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Every part of our body and every constituting cell in it derives it energy and nutrition from food. So, it is our duty to ensure that we eat healthy food and no indulge in junk food. However, many people are regularly consuming junk food these days and not taking care of the daily requirement of nutrients.

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Natural heartburn cures

  1. 1. Author : jacob walkerRemedy the Constipation Right AwayOur diet is one of the most important things in life that we have to take careabout no matter what. It is through the diet and the type of food we eat, thatour health is maintained. Every part of our body and every constituting cell init derives it energy and nutrition from food. So, it is our duty to ensure that weeat healthy food and no indulge in junk food. However, many people areregularly consuming junk food these days and not taking care of the dailyrequirement of nutrients. As a result, the digestive system is not able to digestthe food properly and many problems arise because of that. Constipation isone of such problems, which can make a person really uncomfortable andcompletely disrupt the daily lifestyle. Hence, it is necessary that the individualfacing these problems take immediate remedial actions.One of the most common constipation remedies is to have a fibre rich diet,which is usually available from green leafy vegetables and fruits. Also, thereare many other ways to ensure that our digestion is in good condition. Theconsumption of probiotic food items is also one of the popular constipationremedies these days. It may be hard to believe, but our body does have some
  2. 2. type of microorganisms that help us in leading a normal healthy life. Theirmetabolism inside our system, especially those related to the digestive system,helps us in the absorption of some special type of nutrients. Candida albicansis one such microbe which is important for our body, and it is necessary tohave a normal level of its population in our system. Constipation remedies alsoinclude a candida diet in case its population is not normal in the digestivesystem.As mentioned earlier, candida diet is a type of probiotic supplement, which isprepared as per the specifications of the World Health Organization and theFood and Agriculture Association. They are extremely safe and can be taken toimprove the flora condition of the stomach. A candida diet, however, should betaken after proper consultation with a physician or a dietician. It is importantto do so because excess of candida population in the body can also lead to aninfection and many other related problems.So, a candida diet, if taken in normal amounts as per the directions of thedoctor, can be one of the best constipation remedies available in the market.Curing candidiasisDon’t think that your body is clean place—it is, in fact, filled with bacteria. Butthese are generally good bacteria which work for the body and control theother bacteria and antigens that coexist with them. One such bacterium whichneeds to be controlled is the Candida Albicans. It is basically a type of yeastwhich sometimes grows out of control given the right conditions. At such pointof time one requires candidiasis natural cure treatment so as to restore thebalance between the good and the harmful bacteria.The growth of candida is basically supported by the intake of steroids,pregnancy, antibiotics, birth control pills, immunity suppressing drugs andcarbohydrate rich food products. This may lead to candidiasis. The situationaggravates when there is an excess of yeast in the food one eats. Oncecandida becomes chronic, it must be treated—it is not easy but it must bedone. If candidiasis is not treated timely, it will cause all forms of disorders andwill affect different parts of the body. Candida is usually found in the intestines,genitals, mouth and throat. An overgrowth maybe easily be detected with thehelp of certain.You are said to be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome ifyou experience frequent abdominal pain prior to bowel movement. symptoms.Candidiasis natural cure consists of an overhaul of the normal diet plan inaddition to using herbs for treatment. It involves eliminating yeast and dairyproducts from the diet and so on. The remedy is slated to last a minimum of11-12 weeks depending on how serious the problem is. Physicians alsoprescribe anti fungal medications which can be ingested or applied topically.But, candida is known to resist medications, so a change in diet is your bestbet.
  3. 3. For candidiasis natural cure, and even natural heartburn cures, a vegetariandiet is highly recommended. The diet that is undertaken should be free ofgluten and zero yeast. The diet should also exclude fermented food productsand beverages—wine, beer, vinegar, sugar, sauce, pickles, canned foods etc.You must also avoid tomato and other acidic foods as candida thrives in suchenvironments. Mushrooms are fungi so they must be avoided as well. Nuts canbe consumed only if they are cracked open from their shells. Chicken and othermeats are ok. When it comes to beverages, alcohol and fruit juices are to besteered clear of, oranges and lemons are an absolute no-no. Food allergies canalso be attributed to candidiasis.What would you do for Natural Heartburn Cure ?Though heartburn is a common problem and lots of people suffer from it youshould not ignore it particularly if you suffer from persistent heartburn.Another name for heartburn is acid reflux and if this condition is left untreatedit can damage your esophagus. You have got to seek treatment or at least aremedy for it. A lot of people who have been suffering from heartburn havefound relief by controlling their diet. There are natural heartburn cures whichare quite effective. Actually it is certain foods and beverages which triggerheartburn. You can call it a disease which affects a lot of people. A simpleheartburn is okay and almost everyone gets one sometimes which eventuallygoes away after sometime. However if you suffer from heartburn on a regularbasis it is then a matter of concern. Medically when a person suffers frompersistent heartburn he or she is said to be suffering from acid reflux.Natural heartburn cures are actually available in the form of foods, juices andbeverages. However the effectiveness cannot be generalized and are henceindividual specific. Some of these may be effective for you while some may notbe effective but the good thing is that these have no side effects unlikemedications. So to prevent and treat heartburn you can try out certain teas(chamomile, ginger, fennel etc), juices (Aloe Vera, cabbage, celery etc) andfoods (fresh fruits and vegetables). Moreover you have to eliminate certainfoods and beverages from your diet because these are known to triggerheartburn and at the same time follow proper eating guidelines.Another common problem that people suffer from is candidiasis. This conditionhappens when yeast or bad bacteria multiplies in the body.You are said to besuffering from irritable bowel syndrome if you experience frequent abdominalpain prior to bowel movement. Even in this case candidiasis natural cure is themost preferred and suitable option to get relief from this condition.A fungus called Candida albicans resides in the body and when this fungusmultiplies it leads to candidiasis infection. To restore the natural balance ofgood and bad bacteria in the body and also to stop yeast infection you need aneffective candidiasis natural cure.Apart from consulting with your doctor you can also look for natural curebecause there are many natural options to treat candidiasis. Garlic is very
  4. 4. effective to cure this infection because of its natural anti-fungal properties. Youcan also use organic yoghurt which helps in restoring the natural balance ofgood and bad bacteria. Even apple cider vinegar is known to be very effectiveto check the growth of Candida albicans.What are the remedies for irritable bowel syndrome ?When you seek irritable bowel syndrome or ibs treatment you should be awarethat the effectiveness of the treatment depends on your present bowelcondition. If you have diarrhea at the time of treatment then you will beadvised a treatment that focuses on diarrhea. Similarly if you haveconstipation the treatment will focus on that. This is true in all types of irritablebowel syndrome remedies that you seek. You are said to be suffering fromirritable bowel syndrome if you experience frequent abdominal pain prior tobowel movement. If you notice that your stool has changed in appearance orthat the frequency of your bowel movement has also changed you can be surethat you are suffering from ibs.Usually people with loose and frequent stool are diagnosed to be suffering fromibs with diarrhea. On the other hand people diagnosed with ibs constipation arethe ones with hard and less frequent stool. However the peculiar thing is thatpatient diagnosed with diarrhea report of suffering from constipation afterseveral months or weeks and vice versa. Therefore it becomes complicated torecommend irritable bowel syndrome remedies. So for long term and effectiveIBS treatment you have got to make dietary changes and also take up atreatment plan that provides permanent relief.Normally laxatives are recommended for people suffering from frequentconstipation. However this is not a permanent solution to the problem. There isalso the possibility of getting diarrhea because of taking laxatives. Moreoverprolonged use of laxatives can make you immune to its effects. As an herbalremedy for constipation you can take Aloe. However although aloe gives yourelief from constipation it is not recommended for people who suffer fromdiarrhea as it may worsen it.Slippery elm is known to work effectively for irritable bowel syndrome. It hasbeen traditionally used to treat constipation as well as diarrhea. Though thereare effective medications to treat diarrhea these do not provide relief tosymptoms like abdominal pain, bloating etc. Therefore nowadays herbalremedies derived from herbs and plants are becoming popular since theseclaims to give relief to all the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Howeverthese remedies provide only temporary relief. You need to change your dietand lifestyle if you want to get complete relief from this nagging problem. Acomplete treatment plan includes both these factors.Best way to treat irritable bowel syndrome
  5. 5. Irritable bowl syndrome is the chronic intestinal functional disorder whichoccurs due to the slower or faster contraction of muscles in the intestineswhich results in the creation of pain in the abdomen and the excessivesecretion of gas in the intestine which can also cause diarrhea andconstipation. It causes pain and affects the over all quality of a persons dailylife. Recent studies have revealed the fact that intolerance to gluten as well aswheat allergy causes to worsen the symptoms of IBSNatural irritable bowel syndrome remedies enables one to get rid of thisdisease naturally. Pepper mint oil is a common natural product and when takenin the form of capsules the pepper mint paves way for the soothing effect inthe digestive tract of the IBS infected person. Pepper mint candies and peppermint leaves,pepper mint tea have been proven to show immediate effects on apersons general performance of digestion. Pepper mint cannot be consideredas an ingredient which can curb IBS completely but it can to an extent stop thepain caused in the abdomen by the IBS. IBS treatment can be clinically proven effective only when radical changes arebeing made in the life style and general habits with reduction of factors andsituations which cause stress in a persons mind. The diet of every personplays a major role in the function-ability of the persons bowel systems. Incase a person is affected by IBS then it is vital that the person stops the intakeof diary or milk products because it could worsen the condition of IBSVegetables that produce gas like cabbage,cauliflower,broccoli,beans should beavoided and plenty of fiber should be included in the everyday diet.Chocolates,coffee,carbonated drinks,alcoholic beverages should be completelyavoided. Self -hypnosis can be done as it enables one to decreases well asremove the stress thoughts from the mind.Probiotics play a major role amongst the other irritable bowl syndromeremedies. It helps the intestine to remove the bad bacteria and soothe theintestinal walls which is the major issue for pain in abdomen. It helps theperformance of the intestines and aids in the good performance of thedigestive tract.The intake of medicines and the proper dietary pattern is the IBS treatmentwhich is given by any physician. However the regular usage of natural foodproducts and the complete avoidance of chemically processed unhealthy foodstuff is the only way by which one can prevent re lapse of IBSNaturally shun: Heartburn & CandidiasisHeartburn and candidiasis are two upcoming issues in the field of personalhealth and its disorders lets have a close look at them individually
  6. 6. What is Heartburn?No, we are not talking about the break-ups and love-affairs here. We aretaking about a gastro-intestinal disorder that is rapidly spreading, owing to ourunawareness and ignorance towards it.It is a burning sensation in the chest region, often accompanied by an acidicburp after heavy meals and during sleeping. This happens because of thereflux of the acidic gastric juices from the stomach towards our mouth. Thishighly acidic fluid gives us a burning sensation in the esophageal region. Thedisease resulting from this gastric reflux is called Gastro-Esophageal RefluxDisease (GERD). However studies have shown that it can also be resultingfrom Ischemic Heart Disease because of common nerve supply between theesophagus and heart. Heartburn is also known by names like Dyspepsia andGastritis. But, heartburn comprises of acid over secretion (gastritis) and acuteburning sensation in chest region (epi-gastric pain).What is Candidiasis?Candidiasis is a fungal infection resulting from a species of yeast calledCandida out of which, Candida albicans is the most common. Candidiasis isalso known by the names Candidosis, Moniliasis, Oidiomycosis and mostcommonly as yeast infection. Candidiasis infections can be variedly rangingfrom superficial infection like oral thrush and vaginitis to life threateningdiseases like Candidemia. Out of control growth of yeast cells eventuallyresults into inflammation. Superficial infections in moist and warm parts of thebody are common all around the world. They usually affect moist mucosalregions like oral cavity(thrush), the pharynx or esophagus, the gastrointestinaltract, the urinary bladder, or the genitalia (vagina and penis).How to cure Heartburn naturally?Heartburn has several methods to temporary relief and cure like, H2 receptorantagonists and proton pump inhibitors but they are not permanent and haveseveral side effects. There are natural heartburn cures which are quiteeffective. They are several herbal tea recipes like peppermint tea, chamomiletea and parsley tea that effective in fighting heartburn. Other lifestyleheartburn cures include sleeping towards left side and drinking excess waterwith food and after food. Almonds, raisins, cinnamon and parsley areconsidered effective in curing heartburn naturally.How to cure Candidiasis naturally?Usually, anti-mycotic drugs like topical clotrimazole, topical nystatin,fluconazole, and topical ketoconazole are used, but there are several naturalcures for candidiasis. To restore the natural balance of good and bad bacteriain the body and also to stop yeast infection you need an effective Candidiasisnatural cure . Having casein free and low cholesterol diet is consideredeffective in curing candidiasis. Pro-biotic drinks of bacteria like Lactobacillus
  7. 7. sporogenes are effective in curing the candidiasis infection from the veryroots.Even irritable bowel syndrome can be cured naturally.For more information visit :