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April 2013 Women in Business newsletter.

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Wib 4 13 newsletter

  1. 1. Issue 10 | 3/2/13 April Newsletter April Luncheon April 9th at 11:55 am Tony’s Grove Garden Center 3915 North US Hwy 91 Hyde Park RSVP: http://wib.usu.edu/President’s MessageWork-Life Balance: Its what we all want... balancing work and life to ensureenough time is spent with the people or activities that matter most to us, andhaving an acceptable level of work to meet our financial and ego needs. Abalance between the two is a hard-won goal, one that very few working adults areable to achieve... especially in an economy where layoffs at work threateneveryones security. Slowing down doesnt seem to be an option.But, being all work and no play has some serious consequences. First, and mostdangerous is fatigue... sapping your ability to work productively and thinkclearly... not what you need for ideal work performance. You also lose out ontime with friends and family, which leaves you feeling left out, lonely and mightdo some lasting harm to these important relationships in the process.It doesnt have to be that way - we can have a more even work/rest-of-our-livesbalance by employing these seven smart tips. (cont’d)
  2. 2. Work-Life Balance (cont’d) 1. A little goes a long way: so dont get overwhelmed thinking you have to make large changes to give you a more balanced schedule. Take 10 to 15 minutes for something thats relaxing... a bath, reading, a nice walk, listening to your favorite music, gardening... anything that takes you mind away from work. Remember to set realistic goals! 2. Schedule time for things you love: so that every week, you make it a point to plan time with your family, friends or engaged in hobbies or other activities that recharge you. Even an hour or two is enough. Whats more, by putting these things right on your calendar you have an event to look forward to, plus an incentive to get things done for work so that you wont have to cancel. 3. Get rid of activities that take your time and drain energy: Decide whats necessary and what you dont enjoy or cant handle. While it may be difficult to say "no" at first, with practice it gets easier. If youre struggling, remember its your time to spend how you choose... not how others choose for you. Do what needs to be done, and leave the rest. 4. Cut time wasters at work: Time wasters can make your workdays longer than they really need to be. 5. Take advantage of scheduling options: ask about flex hours, a compressed workweek, job sharing or telecommuting, as this will give you an increased sense of control over your working hours. 6. Dont let routine errands run you: You might try organizing errands in batches. Consider swapping services with friends - yard work for babysitting, for example. Even if moneys tight, youll find the time you save by automating some errands to be well worth the investment. 7. Nurture yourself: by eating well, getting enough sleep and being active. Regular exercise, according to the experts, can actually help you get more done by giving you energy and a better ability to concentrate. Its also important for you to leave work at work. Even though technology means we can always be connected, this also often means no boundary between work and home, unless you create one yourself. Make a conscious decision to turn off the cell phone, shut down the computer for family time.Remember, balancing work and life is a continuous process that will change as your family,interests and work situation change. Keep at it. Tammy Selley, WIB President
  3. 3.        The National Children’s Study in Cache County is changing. BeginningApril 1, Utah State University’s role in managing the study will transfer toWestat, a national research management firm. Families will be workingwith some of the same staff as data is gathered. Thanks to all of you for thesupport you have shown in encouraging families to participate – ourcommunity enrolled nearly 800 women! We look forward to hearinginformation on how we can improve the health and development ofchildren over the years. For more information, contact Westat at1-888-812-1170 or NCSWestROCoperations@westat.com.  
  4. 4. The time has come again to nominate candidates for the Women inBusiness Executive Board. We are looking for members who can Attentioncommit themselves to an average of 2 hours a month fulfilling their WIBrole on the board. Please do not hesitate to nominate yourself Membersif you would like to serve! Please fill out the accompanyingnomination form Women in Business July 2013-June 2014 Executive Board NOMINATION FORM The following WIB members are currently designated to serve on the Women in Business 2013-2014 Executive Board: POSITION NAME BUSINESS REPRESENTED President LJ Bolton USU Commercialization and Regional Dev Past President Tammy Selley Tony’s Grove/Intermountain Healthcare Treasurer Cindy Johnson Lewiston State Bank Membership Julie Hughes Stevens Henager College Scholarship Jacoba Poppleton New Dawn Technologies Past Scholarship Nicole Meyer SOS Employment Group IT Specialist Christina Roberts Logan Regional Hospital Newsletter Teri Guy Utah Public Radio Chamber Liaison Becky Conger LDS Employment Services WIB is currently accepting nominations for the following 2013-2014 board positions: President Elect Public Relations Scholarship-Elect Secretary Raffle Donations IT Specialist Elect Please fill out the following information to nominate a WIB member for a position on the 2013-2014 Executive Board. Nominations should be submitted by March 31, 2013. Name of person being nominated: Business this person represents: This person is being nominated for the following board position(s): ___ President Elect ___ Secretary ___ Raffle Donations ___ Scholarship Elect ___ IT Specialist Elect ___ Public Relations Nominated by: Please return this nomination form by email to Heidi Bullock at northernexpress1@gmail.com or mail a printed copy of the nomination form to Heidi Bullock 664 North Main Suite 101, Logan, Utah 84321. Thank You
  5. 5. C hildrens Wellness Screening Providing healthcare for uninsured children in Cache Valley Event details: Saturday, April 20, 2013 8 a.m. – 11 a.m. Bridger Elementary School 1261 N. 400 W., Logan Services to be offered: Medical Screening Dental Screening Children’s Activities Resource BoothsThis event provides a special opportunity for elementary age children to receivefree health screenings. Children who do not have access to health insurance will be provided free physicals, dental screenings and necessary follow-up care. This Event was made possible through the partnership of Logan Regional Hospital Foundation, Cache Valley Community Health Clinic, Bear River Health Department, Cache Valley Medical Reserve Corp, Logan School District and Bridger Elementary School.
  6. 6. Be informed!WIB Website: http://wib.usu.edu/Facebook Women in Business - Cache Valley, Utah  Invite your friends! Bring your friends to WIB luncheons! Greatinformation, great company…Please let us know if you need to be removed from this email list orif you know someone who needs to be added.Questions? I don’t always have the answers, but I am willing tohelp find them.Thank you,Teri Guy435-797-3215