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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. What have you learnt from audience feed back? Jacob Seston
  • 2. Audience feedback is gaining feedback from our target audience and evaluating their opinions. This is a valuable process which has allowed us to improve our music video. We used a variety of tools to gain audience feedback, including questionnaires and social networking sites.
  • 3. The Questionnaire The questions we asked were varied, some were open ended and some were closed. This variety allowed us to analyse some parts of the questionnaire differently. Some questions also helped us establish more about our target audience.
  • 4. In total, we asked 32 people to fill in our questionnaire. The first piece of data we analysed was how many boys and girls filled in the questionnaire as well as what age group they fit into. The results of the first two questions are on the next slide
  • 5. The first two questions show that the questionnaire was taken by a wide range of people, this will help us to receive a wider range of replies and tell us what people of certain age groups think of the video.
  • 6. Question Number 1, How can the poster be improved? The first written question is asking how the poster can be improved, this open ended question gave back several main replies, the first one was to give the main singer’s face a larger proportion of the front as it would help sell the product better. People also wanted us to include a link between the music video, we changed the background to the one of city in the video.
  • 7. Question 2, How can the first draft of music video be improved? Most people thought there should have been a storyline to the video, and less emphasis on lip syncing. So, after this we decided to make more of a story element featuring throughout the video. We added two stories in the music video, which is featured previously in the blog. The audience also stated that they like the costume of some characters, especially the tramp, whose costume involved many different aspects, so we decided to try and replicate this for the other characters. This question was the first time we got feedback from a vast range of people and helped us gather early opinions on the music video.
  • 8. Question 3, How can the album artwork be improved People liked the use of the city in the artwork as it linked in with the other two parts of the product. They also liked the use of the beggar holding up the sign as it shows a continuity with the lyrics of the song. Other people also felt that more lighting effects should be added to the inside panels, as they are supposed to portray a sad image and they were too bright to do that Other responses also helped us realise that the audience wanted to see the what it would be like in black and white with only certain aspects of the digipack in colour.
  • 9. Final Question The final question was a simple rating out of 10. This was the most basic opinion we asked for and showed us the overall feeling people had of the Music Video. The results are positive as the lowest score was 5. Using a graph to analyse the data showed us it showed us that the most common rating were 8 and 9.
  • 10. Social Media We used facebook and youtube to get a larger range of people to watch the video and give us feedback. This was better than a questionnaire as social media is able to give us larger group to ask, and in quicker time. We used two types of social media: Facebook, which limits the comments to our friends, and YouTube whcih allows anyone to comment and gives us a larger range of opinions.The views are more varied and anyone can comment.