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Jacob E Holder Sample Portfolio

  1. 1. Pitches/Media Coverage dia Coverage d
  2. 2. Sample Pitch      Greetings Kevin,    Travel is continuing to be an illustrative indicator of the GLBT community’s market strength and business influence— even in the midst of an economic slump.  Recent studies show that despite the high cost of international travel, key  GLBT destinations continue to remain solid.  Based on tourism industry data from the US Department of Commerce and  CMI sample demographics, the annual economic impact of GLBT travelers is approximately $70.3 billion in the US alone.      Brainchild of former American Airlines executive, Jeffrey Ward, DC‐based Savvy Navigator is now positioning itself to be  the premier luxury travel service for the sophisticated and affluent, gay male traveler and capitalize on Gay and Lesbian  buying power expected to exceed $835 billion by 2011, according to Witeck‐Combs.    While  Savvy  Navigator  may  be  the  “new  kid  on  the  block,”  the  company  comes  backed  years  of  travel  industry  experience and is already receiving notable coverage (1, 2).  Headed by 20‐year airline industry veteran, Jeffrey Ward,  Savvy Navigator sticks its head above the crowd, designing unique “experiential journeys” and paying attention to every  detail.   Key  to  the  company’s  success  is  the  exclusivity  of  its  offerings  that  include  off‐the‐beaten‐path  adventures  known only to the locals.  Ward illustrates Savvy Navigator’s approach with an analogical visit to see a theatrical play.   “Where traditional operators offer customers a seat in the house, Savvy Navigator offers the seat, the play, and an in‐ depth backstage tour of the facilities with multiple opportunities to mill with cast and crew.  We want clients to leave  with a rich and deep experience based on a Southern Africa normally known only to locals,” he says.    Currently, Savvy Navigator exclusively offers experiential journeys to South Africa and Zambia with plans to expand into  other  markets  in  2010.    “Our  business  model  is  based  on  an  intimate  knowledge  of  each  location,  including  personal  relationships  with  prominent  figures,  personalities  and  cultural  authorities,”  adds  Ward.   The  company  is  set  to  take  intimate groups of up to 12 like‐minded individuals in May and November of this year into a South Africa and Zambia  known  only  to  the  most  devoted  chowhounds,  oenophiles,  cultural  critics,  and  nightlife  connoisseurs.   According  to  Ward, “We put on the best dinner party one can imagine, and extended it over nearly two weeks in settings of startling  African beauty.”    Please let me know if you are interested in Savvy Navigator.   I’d love to set up an opportunity for you to speak with  resident Savvy Navigator himself, Jeffrey Ward, as well.  Jeff can fully speak to the birth and vision of the company as  well as the growing excitement around this genre of GLBT travel.  Please feel free to visit the Savvy Navigator Web site  and read his blog in the meantime.    I hope we can work together!    Thanks,    Jacob E. Holder  Change Public Relations  Tel: 512.487.2250  E‐mail: jacob.holder@changepr.com    Please consider the environment before printing this e‐mail.   
  3. 3. Newsroom Inquiries: 613-596-3664' ;';'travel@iliecitizen;canwest.colll: ' fquot;oetbaijain:travet taPs ato_Citlzen.~ori17f~el~· ;1 '.' quot;,t ;:1 -:. 1'1 quot;.....•• :~ ~ .. J••• I., navel, a TQ!:'ontotravel agency that lW'f_ythat '.~' caters to the GLBT market. quot;Sales reps are coming in and they ~5iJJ'-:ithey 1U01(f:=i your are saying ~e you able to hold your ~ .. Ol~n=uplo own?' and we're. saying. 'We're up 10 121 BYDANIEL DROLd to travel, searching out deals or tak- :. ~' per cent· since last year! (quot; .i ' .... ~,' ing advantage of discounts on luxu- Barry said recent history bears out :In02lEa1'S out Earlier this yearA.tIantis :ijyents - ry fi:lps, 'Ymj~trav- the notion that gay and lesbian trav- I~ quot; a large U.S.,-based travel q.pmpany· Aa a res:ult, many destinations are bns~E::icand el isless affected by economiC .and specializing in th(t gay amllesbian. actively (;?urting the market. One of srlJn~nthe other woes. He said that when the market-launchedits f1rst~¢vergay them isTopouto, which will host the f 1l1hs~erica travel industry in North America f srllI~er the went into. sharp decline.after the 21lniaasiness 2001 terrorist attacks, quot;our business prlcesrangmg Zealand..1e.b,.· .$9.999 1:n~y. C.•... Gay and Lesbian Trav- cruise in New frO~$1,S99' fo~ 2010. Ev~.Jquot;Y.'.' avail ab andI' ' tralia International 'hl ~ii' ~.} · $;9. .. !iS ;.iap,on (IGLT.~) convention · ' {' '1: ~. didn't even burp.quot; . . U.S., was sj)lo.wi,tl)1p. tl11:ee~Ys •. ' .quot; 'i,It's definitely more recession- t ,. Recession? ~tr~ess~!;lp? The. pt'()ofthan ,thecom.znunity at large,quot; See GAY on PAGE H6 aHla_GEH6 . r, , L; gay and lesbian travet.ttl.ar~et isn't said Pat 13arry of Rainbow High j~:-1: ..:..: immune to ado~turl1, sa}r travel I',~ - experts, but theYquot;l'ebehaving differ- trips 2~nl _ ~e$earch sh«JWs many gays and lesbians take four to six trips •• COlJR'TE$Y OFSAVVY NAVIGATORTOlJils ~' ently from themainstream.i --...------------ ~year,compared to .1.5 or two for mainstream travellers For how, at least, ~ny continue Travellers enjoy wine tasting at Thelem:a Vineyards In South Africa. t'::: -~';~.I ,''-: _·i - __ ~ , {4 . , -quot;-~--~.--- quot;quot;quot;,'
  5. 5. ing any less, but there's a lot more deliberation and evalu- Gay: Attracted to ation of what their travel and tour options are.quot; Both Sharp and Ward say the market may soften as the recession goes on. luxury destinations GLBT travellers are a self- aware group, one that identi- fIes and seeks out destina- tions responsive to them. from PAGE HI John Tanzella,executive di- jects director of Community sales and marketing. quot;Both Continued Marketing, a San Francisco- our January 2009 Caribbean rector of the IGLTA,said that based fIrm specializing in gay and Match 2009 Caribbean destinations that appeal di- The same thing happened and lesbian market research, cruises sailed at or very near rectly to the gay and lesbian in 2003 when the SARSscare says about one-third of the capacity. Our Cancun resort market - and make a con- kept many out of Toronto, certed effort to understand said Bruce MacDonald of the gayand lesbian community in in May is sold out.quot; Witeck says marketing to their lives - will do well. Canadian Gay and Lesbian the U.S.feels threatened eco- quot;Even in diffIcult fmandal Chamber of Commerce.quot;Peo- nomically by the recession gay customers quot;is one of the pIe said, 'I've lived through and has cut back; another smarter investments in a times, this is a sophisticated AIIDS lost friends; I'm not and third had not changed its be- down economy.quot; market that identifIes a gen- Toronto, for example, has uine connection between going to not travel because of haviour; and the fInal third is the flu.quot; actually increasing spending. been activelycourting the gay your product and their Those people, said Paisley, and lesbian market for several needs,quot; he said. Experts say there are sever- alleasons for this reaction. have told surveys they were years. quot;It's one of our highest pri- Daniel Drolet One is that most gays and quot;goingto travel like crazy.quot; And he said they are inter- orities right now,quot; said An- is an Ottawa writer. lesbianhouseholds don't have children,and so have more in- ested in high-end products drew Weir, vice-president of come for discretionary spend- being discounted because of communications at Tourism PACKAGE 10 LONDON ing. (That also means they the recession. Toronto. Hotel. Transfers & Air from Ottawa with Air Irl aren't· tied to the schoolyear quot;You can get luxury prod- . quot;We've increased our mar- $889 iaX(37i k ~4can..ttliVelYear~rouna) . keting and sales in tlmgay ~ 15!)1g111s •. froln .•.•. 1~ .Another reason is that trav- , lesbian market over the last wwYi.HANDATRAVELc Gay people have a el is simply one of the things two years. It's not something 731-1111- 727-1111 828-9800 Dr. (BDlIngs I 231-1111 2269 RIwrside 27(}.1111 568· strong affiniw to travel gays and lesbians do. It's part that~n done in response to of the culture, if you will. • quot;•• . the recession, it's done be- GIVenthe opportumty, quot;Gay p~9ple have a strong cause we view it as a signffi- affinity to travel,quot; said Bob they will travel' cant potential growth market Witeck, co-founder and CEO for Toronto.quot; ofWiteck-Combs Communi- BOB WITECK, CEO of a U.S.- That's also one of the main cations, a strategic communi- based communicationsfirm reasons why Toronto aggres- cations fIrm headquartered in . quot;.. sively bid to host the IGLTA Washington, D.C.with exper- uets now for prices we haven't conference, which is expect- tise in LGBl.Imarketing and seenina long time,quot;said Pais- ed to draw some 400 travel issues. quot;Given the opportuni- ley. quot;For the gay community, professionalsfrom around the ty,they will traveLquot; that can be very attractive. To world May] to 10. He says his research sug- some degree, that's ~e big Whether gays and lesbians gests that gay consumers be- story.quot; will continue to travel if the have differently when faced Beth Mairs runs Wild recession continues is anoth- with an economic crunch. If Women Expeditions, a com- er matter. they have to cut spending, pany based in Northern On- OUT Adventures is a new they may cut things other tario and specializing in ad- adventure travel company out than traveL quot; venture holidays for women. of Toronto for the GLBTmar- And MacDonald of the Nearlyhalfher clientele isles- ket, and co-own~r Robert Chamber of Commerce adds bian, and she says business is Sharp says he frods he's hav- that research suggests that doing well this year. In fact, ing to work harder to sell his gays and lesbians take more she says her most expensive trips. vacations· than the general trips for this summer sold People are still booking, he popUlation.Many take four to fIrst. . says, but they are taking six trips a year, compared to ''Right now;you cannot buy longer to make up their L5 or two for mainstream trav- a trip from us for over $1,000 •. minds. ellers.So even if they do cut They are all gone,quot;!fuesaid. In the States; Jeffrey Ward Helping kids to believe and achh down on travel.they don't cut 'We at Atlantis are continu- of Savvy Navigator Tours ....,'-www. *quot;quot;quot; Boys and Girls Club of 01 it out entirely.. ing to sell out cruises,quot; said agrees: quot;I don't think the gay David Paisley. senior pro- Oscar Yuan, Atlantis's VP of and lesbian segment is book- ~~~ ••.•••••• •••••• 613-232-0 ,quot;quot;quot;'quot; bgcotta~
  6. 6. Sample Pitch    From: Jacob Holder [mailto:jacob.holder@changepr.com] Sent: Friday, March 21, 2008 8:34 AM To: 'kchessman@entrepreneur.com' Subject: “Green and Growing” Greetings Kristin, It appears that Entrepreneur is including environmental coverage - “Green and Growing” – in your April issue for Earth Day. I know that the content for the print edition has already closed; however, I wanted to reach out to you regarding the prospect of an online story of a very green small business that is quickly growing their customer base at ten percent per month. Greenling (www.greenling.com) is an Austin-based company that delivers fresh organic produce directly to the customer’s doorstep. As a small business that started in a garage, Greenling now operates out of a sprawling warehouse, aiming to find a balance between economic progress and the combined health of consumers and the environment. Greenling is based on a fundamental premise of buy local and organic. By supporting the local farming and organic industry, Greenling helps keep the environment and the public toxin and pesticide-free. With a system modeled on Dell’s direct-to-consumer distribution process, the company has become an award-winning sensation. Just last year, Greenling was one of 10 finalists for the Dell/NFIB Small Business Excellence Award; won PC Magazine’s SBM 10 Award for Small Business; it was a finalist in the Austin Business Journal’s Tech Innovation Awards; and it was named Best Local Food Company by Austin Chronicle readers, trumping last year’s winner and hometown powerhouse, Whole Foods. Feel free to click here and view a video that illustrates Greenling’s explosive growth and helps explain the company’s technological infrastructure. If you are interested in the idea and would like to explore more about Greenling and how the company may fit into your “Green and Growing” online editorial plans, I’d love to put you in touch with Greenling founder Mason Arnold. Likewise, I’d like to offer up a Dell spokesperson who can fully explain the work Dell is doing to design technology for a sustainable work environment. Let me know your interest in making this happen and we will nail down the specifics. Thanks! Jacob E. Holder Change Public Relations Tel: 512.487.2250 E-mail: jacob.holder@changepr.com
  7. 7. Sample Coverage   Making Every Day Earth Day April 22 lasts 365 days a year for these eco-friendly businesses. By Kristin Chessman | April 18, 2008 These days, it's good to be green. So much so that companies like Target, Macy's and Dell are marketing eco-friendly products more than ever. Businesses are pledging their allegiance to all things green by promoting Earth Day--which takes place on April 22--just like any other marketing holiday. Efforts to go green should be applauded, but experts stress the importance of living up to eco- friendly claims. quot;Nothing will sink a company faster than the realization by its customers that it's only interested in good PR and not in real change,quot; says Nik Kaestner, founder of Green Squared Consulting. For companies like Greenling Organic Delivery, TwoGreenMoms and Dropps, that won't be a problem. These companies are built around products and services that make it easier for consumers to minimize their footprint on the environment. Meet the socially responsible entrepreneurs who are turning a profit while trying to save the planet. Door-To-Door Organics The green lifestyle is nothing new to Greenling Organic Delivery co-founder Mason Arnold. He's been an organics pioneer since graduating from the University of Texas, Austin in 2001. Arnold, 29, created his first business, EarthAction Lawn and Landscape, an environmentally responsible lawn company, in 2002. He sold it two years later to launch Greenling in 2005. The Austin-based company delivers fresh organic produce directly to customers' doorsteps. Currently, Greenling delivers to Austin and San Antonio, but Arnold says he plans to extend delivery to Dallas and Houston within 18 months. Ultimately, Arnold would like to expand the service nationwide. quot;We’ve developed a system that's a just-in-time inventory, so it reduces the time it takes for food to get from the farm to the table by more than half,quot; Arnold says. quot;We're delivering a more
  8. 8. nutritious product, and we're able to deliver it much faster. We think everyone in the nation should have this available.quot; Greenling, which had revenues of $1.3 million in 2007, serves about 1,200 residential customers and between 30 and 40 wholesalers. Though Arnold promotes a fun working environment for his 17 employees, he also practices what he preaches. The company purchased computers from Dell after researching its recycling and conservation efforts. quot;We investigate every company we work with to make sure they share our core values,quot; Arnold says. quot;We've turned down vendors and service providers before simply because they don't seem to share our values of conversation and sustainability.quot; In addition to providing a service that's good for consumers and the environment, Arnold uses his organics expertise to encourage Austin locals to do their part to conserve energy. Arnold also formed a private organization, Organic Association of Texas, to give a voice to his industry. Moms Gone Green Just a few months ago, Jill Clark and Mandi DuPuy were two moms wishing they could do something to help the environment. Now, they're the co-founders of TwoGreenMoms, a website that launched in February 2008. Their product: reusable totes to replace plastic bags. The polypropylene totes are available with or without insulation, in green or blue. The green bag features the saying quot;Little Green Bag,quot; while the blue bag carries the phrase quot;Girls Gone Green.quot; In addition to the totes with sayings, TwoGreenMoms also features customization. The duo decided to create their line of eco-friendly bags to attract women like them who want to be green, but also stylish. quot;I wanted a cuter bag than the ones I was carrying,quot; DuPuy says. quot;You can be a walking advertisement for a grocery store for only so long.quot; DuPuy, 40, and Clark, 37--who both work out of their Waco, Texas, homes--were friends for seven years before deciding to partner. The idea for the green totes sparked when Clark, who also owns a specialty item company, Kiddoozie, began noticing her clients asking for environmentally friendly products. Clark, the sales guru of the team, saw the need for the totes and decided to fill the niche. She and DuPuy began giving the bags to friends as birthday gifts.
  9. 9. Releases/Media Coverage Releases/Media Coverage
  10. 10. Sample Release  Dell Enhances Viewing, Graphics Capability in Inspiron Laptops New Inspiron 700m Offers Widescreen Display; XPS Customers Offered First Graphics Upgrade Option Round Rock, Texas, July 27, 2004 Dell now delivers the ultimate in visual performance with its new Inspiron 700m and an upgradeable graphics card option for its Inspiron XPS laptop products. Inspiron 700m Dell's Inspiron 700m offers the company's first 12.1-inch Wide-Screen display on a laptop and includes the power and portability prized by consumers who want a unique viewing experience on the smallest chassis in the Inspiron family of laptops. Offered for the first time on a Dell laptop is the 700m's crystal clear LCD screen which has a smooth finish and provides rich and vibrant colors with sharp and crisp images. Users will find this screen's output resolution different from traditional LCD screens, similar to the difference between a glossy photo versus a matte finish. Coupled with the Wide-Screen format, the two-spindle 700m delivers impressive DVD viewing and allows for additional screen area to increase productivity. Included with each 700m laptop, customers will receive an LCD care kit to help safely clean, protect and preserve the screen from dust, dirt and fingerprints accumulated with everyday use. Another never before seen feature on a Dell laptop is the 700m's Artic silver with Alpine white trim color scheme. 1 Starting at $1,499 and 4.1lbs. , the 700m makes the perfect travel companion and offers Intel's latest Dothan processors, the Intel Pentium® M 725 (1.6 GHz) and 745 (1.8 GHz) without sacrificing optical capabilities. Choices of 3 integrated opticals include DVD/CD-RW or DVD+RW . The 700m includes internal wireless capabilities and memory can be configured from 256MB to 2GB. Inspiron XPS First launched in February, Dell's new XPS laptops will now include the ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9800 graphics card with 256MB of memory, providing customers with exceptional frame rates ready to handle the latest 3D games. The ATI card is being sold exclusively on Dell Inspiron laptops for 30 days. Another first time offering on a Dell laptop is the XPS graphics card installation service for enthusiasts who previously purchased XPS laptops that were configured with the ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9700 graphics card. Starting at $399, customers who purchase the service will be able to schedule and depend on a Dell-certified technician to install the ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9800 video card at their convenience. The card enables XPS users to power through the most graphic-intense games with the strongest 3D performance in a Dell Inspiron laptop, ready to travel to the next LAN party or gaming tournament. For more information about the Inspiron 700m or XPS, please visit www.dell4me.com/inspiron. Product photos can be accessed at www.dell.com/imagebank. Technical Highlights: Inspiron 700m • Intel Pentium® M Processor 725 (1.6 GHz) or Processor 745 (1.8 GHz) • 256MB to 2 GB DDR SDRAM (shared2) at 333MHz • Integrated Intel Extreme® graphics with up to 64MB shared memory • Integrated 10/100 LAN and 56K4 modem • Integrated internal Wi-Fi (802.11b or 802.11b/g) • Choice of modular optical drives: DVD/CD-RW or DVD+RW3 • Choice of Hard Drives: 30, 60, 40, 80GB Ultra ATA • Ports include two USB 2.0 ports, one IEEE 1394 port and one S-Video Out • One SD Card Slot • One PC Card Slot • Choice of 4-cell (32WHr) Lithium Ion or 8-cell (65WHr) Lithium Ion battery
  11. 11. Sample Release  • Standard 1-year limited warranty6 plus 1-year mail-in service Technical Highlight: Inspiron XPS • ® Intel Pentium 4 or Pentium 4 Extreme Edition Processors both at 3.4GHz • 512MB to 2GB DDR RAM at 400MHz • UXGA UltraSharpTM Wide Aspect Display (15.4-inch) • ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9800 256MB • 10/100/1000 Ethernet5 and integrated 56K4 v.92 capable modem • Optional integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b/g or 802.11a/b/g) and BlueTooth capability • DVD+RW/+R3 • Choice of Hard Drives: 60, 80 or 100 GB Ultra ATA • Integrated subwoofer • Ports include four USB 2.0, one S-Video Out, one IEEE 1394 port and integrated DVI port • One PC Card slot • 96-watt Hour Lithium Ion battery • Optional second hard drive and floppy disk drive • Includes choice of 1 QuickSnapTM Color Kit cover • Exclusive XPS backpack • Standard 1-year limited warranty6 plus 1-year mail-in service For more information about Inspiron products, go to www.dell.com/inspiron. About Dell Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) is a premier provider of products and services required for customers worldwide to build their information-technology and Internet infrastructures. Company revenue for the past four quarters totaled $43.5 billion. Dell, through its direct business model, designs, manufactures and customizes products and services to customer requirements, and offers an extensive selection of software and peripherals. Information on Dell and its products can be obtained at www.dell.com.  
  12. 12. Sample Coverage        Dell    Sunday, July 31, 2005; Page F07     Dell, aiming to provide a laptop for everyone, offers seven lines,  Dell Laptop Computer  each of which emphasizes a particular quality ‐‐ compact size,  2005 Laptop Buyer's Guide  low price, multimedia, computer games and so on. The Inspiron  700m we tested lands in the middle of Dell's price range ‐‐ it  Personal technology  sold for as low as $899 last week, and our upgraded test unit  columnist Rob Pegoraro  came in at $1,479. Like most Dell models, it can be a great  offers tips on how to  choice if customized wisely (we'd buy it over Dell's other  pick the right laptop  lighter‐weight models); going with a standard configuration;  computer for your needs:  however, may limit its appeal.    It Takes a Discerning Eye to See  The best upgrade on our 700m was a higher‐capacity battery,  Through Laptop Lingo   which costs $99 more than the standard unit. It enabled the  700m to run for more than 3 1/2 hours playing a DVD; when set  Apple iBook G4   for maximum battery life, with WiFi shut off, it lasted just shy of  Dell Inspiron 700m   six hours.  Gateway M250XL   This long‐life battery also added just under half a pound to the  700m's weight, pushing it past 4.6 pounds (a too‐hefty power  HP Pavilion dv100   adapter adds almost another pound). The 700m's keyboard is  Toshiba Satellite M55‐S325   small, at 10 inches across, but comfortable. Its widescreen LCD  is also on the compact side but is clear and bright.  Guide to Mobile Computing ‐‐ More  Stories and Features    Software options include Windows XP Home or Professional,  Microsoft Works, Corel WordPerfect and Microsoft Office. Dell  Transcript  also sells three Internet‐security suites at prices up to $99 ‐‐ but  some configurations are offered without any security software.  Personal Tech: Laptop Reviews  The Washington Post's Rob Pegoraro  Our test system included a 15‐month subscription to Norton  will be online to field your personal  Internet Security 2005, plus a basic photo‐album program and a  tech questions and discuss the latest  starter version of Intuit's QuickBooks business‐accounting  laptops.  program ‐‐ not Intuit's consumer‐focused Quicken. 
  13. 13. Sample Coverage  Dell has traditionally bundled a CD of Windows, but it now stashes a backup copy of Windows on a  hidden hard‐drive partition and charges $10 extra for a Windows disc. Although the pre‐installed version  of Windows XP included Service Pack 2, our CD copy lacked that vital update.  Dell's standard warranty lasts only 90 days, but it will gladly sell you upgrade options such as a $29, one‐ year warranty or a four‐year, all‐encompassing care package for $496. The overseas reps we reached  were fairly well‐informed and very patient, although not always easy to hear. Dell's online support is  excellent, with plenty of informative self‐help resources. ‐‐ Kevin Savetz  Tested hardware: Dell Inspiron 700m, $1,479  4.6 pounds (5.5 pounds with power adapter), 12.1‐inch widescreen LCD (1,280 by 800 pixels), 1.6 GHz  Intel Pentium M, 512 MB memory (up to 64 MB shared for graphics use), 75.8 GB hard drive, CD‐ RW/DVD+/‐RW drive, SD Card slot, Ethernet, WiFi, modem, PC Card slot, FireWire port, two USB 2.0  ports.  90‐day warranty. 90 days of 24‐hour, toll‐free phone tech support; $39 per‐call fee afterward.       
  14. 14. Marketing Collateral g Collateral g
  15. 15. Is your high tech business ? High Tech and Electronics — Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration Improving Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration with Microsoft Solutions Managing an Increasingly Complex Network To help HTE companies achieve greater supply chain visibility and collaboration, Microsoft offers easy-to-use, familiar, integrated software that helps provide un- Today, manufacturing supply chains reach beyond the boundaries of a single paralleled partner collaboration and detailed visibility into the journey of prod- High Tech and Electronics (HTE) company’s plant floor, organization, or ge- ucts from supplier to consumer. Microsoft and its partners enable manufactur- ography. The global, dynamic nature of today’s supply chains add degrees of ers to transform supply chain performance by becoming more demand-driven, difficulty for management from suppliers, logistics providers, outsource manu- adaptive, and responsive in their sales and operations planning processes. facturers to sales channels, customers, and active consumer communities. Supply chains outfitted with Microsoft Add to that mix the facts that emerging technology increase forecast accuracy economies are requiring new, unique through real-time collaboration and ef- product configurations to meet regional fectively balance service levels and costs. and local needs, that energy prices are Greater visibility into the supply chain’s volatile, and that barriers to technology day-to-day status can eliminate the lag product market entry are low. More HTE time between when a problem occurs companies than ever before are com- and its solution. Fixing problems quickly peting for the resources and services helps get products to market faster. of the same suppliers, transporters, and manufacturers. And the short life typi- To help companies transform their supply cal of today’s products creates the need chain to a collaborative state, Microsoft Uni- for continuous reconfiguration, a task fied Communications technologies use the made dicey when dynamic — read wildly power of software to deliver complete com- fluctuating — supply chains are upset by munications — messaging, voice, and vid- suppliers in unstable economic, political, eo—across the applications and devices that and environmental regions. people use daily. Integrating the experienc- es associated with the telephone — phone Despite these difficulties, executives must calls, voice mail, and conferencing—and the build and monitor supply chains so that work you do on a computer — documents, they receive quality products in the quan- spreadsheets, instant messaging, e-mail, Today’s HTE companies are increasingly dependent on the performance tities they desire, when they need them, and calendars — can fundamentally change of their supply chain to drive top-line and bottom-line improvements. to near perfection. They need answers to the way that supply chains operate. Microsoft visibility and collaboration solutions enable real-time questions like “How much inventory is on monitoring and adjustments to stay ahead of the competition. hand?” “Will I be able to match projected Microsoft solutions provide supply chain demand?” and “Are my suppliers on track to deliver their commitments?” managers and COOs with core analytics, integration, and collaboration tech- They must minimize order fulfillment lead time while retaining flexibility and nologies that provide a single, foundational infrastructure that supports maintaining cost-effectiveness. They must also react to changing economic, structured and unstructured collaboration with all supply chain partners. technological, market, or competitive conditions. It’s a tall order. For example, Fujitsu Siemens Computers deploys Microsoft Office Share- Microsoft Introduces Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility Solutions Point® Server 2007 to help it achieve operational excellence for its supply chain. FSC uses Office SharePoint Server 2007 as a full-blown portal server Microsoft now offers manufacturers a set of technologies to integrate pro- because it offers Web-based capabilities that integrate into the company’s cess workflows across systems, to create real-time visibility into materials, existing corporate platform. With the installation, FSC can track orders more orders, and inventory. Microsoft believes that the ability to see supply chain efficiently and was able to replace two proprietary document management events outside a company’s four walls benefits managers by letting them systems, easing administration challenges and costs. respond appropriately, so they can speed products to market. By improving its supply chain operations, an HTE company can improve its Microsoft® supply chain collaboration and visibility solutions promote both overall performance and become an industry leader of tomorrow. supplier integration and the ability to constantly monitor, measure, and adjust. By monitoring in real-time, managers can avoid potential supply chain fiascos. Source: Prime, the Microsoft quarterly customer magazine for manufacturing innovation (www.onwindows.com).
  16. 16. Benefits and Features of Microsoft Supply Chain Management Solutions Microsoft Office PerformancePoint™ Server 2007 allows efficient planning to meet changing business conditions, analysis of variances, and monitoring The Microsoft technology environment improves supply chains by enabling of progress in a scorecard or dashboard. streamlined access to information through: Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 improves operational efficiency with real- Improved supply chain visibility time analysis of key supply chain operational data. It offers supply chain col-  laboration and visibility through a centralized, single location, and it helps Efficient supply chain collaboration  companies achieve faster time to production with better supply chain proj- Improved operational efficiencies, decision making, and customer service  ect management through roll-up reporting and analysis. Reduced inventory: raw material, WIP, and finished goods  Cost reduction: transportation, premium freight, operating changeovers,  Microsoft Dynamics® AX gives supply chain visibility into customer de- labor efficiency, etc. mands and the delivery of goods. It offers Enterprise Portals that provide Improved agility and competitiveness  role-tailored data and business processes in real time over the Web with full Dramatically reduced cycle times  support for intranet, B2C, and B2B. Microsoft Dynamics AX also offers real- time access to KPIs, scorecards, and data through Enterprise Portal. Strategic relationship capabilities  Real-time collaboration for quick responses and synchronization of  Microsoft SQL Server® 2008 data management software brings data to- changes across the network gether from virtually any source within an organization and enables online Reporting, KPIs, and alerts  analytical processing (OLAP) so that decision makers can centrally define Portal-aware smart clients  and manage organizational business logic. It also supports simple ad hoc analysis and sophisticated predictive analytics in familiar, easy-to-use tools, Key Microsoft Technologies That Enable Supply Chain Management which can be used to publish highly formatted and interactive reports that make data easily accessible to a large number of people. Microsoft BizTalk® Server 2006 R2 optimizes business processes with the help of powerful and familiar tools to design, develop, deploy, and manage Microsoft Unified Communications use the productivity tools that people business processes. work with every day — like e-mail, instant messaging, the 2007 Microsoft Office system, and Windows Mobile® devices — using integrated servers Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is a collaborative platform solu- plus services and client applications. These include Microsoft Office Com- tion that delivers reliable and real-time information and gives end users the munications Server 2007, Microsoft Office Communicator 2007, Microsoft tools to easily create their own portals and workspaces and share assets Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services, Microsoft Office across teams, departments, and organizations while maintaining IT control. Live Meeting (2007), and Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007 messaging and collaboration client. www.microsoft.com/hightech About the Microsoft Worldwide High Tech Electronics Group The Microsoft Worldwide High Tech Electronics (HTE) Group and its partners provide companies with technology solutions that empower people to achieve ex- cellence across their business networks. Microsoft solutions empower people within HTE organizations to gain insight through advanced analysis services, drive in- novation through collaboration, and improve performance through increased visibility into operations across the manufacturing value chain. Innovative software from Microsoft that is familiar and easy to use can take advantage of employees’ knowledge and capabilities to accelerate business results, and it can provide the flexibility that lets a company adapt to changes in partners, products, and the business climate. For more information, please visit www.microsoft.com/hightech. ©2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics, BizTalk, Outlook, PerformancePoint, SharePoint, and Windows Mobile are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. PART NUMBER 098-110779
  17. 17. Is your high tech business ? High Tech and Electronics — Manufacturing Operations Microsoft Solutions Offer Visibility into High Tech and Electronics Manufacturing Running the First-to-Market Race Gaining Visibility into Manufacturing with Microsoft Solutions Tomorrow’s hottest-selling technology can’t easily be imagined today. Chal- Microsoft knows the difficulties inherent in the manufacturing environment, lenged by the dual demands of shrinking margins and escalating consumer through its own experience spanning nearly three decades. Due to this ex- demand for the coolest, most capable, and affordable electronics — ranging perience, Microsoft® solutions focus on giving manufacturing managers from laptops to the latest mobile device — high tech and electronics (HTE) and supervisors the tools they need for gaining greater visibility into the companies must shave every penny and every second from the manufac- entire manufacturing operation to ensure integration of all relevant pro- turing time it takes to get products to market first. cesses, collaboration among all departments and operations, and the ana- lytics needed to add insight to decision making. For instance, mobile phones ceased be- ing just phones years ago, as people Microsoft visibility solutions deliver op- have upgraded to phone devices loaded erational excellence through simple, in- with picture and video cameras, GPS tegrated user interfaces and better tools systems, and personal organization fea- for powerful analysis, reporting access, tures. Tomorrow’s next cool application and utilization. Because data is most for the mobile device is sometimes only valuable when it can inform and influ- a wild guess. And it’s the same for vir- ence decisions, Microsoft delivers tools tually every other consumer technology that companies can use to: gizmo.  Access in real-time the critical data needed Staying competitive in this pressure for rapid response to problems, oppor- cooker environment is a daunting task tunities, and customer needs. even for the most nimble manufacturers.  Eliminate waste. To survive, they must be highly flexible and integrate processes and operations  Manage excess capacity. at global manufacturing plants running multiple production lines; respond to  Align to evolving business needs. increasing regulatory pressure; cope with a shortage of skilled workers; and  Create a connected community of stake- compete in a dynamic manufacturing holders, from suppliers and customers to environment. They must also monitor the plant floor. Microsoft and its partners offer technology tools to monitor, control, and and make key decisions about produc- manage the plant floor as well as manufacturing control and execution tion progress throughout the process, The value derived from such visibility systems. Microsoft solutions support the capacity of these systems to especially in view of the potentially great expands exponentially when a company integrate data — from plant floor to warehouse to control room to back distances between the manufacturing has the ability to connect all decision office — in a single view. This comprehensive snapshot of the business operations and corporate headquarters, makers — at all levels — with up-to-date, gives HTE manufacturers the ability to analyze events in real time. and the widely varying economic condi- consistent, and relevant information, tions where the suppliers are located. for better decision making throughout the enterprise. To achieve this vision, companies must supply all employ- HTE manufacturers need technology solutions that can address these chal- ees — from the plant floor to the enterprise — with up-to-the-minute data. lenges, deploy rapidly, and scale to demanding production requirements. And the people, plant assets, business processes, and workflow at HTE com- Today’s manufacturing company can succeed by supplying its workers with panies must perform seamlessly. the tools they need to optimize visibility into the plant floor in order to manage quality, cost, production flow, and security from the plant to the back office.
  18. 18. Key Benefits of Increased Visibility in Manufacturing Operations Windows Mobile® operating system provides an exceptionally versatile platform for delivering and developing mobile applications and the ability  Lowers manufacturing costs. to maximize existing IT assets and knowledge within an organization. It also gives greater control over security; centralized, streamlined device manage-  Increases operational efficiency, on-time delivery performance, and ment; and a more scalable management solution that can support tens of competitiveness. thousands of users per server.  Improves quality and customer service.  Generates new sources of value. Windows Vista Business operating system has powerful new security fea-  Ensures regulatory compliance. tures that you can use to better protect the key information that your busi-  Operates efficiently locally, but with global coordination. ness depends on and that your customers trust you to keep confidential. Your employees can use its enhanced mobility technology to stay connected in and out of the office. They will find information and collaborate more Key Microsoft Manufacturing Operation Technologies easily using new search and organization features. And you will spend less time on technology support issues with the advanced network management Microsoft has a powerful and versatile business intelligence platform com- features in Windows Vista Business. plemented by comprehensive collaboration tools and technologies: Microsoft Office for Business Applications offers solutions that help infor- Windows Server® 2008 operating system is designed to power the next mation workers access design information for documentation, maintenance, generation of networks, applications, and Web services. With Windows Server and repair. 2008, you can develop, deliver, and manage rich user experiences and ap- plications, provide a highly secure network infrastructure, and increase tech- nological efficiency and value within your organization. Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007 offers enterprise portal solutions that help in providing role-based access and real-time visibility to consoli- dated product and business information through dashboards. Microsoft SQL Server® 2008 data management software brings data to- gether from virtually any source within an organization and enables online analytical processing (OLAP) so that decision makers can centrally define Microsoft Office PerformancePoint™ Server 2007 allows efficient planning and manage organizational business logic. It also supports simple ad hoc to meet changing business conditions, analysis of variances, and monitoring analysis and sophisticated predictive analytics in familiar, easy-to-use tools, of progress in a scorecard or dashboard. which can be used to publish highly formatted and interactive reports that make data easily accessible to a large number of people. The 2007 Microsoft Office system provides user-friendly ways to access, analyze, and share information. Microsoft BizTalk® Server 2006 R2 builds on the Business Process Man- agement and SOA/ESB capabilities in prior releases to help organizations extend core process management technologies with new capabilities like native support for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), AS2, and RFID. It closely aligns with the 2007 Microsoft Office system and Windows Vista®, including key .NET Framework technologies such as Windows® Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation. www.microsoft.com/hightech About the Microsoft Worldwide High Tech Electronics Group Microsoft’s Worldwide High Tech Electronics Group and its partners provide companies with technology solutions that empower excellence across their business network by enabling people to meet global demands, increase quality, and reduce costs in new ways—throughout the organizational value network. Microsoft technologies help streamline manufacturing operations with visibility solutions and offer integrated environments to help companies handle their most difficult challenges. For more information, please visit www.microsoft.com/hightech. ©2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Microsoft, BizTalk, PerformancePoint, SharePoint, SQL Server, Windows, Windows Mobile, and Windows Server are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. PART NUMBER 098-110780
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  21. 21. “ After an in-depth selection and validation process, we decided to implement Altitude uCI, not only for its strength in e-mail management, but especially due to the technology’s intelligent design that has been clearly built with the ” customer in mind. Tim Wilson Close Premium Finance Director of Sales and Marketing, Close Premium Finance Founded in 1977, Close Premium Finance (CPF) is the leading provider of premium finance products for the general insurance market in the UK and Ireland. The company is based in Subirton, a suburban area of London, and has a sales channel network that consists of 3,000 insurance brokers. Part of the Close Brothers Group, CPF is the largest independent merchant in Close Premium Finance the UK and provides over £2 billion a year in insurance premium funding for private citizens and multinational corporations. With currently over 300 employees, including 80 contact centre staff, Leading provider of premium finance products in the UK and Ireland, founded in 1977 the company provides customer interaction services to both business lines (brokers) and Part of the Close Brothers Group, the largest commercial lines (consumers) and uses technology as a cornerstone strategy in delivering independent quoted merchant group in the UK customer service excellence. Based in London, CPF currently employs over 300 people, including 80 are contact centre staff Contact Centre Service Improvement Based on an Innovative CRM System with Channel Provides £2 billion a year in premiums for insurance Integration premiums for private citizens and multinational corporations The premium finance industry is a fiercely competitive environment. To set CPF apart from other Sales channel network consists of 3,000 insurance brokers across the UK companies in this historically paper-based market, leading technology was implemented to modernise the creation of contracts and improve margins. CPF introduced i-prompt, a Web- based real-time online trading platform and self-service application that allows brokers the ability Business Benefits to conduct transactions electronically and in real time. While the success of i-prompt was immediate, this also led to an exponential increase in the volume of e-mail received by CPF and Higher Agent Productivity Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to filter out soon the company was overwhelmed, struggling to meet a 4-hour industry average response misdirected calls has freed up 15% of agents’ time to focus on more complex, higher-value calls time. Customer Satisfaction All inbound e-mail enquiries are answered in an CPF knew that in order to remain competitively advantaged they would need to not only meet, but average of 35 minutes compared to over 80% of UK also beat the industry average and take service to the next level through a CRM system that online e-tailers that average over 5 hours could integrate all contact centre communication channels, including phone, e-mail and fax, as Reduced Contact Centre Costs Customer self- and assisted service has enabled well as capture paper-based queries. Basically, the company searched for a system that could CPF to slash £100,000 from its contact centre cost process and analyze all relevant data to customer interactions, ultimately enhancing and base with potential to equally cut costs through speech recognition-based IVR technology optimising service offerings. Improved Systems Availability All e-mails, phone calls and faxes are presented in a Altitude Software Develops a Sophisticated “Ecosystem” that Revolutionises the Broker- unified queue and routed to an appropriately skilled Consumer Relationship agent, increasing systems availability from 90% to 99% within the first few weeks To design and implement a highly intelligent customer contact management system, CPF partnered with Altitude Software. According to Tim Wilson, director of sales and marketing at Close Premium Finance, “After an in-depth selection and validation process, we decided to implement Altitude uCI, not only for its strength in e-mail management, but especially due to the technology’s intelligent design that has been clearly built with the customer in mind.” Altitude’s full array of software solutions for call centres included skills-based routing applications which provided CPF with the ability to create a sole universal queue to direct all communication vehicles, including calls, faxes and e-mails, to the most the appropriately skilled agents.
  22. 22. In addition to enhancing service and agent occupancy rates, Altitude Software increased CPF’s broker-generated revenue and revolutionised the company’s customer interactions. The new platforms and systems standardisation within CPF created immediate and apparent benefits, including: E-mail responses shortened to 35 minutes on average Calls answered in less than 5 seconds with less than 3% lost Agent training times slashed by 60% Altitude Solution’s Advantages Agency productivity rose by 20% “Best of Suite” System Customer self-service facilities savings in excess of £100,000 a year Altitude offers a complete suite designed for contact 20% of calls redirected to brokers centres that includes a common architecture and single development environment Complete Solution CPF Solution Based on Altitude uCI Suite Wins 2005 “Call Centre Solution of the Year” Altitude uCI provides a central customer interaction at Channel Network Awards management system across all contact channels, blending e-mail, phone and fax responses In 2005, the Close Premium Finance's multi-channel contact centre solution earned the Call Complete Solution Centre Solution of the Year Award at the prestigious Channel Network Awards ceremony. This Altitude’s skills-based routing directs calls, faxes achievement reflected the solution’s impressive results, including the management of 10,500 and e-mails to the most appropriately skilled agent, creating a universal queue e-mails per month, full documentation and availability of contact histories across all customer Competitive Advantage communication vehicles and enhanced service and call routing. Additionally, the creation of a Altitude suite has enabled CPF to increase the universal agent queue with Web collaboration allowed CPF to efficiently train thousands of revenue it generates from brokers and revolutionise the way it deals with customers insurance brokers and provided sophisticated analysis of incoming communications, improving the CPF’s customer service. “The Call Centre Solution of the Year award recognises the project that demonstrated the strongest combination of innovation, delivery and exceptional ROI,” said John Chapman, Channel Network Awards Chairman. “CPF’s commitment to service excellence, backed by Solution Description intelligent investments in technology, distinguishes it from others in this highly competitive market.” Altitude uCI Suite Altitude Voice Portal Wilson added, “At a time when many large organisations are moving their call centres Altitude IVR overseas, the judges were keen to find examples of UK-based solutions. Our commitment to Altitude Email excellent service and investment in technology keeps us ahead of the game.” Altitude Collaborator Contacts Altitude Software 7 Theale Lakes Business Park, Reading, Berkshire RG7 4GB - UK Tel: + 44 (0) 08700 605 234 Fax: + 44 (0) 1189 838 019 Close Premium Finance 21st Floor, Tolworth Tower, Ewell Road,Tolworth, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7EL Tel: 0870 241 3418
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  24. 24. SUSPENDED DUMP BODY SYSTEM NORWAY FINLAND SWEDEN A NEW GENERATION IN MINING ENGLAND CANADA DENMARK NORTH AMERICA JAMAICA MEXICO VENEZUELA LAOS GUYANA PAPUA NEW GUINEA SURINAME PERU INDONESIA BRAZIL AUSTRALIA CHILE ARGENTINA With presence in four continents and 20 countries, the company is one of the three largest manufacturers of mining dump bodies worldwide. CONYMET DURATRAY PTY. LTD. AUSTRALIA NORTH AMERICA CHILE Duratray International Pty. Ltd. Conymet Duratray North America Duratray S.A. P.O. BOX 935 - 8 Dunlop Court 1000 Heritage Center Circle Ongolmo 350 Bayswater, VIC 3153 - Melbourne Round Rock, TX, USA 78664 Antofagasta Telephone: +61.3.8761.2800 Telephone: +1.512.238.3055 Telephone: + Fax: +61.3.8761.2899 Fax: +1.309.406.3991 Fax: + CONYMET DURATRAY PTY. LTD. www.duratray.com info@duratray.com
  25. 25. SUSPENDED DUMP BODY SYSTEM (SDBS) A NEW GENERATION IN MINING Rubber Front Liner Rubber Wear Mat CONYMET DURATRAY PTY. LTD. Rubber Undermat Rubber Canopy Liner Steel Frame DURATRAY SDBS SUSPENDED DUMP BODY SYSTEM Rubber Side Liners The revolutionary Duratray system replaces the traditional steel floor of the dump body with a rubber mat system. This durable yet flexible flooring provides AUSTRALIA a hammock-like design suspended by industrial- OPERATIONAL ADVANTAGES strength elastic rubber and polyester cords. Customers worldwide choose Duratray Suspended Dump Bodies to significantly improve their production output due to unique operational benefits. Xp The New HIGHER PAYLOAD System provides for HIGHER VOLUME eXtra payload LOWER MAINTENANCE COST eXtra performance REDUCED CARRYBACK eXtra productivity LOWER COST PER TON eXtra simplicity Each SDBS is customized to the operational needs of each mine in order to optimize payload. Since 1973, Conymet Duratray has developed dump bodies for major truck manufacturers. KOMATSU – CATERPILLAR – HITACHI – TEREX – LIEBHERR
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