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Simulation presentation

  1. 1. Red TeamSimulationBy:Jacb MilanJiaze ZhouTian Zhang
  2. 2. • 16 firms in USA• 10 firms in Asia• Round 1 built 3 in USA and 5 in Asia• Round 3 built 1 in Asia• Round 4 built 2 in Asia• Round 6 built 1 in USA and 2 in Asia• Goals: Increase Production• Final Result: 8800 production capacity in USA, 5500 production capacity in AsiaFactories
  3. 3. • Every round we used them all instead of producing by ourselves• Decided to produce more of Tech 1 and Tech 4 due to the success we had with bothContract Manufacturing
  4. 4. • All of our Technologies had 6 features• At each round we would assess how much money we had left and then decide whether to upgrade technologies or not• Too much investing lead to problems later in simulationR&D
  5. 5. • At the end of Round 1, we sold some shares to get some capital in order to build 8 firms• And we want to buyback shares in the last 2 rounds, but we were short on capital and unable to do so by the end of the simulationShares
  6. 6. • Good sale rates helped us get decent market share.• Low prices in Asia sold well• We found that more features in Europe and the US sold better than Asia• Low price in USA and Europe did not guarantee good sales every roundMarket Share
  7. 7. Progress ThroughHalfway Point
  8. 8. • Round 6, saw us have a bad ROS, ROE, & EBIT• Round 7 continued our drop in all the same categories• Round 6 failures: Too much money in R&D(3 new plants) & too much money in contract manufacturing• Round 7 failures: Managed R&D costs better, but still too much for contract manufacturing.• Round 7 our group started to climb out of debtFreefall After Midpoint
  9. 9. • Round 7: Sales improved, but still in debt• Round 8: Better R&D costs, sales continue to improve, and finally out of debt• Round 9: No R&D costs, sales improve to $2.8 million, and $438,300 out of debt• Round 10: No R&D costs, most manufacturing was contracted, finished $356,336 out of debtImproving to the Finish
  10. 10. End of Simulation
  11. 11. • Lowest prices don’t always mean sales success• Don’t over-invest in R&D• Don’t keep too much money on hand• This is a given, but keeping costs on production is vital to successWhat We Learned