired by the dukeand senate of Venice aswell as by those whoserve him, such asCassio, Montano, andLodovico. Only Iagovoices an explicitlystereotypical view ofOthello, depicting himfrom the beginning asan animalistic,barbarous, foolishoutsider.
  • 4. Othello is an eloquentand physically powerfulfigure, respected by allthose around him. Inspite of his elevatedstatus, he isnevertheless easy preyto insecurities becauseof his age, his life as asoldier, and his race.He possesses a “freeand open nature,”which his ensign Iagouses to twist his love forhis wife, Desdemona,into a powerful anddestructive jealousy.
  • 5. Desdemona is thedaughter of the Venetiansenator Brabanzio.Desdemona and Othelloare secretly marriedbefore the play begins.While in many waysstereotypically pure andmeek, Desdemona is alsodetermined and self-possessed. She is equallycapable of defending hermarriage, jesting bawdilywith Iago, andresponding with dignityto Othello’sincomprehensiblejealousy.
  • 6. Iago  is Othello’s ensign(a job also known as anancient or standard-bearer), and the villain ofthe play. Iago is twenty-eight years old. While hisostensible reason fordesiring Othello’s demiseis that he has been passedover for promotion tolieutenant, Iago’smotivations are neververy clearly expressedand seem to originate inan obsessive, almostaesthetic delight inmanipulation anddestruction.
  • 7. Roderigo  is ajealous suitor ofDesdemona. Young,rich, and foolish,Roderigo isconvinced that if hegives Iago all of hismoney, Iago willhelp him winDesdemona’s hand.
  • 8. • Othello begins on a street in Venice, in the midst of an argument between Roderigo, a rich man, and Iago. Roderigo has been paying Iago to help him in his suit to Desdemona. But Roderigo has just learned that Desdemona has married Othello, a general whom Iago begrudgingly serves as ensign. Iago says he hates Othello, who recently passed him over for the position of lieutenant in favor of the inexperienced soldier Michael Cassio…
  • 9. Themes:The Incompatibility of Military Heroism & Love   The Danger of Isolation   Sight and Blindness   Plants   Animals   Hell, Demons, and Monsters
  • 10. The Handkerchief