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Aspider Inside Products

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ASPIDER Inside SIM product offering

ASPIDER Inside SIM product offering

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  • 1. ASPIDER Insideout-of-the-box products
  • 2. ASPIDER Inside productsoptionalSIM: ship out-of-the box optional connectivity• Embed an ASPIDER Inside plastic or weldable chipSIM in your device.• Either ship the SIM card for a minimal hardware fee, or include an optional initial trial usage data.• Additionally, use the optional SIM for in-factory hardware testing purposes for minimal data costs.• Optionally, end-users can be given the opportunity to use an alternative connectivity provider, by removing the plastic SIM or usage of a second SIM card slot
  • 3. ASPIDER Inside productsstandbySIM: ship out-of-the box optional connectivity• Embed an ASPIDER Inside plastic or weldable chipSIM in your device.• Optionally use the SIM card for in-factory testing purposes.• Use the backupSIM for • Backup connectivity if fixed or standard local connection is broken. • Backup connectivity where default network has no coverage. • Connectivity alternative in case initial subscription period with primary connectivity provider expires. • Out of bundle usage. • Roaming usage to prevent high roaming charges of primary connectivity provider. • Firmware updates.
  • 4. ASPIDER Inside productslowuseSIM: targeting low-data global deployments• For < 100kB/month data-usage.• Optional “maintenance” package (for firmware updates): one-off pooled higher data package.• Optionally use of testdata package for in-factory testing purposes before start of subscription period.• Global coverage.• National roaming: access all Radio Networks (in selected countries only) for best possible coverage.
  • 5. ASPIDER Inside productsbudgetSIM: targeting those who balance between price and networkcoverage.• For usage under 10Mb/month.• Global footprint• Preferred networks only: access only the most cost-efficient network per country.
  • 6. ASPIDER Inside productsbillingSIM: use ASPIDER Inside billing infrastructure for end-user billing• Custom made solution• Combine with one of our SIM products and bundle your charging fee with our billing solution.• Outsource your billing process by using ASPIDER Inside billing infrastructure.• Eliminate credit-risk using real-time billing engine and prevent being „in the middle‟ for the connectivity bill.• Open doors for alternative ways of financing your solution: lease your hardware, pay per usage, pay per time-frame, etc..