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Presentation at the Knock Knock new media conference in Århus, Denmark.

More about it here: http://www.innovationlab.dk/sw17805.asp

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  • Podcasting

    1. 1. Podcasting Jacob Bøtter Knock Knock Filmbyen, Århus
    2. 2. Jacob Bøtter Technology Therapist Partner at Connecta Blogger & Podcaster Wiki at Podcast.dk Activism at Blogtid.dk
    3. 3. So what’s podcasting?
    4. 4. A term for sound or video being distributed with RSS.
    5. 5. I’ll focus on sound for now, Anders will cover video.
    6. 6. Allows listeners to automatically download new episodes and listen to them whenever they like.
    7. 7. Big deal?
    8. 8. Sure! Podcasting is much more than distribution and syndication.
    9. 9. Podcasting has become a genre. New forms of content are showing up.
    10. 10. Time-shifted content. You can listen to whatever, whenever and wherever!
    11. 11. Long Tail Radio. Easy and cheap means of production enables a wide range of subjects.
    12. 12. A look at The Long Tail Average number of downloads pr. month on Rhapsody Songs at both Rhapsody and Wal-Mart Songs only available at Rhapsody Songs sorted by popularity
    13. 13. Syndication is important. Think of what we used to do: wget -r -l1 -H -t1 -nd -N -np -A.mp3 -erobots=off -i ~/myfavpodcasts.txt
    14. 14. Why isn’t everyone into podcasting then?
    15. 15. It’s harder than it seems. We’re waiting for better browser and OS integration.
    16. 16. Real-time content consumption. It actually does take a minute to consume a minute.
    17. 17. Going mainstream? A brief look at the history of podcasting.
    18. 18. Februrary 2004 First documented use of the term Podcasting by Ben Hammersley in The Guardian
    19. 19. August 2004 Former MTV VJ Adam Curry launches his podcast ”The Daily Sourcecode”
    20. 20. September 28 - 2004 Doc Searls finds 24 results for ”Podcasts” on Google October 18 - 2004 Doc Searls finds 109,000 results for ”Podcasts” on Google
    21. 21. October 2004 BBC starts podcasting
    22. 22. And since then..
    23. 24. September 19 - 2006 Jacob Bøtter finds 146,000,000 results for ”Podcasts” on Google
    24. 25. Quick tips for upcoming podcasters.
    25. 26. Do what you know, know what you do.
    26. 27. Start light. Microphones can be cheap, a mixer is hardly ever needed.
    27. 28. Keep it short. For most purposes even 30 minuttes is way too long.
    28. 29. Try to organize it a tiny bit. Make a short agenda, and always prepare questions for interviews.
    29. 30. Combine it with a blog. Make a blog where you post shownotes and start a dialogue with your listeners.
    30. 31. You either go pro or amateur.. Don’t get me wrong; amateurs are great, I’m one of them myself. But please choose a path.
    31. 32. Look at what others are doing.. Not many good danish examples. Try listening to Berlingske’s Ølpodcast www.berlingske.dk/podcast/ I will maintain a list of media podcasts at www.podcast.dk (a wiki)