Graphic assets (suggestions & amendments)


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Graphic assets (suggestions & amendments)

  1. 1. App Icon My initial ideas for the app icon were colourful and bright. Then it was pointed out to me in feedback of my first 2 designs that they weren't frightening enough. This was where I took this advice on board and came back with 2 designs that I knew, one of them would be the one I develop into a final idea. The final amendments were easy to place after the second lot of feedback stated that I should go with the darker design. The font was the problem. I didn't want people to be instantly drawn to the font, yet I didn't want the icon to not have a title etc. The font and colour I think matches perfectly with the icon due to the very subtle nature of it. Overall a good design and the feedback was the key that led me to creating a good design. Graphic Assets Suggested Improvements & Amendments
  2. 2. T-shirt The t-shirt is very bold in colour. I like this because it makes it eye- catching therefore more people are going to lock onto the design and want to find out the meaning behind it. If I had one thing that I would do differently is not change the design but to design more than one t-shirt. T- shirts that suit different age ranges. So maybe a polo shirt with a Jimmy's head or pocket tee with a nice design would be good as it would create a more varied t-shirt line. This means that I am more likely to have more than one good design. The actual design process was good as I achieved everything with the design that I wanted to. The feedback on the initial ideas seemed to show that my design was heading in the right direction and that my final design definitely achieved this.
  3. 3. Web Banner The web banners were a highly pleasing to make and something that came about very quickly. After creating one design I gave it over for feedback and the feedback was explicit in saying that, depending on size variation, there needs to be changes in designs to fill the whole web banner space. I wanted to get Jimmy's head in there so I can keep the recognisable theme of the brand stretched out across many different design platforms. The client feedback of the final marketing plan, of which all web banners were included for display, seemed to like the designs and more importantly the variation in the designs. Discount Voucher (Leaflet & E-mail attachment) This is the design which I believe could have had a lot more work put into it. The group feedback and the client feedback both suggest that the design looks rushed and could have turned out better. The font was what the client seemed to think brought the overall appeal of the design down. Amendments