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Om Ideværkstedet Sort Dk
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Om Ideværkstedet Sort Dk


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  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2.
      • Idéværkstedets drivkraft er at skabe fornyelse, forandring og forankring
      • VIA viden, vilje og værktøjer – der styrker de innovative processer ”
    • 3. 1. Baggrund Tidslinje: Fra videncenter til idéværksted Marts 2008 Udløb af videncenter-støtte November 2004 Støtte fra UVM til etablering af videncenter September 2005 Åbning af idéværksteds-faciliteter December 2006 Første hele selvfinansierede år. VIA fusion for døren December 2007
    • 4. VIA’s Idéværksted
      • ” Match the space to the case”
      • Facilitatorkorps
      • Teknologi og inventar
        • Borde, bænkle, stole
        • Whiteboards og flipovers
        • IT-teknologi (software & hardware)
        • Smartsboards, digitalkameraer & visualizer
        • AV-setup & computerstytet lys
    • 5. Ideer er fundamentale
    • 6. Hvorfor nye ideer?
    • 7. Udfordringer & Udvalgte kunder
      • Produktudvikling
      • Markedskampagner
      • Procesudvikling
      • Evalueringer
      • Strategiudvikling
      • Projektudvikling
      • Organisation
      • Teambuilding
      • Ledelsesudvikling
      • Uddannelse
    • 8. Kollaborative processer med fælles mål Formål Proces Metoder & værktøjer
    • 9.  
    • 10. Drejebogen
    • 11. SmartBoards & Tool Tribes
    • 12. Doblin: Ten Types of Innovation ™ Finance Process Offerings Delivery Business Model Networks & alliances Enabling process Core processes Product performance Product system Service Channel Brand Customer experience How you make money How you join forces with other companies for mutual benefit How you support the company's core processes and workers How you create and add value to your offerings How you design your core offerings How you link and/or provide a platform for multiple products. How you provide value to customers and consumers beyond and around your products How you get your offerings to market How you communicate your offerings How your customers feel when they interact with your company and its offerings Source & © Doblin Inc
    • 13. Groupsystems - Thinktank
    • 14. Mobile Lab (International)
    • 15. The output (report)
    • 16. Ideastormer – an idea campaign system
    • 17. MBoard
    • 18. Web 2.0 Idea development
    • 19. Zing
    • 20. Tooltribe notepanels
    • 21. Special Development
    • 22. Kreativitet som inspiration Kreativitet som værktøj Kreativitet som proces Kreativitet som kultur Hvad kan man få ud af et besøg i idéværkstedet…? Kreativitet
    • 23. Projekter
      • Digital Cultural Probes,
      • Brugerdreven innovation i byggeprocesser
      • Teknologibaseret Brugerdreven Innovation
      • Bedre Hjælpemidler via brugerdreven innovation
      • IT-støttet innovation
      • Kreative rum
    • 24. E-mail from Balluff (marketing)
      • Dear xxxxx,
      • A few months ago I had the opportunity to participate in a "future lab" wind power market workshop in Horsens together with my Colleague Henrik Jensen. It was a great experience for me and I want to congratulate you for that workshop event and that great idea of the future lab.
      • Back from that workshop I was really fascinated from that idea of the future lab. It was a very creative environment compared with new media techniques to ensure a high efficiency and easy communication across the different workgroups. At the end every participant has something contributed and has received a result . 
      • Due to my professional background as consultant for business strategies and corporate development I want to pick up this idea and like to evaluate if there is an opportunity to establish such a lab in Germany.
      • In Germany we have similar institutions - but they have sometimes to much a philosophical approach and they aren't efficient and practice focused like this future lab . I am really interested to learn more about the organization and structure of the future lab. 
      • It would be a huge pleasure to me if I could meet you again and share some information about organization, structure, investments and business model of the future lab. I am planning several business trips to DK and I would like to combine on of these trips with a short visit at your facilities
      • Best regards 
      • Thomas Richter
      • Vice President Business Development and Marketing Business Development and Marketing Balluff GmbH
    • 25. Idéværkstedet @ VIA Jacob Vind [email_address] +45 601 001 74