RAVAS UniWin data capture


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RAVAS UniWin data capture

  1. 1. ravas UniWin softWare for online data captUre and transfer betWeen a pc net- Work and pda’s Used With mobile scales UniWin is a UniqUe softWare program that is developed to integrate mobile scales in infor- mation netWorks the UniWin pc application alloWs yoU to create jobs and send these to handheld or trUck ter- minals the UniWin terminal softWare alloWs yoU to collect qUantity information (Weight) and qUal- ity information (e.g. by barcode) on material floWs specifications: • the UniWin pc application is developed for Windows systems. the terminal software is compatible with Win- the captUred data is transferred to the UniWin dows mobile and Windows ce version 5.0 and higher pc application and stored in a central database • communicates with ravas mobile scales via serial rs232 port or bluetooth connection UniWin also alloWs data transfer to erp / mrp • UniWin collects real-time data for database storage systems, like integration With sap, jd edWards, • you run queries on all available variables and generate reports exact, navision, oracle, sage, etc. • authorization on user level by user name and password • task planner for automatic reporting by e-mail, fax or printer • multiple locations working with UniWin can be linked via internet, creating a(n) (inter)national management system • UniWin is very flexible and can be adapted to the indi- vidual wishes of the user • multiple language menus. standard languages: english, german, french, italian and dutch
  2. 2. Using UniWin UniWin installation and support UniWin is active on different levels. the pc software creates jobs, UniWin software is designed and configured for the application manages variables and reports on the data; the terminal software in dialogue with the user. if the complete package of weighing running on the Windows mobile or Windows ce handheld or truck system, handheld terminal and Unimobile software is supplied by mounted terminal that collects the data. on a third level data can ravas, then the systems are delivered fully functional. be made available in the proper format to an erp software pack- if the user chooses to install Unimobile software on a terminal not age, for purchasing, inventory and finance. supplied by ravas, then installation is the responsibility of the user. availability: UniWin is available with the following ravas systems ordered with a serial rs232 port for data communication or bluetooth connection: • ravas systems with indicator 2100, except rcs and rcs PLUS • iforks systems • ravas systems with indicator 6100n with alibi memory, for legal for trade applications UniWin data processing system standard options: UniWin is a highly advanced universal data capture and processing advice about and supply of pda or handheld terminal system, for online management of logistic processes. thanks to its extra UniWin workstations allowing more users to work with unique architecture UniWin can realize any application in the logis- UniWin simultaneously tics area. by using a configuration set specific applications can be built with short lead times. UniWin can manage multiple terminals, online internet linking of different (inter)national UniWin as well as the input from mobile scales and linked equipment, such locations into a central management system as barcode scanners and camera’s. this makes UniWin suitable for applications like order picking, waste monitoring, cargo handling, cross docking etc. UniWin is a standard kernel for Windows sys- tems. this guarantees a reliable application. TS-RAVAS-UniWin-EN rev.08.06.10 changes reserved ravas europe b.v. tel. +31 (0)418 515220 postbus 2023 fax +31 (0)418 515320 nl-5300 ca Zaltbommel info@ravas.com the netherlands www.ravas.com ordering : order@ravas.com spare parts : spareparts@ravas.com