November 2013 Women in Business


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November newsletter for Cache Valley Women in Business, 2013.

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November 2013 Women in Business

  1. 1. November 2013 Issue #5 | 11/7/2013 As we step towards the Thanksgiving season, I want to take just a moment to thank every one of you! Our scholarship auction was great. So many of you donated and even more purchased. The auction raised over $2,000.00 this year. Every dollar from the auction will go towards scholarships. Each contribution will make a positive impact on the scholarship recipient. A special thank you to Jacoba and the committee that made the auction such a success. President’s Message Halloween with all the cute little ghost and goblins is now a memory as we speed toward the holiday season. There is a light dusting of snow resting on the mountaintops to remind us of the days to come. Save the Date! RS TO VP wib DAY .usu .edu November 12 11:55 am Alpine Cleaning and Restoration 177 S Main, Smithfield November Luncheon Speaker Tara Willilams “The Affordable Health Care Act, (The Individual Mandate)” Please take the opportunity to thank anyone outside WIB who donated an item and let them know how much was raised for scholarships. There is a letter available for your use if you would like. Please allow me to take a moment and thank the incredible group of women that serve on our WIB board. They are so willing to contribute of themselves. I am so thankful to have this opportunity to work with such incredible woman. A final thank you to Jacoba. Did you hear her on the radio? She did a fabulous job of representing our organization to the community. Please continue to invite guest to our luncheons and buy those extra raffle tickets! One last time, THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart! LolaJean “LJ” Bolton
  2. 2. WOMEN IN BUSINESS – CACHE VALLEY NOVEMBER 2013 WIB Spotlight Wendi Coombs has lived in Cache Valley for the past 8 years. She is fairly new to Women in Business and enjoys meeting new people at each monthly luncheon. Wendi grew up in Fielding, UT and has lived in many cities throughout Northern Utah. She is happiest here in the Cache Valley. She and her husband, Curtis are the proud parents of four children and three dogs. Wendi stays busy attending sporting events, musical recitals, and coordinating all the running around that comes with a family. She loves football and wishes the season could last year round! Her hobbies, when she has time, include photography, reading and quilting. Professionally, Wendi has worked in the cosmetic industry, the interior design industry and is currently the Office Manager for ARS Flood & Fire Cleanup in the disaster restoration industry. She loves experiencing and learning new things. Wendi joined ARS nearly 2 years ago and enjoys it very much. ARS Flood & Fire Cleanup is a full-service disaster restoration company serving Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. ARS has been in business in the Cache Valley since 1985. The same values that started ARS still exist today. We do everything in our ability to assist you, the homeowner, with your needs. Our qualified technicians and estimators work for you by being professional, fair, honest and hardworking. We take pride in our work and stand behind our promises by: • • • Providing complete, accurate and itemized estimates. Responding immediately to emergencies within one hour. Completing each job to the customer’s satisfaction. We really care about the needs of our clients. We have helped thousands of people put their homes, businesses, and lives back together after a fire, flood, storm or other disastrous event. Call Wendi at (435) 753-9600 to schedule your holiday carpet and air duct cleaning. Mention “Women In Business” and get 3 rooms and a hallway of carpet cleaning for only $95 through November 30, 2013. 2
  3. 3. WOMEN IN BUSINESS – CACHE VALLEY NOVEMBER 2013 If you didn’t have a chance to listen to Jacoba Poppleton on KVNU October 18th, here is a link to the interview. Jacoba did a great job representing Women in Business and The Cache Chamber of Commerce. Thanks Jacoba!! Listen Here Did you know that for $500 we will name a scholarship after you or your business? Sure, the scholarship auction is over but that doesn’t mean you can’t donate to support educational scholarships for women in business this coming year. Other ways to help: attend lunch each month and buy raffle tickets—every bit goes into the bucket for the next round of awardees. Questions on giving? Contact Jacoba Poppleton, Scholarship Chair: 3
  4. 4. WOMEN IN BUSINESS – CACHE VALLEY NOVEMBER 2013 Kristine  Harris  (Cache  Valley’s  ONLY)  REALTOR  &  HOME  STAGER   Please  share  your  Real  Estate  Goals  with  me,  FREE  HOME  STAGING  with  a  signed  agreement,   if  you  own  real  estate  that  you'ʹre  thinking  of  SELLING  or  BUYING  a  home,  I  can  help.  Unique   LISTING  OPTIONS,  FREE  HOME  EVUATION,  and  FREE  HOME  STAGING  services  are   available  to  help  you  through  this  important  process.       I  will  work  with  your  existing  furnishings,  and  edit  any  furniture  and  personal  items  to  create   visual  space  in  one  day  or  less.  Once  the  editing  is  completed,  we  will  arrange  the  furniture  and   your  accessories  to  show  off  the  homes  best  features.  This  will  allow  the  buyers  to  see  the   potential,  and  it  will  also  enhance  your  MLS  listing  photos  by  creating  a  lighter  and  brighter   space  that  today'ʹs  buyers  are  looking  for.    Call  Kristine  Realtor  &  Home  Stager  435-­‐‑232=2282  TODAY………     NOW  taking  Home  Listings.WWW.KRISTINEHARRIS.INFO   My  priorities’  are  simple.  They’re  YOURS     4
  5. 5. WOMEN IN BUSINESS – CACHE VALLEY NOVEMBER 2013 October  21,  2013       Dear  Business  Leader,     Women  in  Business  (WIB)  —  a  branch  of  the  Cache  Chamber  of  Commerce  would  like  to  take  this  time  to   thank  you  for  your  support  of  the  WIB  scholarship  auction.    Your  donation  will  help  fund  scholarships.    We  are   pleased  to  offer  several  scholarships  annually  that  truly  benefit  the  lives  of  women  in  our  valley  and  their   families.    These  scholarships  are  entirely  funded  by  members  and  local  businesses  such  as  yours.    One   hundred  percent  of  your  donation  goes  to  the  scholarship  fund,  and  the  full  amount  of  your  donation  is  tax   deductible.       The  WIB  scholarship  is  open  to  women  age  18  or  older,  who  are  attending  or  planning  to  attend  school  at   Utah  State  University,  Bridgerland  Applied  Technology  College  or  Stevens-­‐Henager  College,  majoring  in  a   business  related  field,  and  are  residing  in  Cache  Valley.    Other  criteria  considered  in  awarding  this  scholarship   include:       • Involvement  in  extra-­‐curricular  activities  and  community  service   • Financial  need   • Overall  GPA     Your  support  and  contribution  are  greatly  appreciated.    If  you  have  any  questions,  please  contact  LJ  at   435.797.9607.     Sincerely,   LolaJean  “LJ”  Bolton   WIB,  President   Utah Public Radio is getting ready to launch our holiday programming for the 2013 season. If your businesses is interested in running spots to announce your business, contact Teri Guy, Business Development Manager at 435-797-3215 or A statewide service 435.797.3138 5