Social Networking for Lawyers: Making Sense Of Your Online Efforts
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Social Networking for Lawyers: Making Sense Of Your Online Efforts






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Social Networking for Lawyers: Making Sense Of Your Online Efforts Social Networking for Lawyers: Making Sense Of Your Online Efforts Presentation Transcript

  • Social Networking for Lawyers: Making Sense Of Your Online Efforts An exclusive presentation for members of the
  • Let’s Quickly Re-examine the Purpose of Creating and Maximizing Your Online Presence
        • Help potential clients FIND you
        • Help CONVERT an online visitor into a client
        • Break down standard barriers to entry of client/attorney relationship. FEARS: costs, lack of client understanding law, desire to establish trust/credibility
        • Help members of the Beverly Hills Bar Association monitor what is being said about their industry and area of practice, as well as professional “personal brand”
  • What channels have we discussed?
    • Facebook business page
    • Blog (wordpress/blogger)
    • Linkedin
    • Twitter
    • Google profile
  • How are your efforts working for you so far?
    • How much time are you allocating per week?
    • Is Facebook working for you? Are you working on it?
    • How active have you been on Linkedin?
    • Have you started blogging?
    • Are you utilizing Twitter?
    • What types of Google alerts have you come across?
  • The Social Stuff
    • It boils down to one thing: conversions.
    • How do you convert the Facebook visitor into a client?
    • How do you get the website visitor to fill out your contact form online?
    • Do you follow up and set the proper expectation? I.e “Now that you have filled out our form, we will contact you within 24-48 hours.”
  • Example of Lawyer Leveraging Social Media
  • What Is ROI Online?
    • From Forrestor Research, Inc. case study, “The ROI Of Social Media Marketing”
    • Don’t use the term ROI unless you are referencing financial returns. ROI has an established and understood meaning. It is a financial measure, not a synonym for the word r e sults. Marketers who promise ROI may be setting expectations that cannot be delivered by social measures.
  • So, What Do We Measure Then?
    • Online marketing provides a return on investment in several different ways. The gains we receive from online marketing include: website traffic, email addresses (leads), brand impressions, further credibility and of course, revenue.
  • Analyzing “Ask The Business Lawyer”
    • Pros: Social Media icons clear on site.
    • Catchy URL, helpful for search.
    • Email capture “Free report” box.
    • Clean, professional, modern looking website.
    • Cons: What are your thoughts on this attempt to get clients?
  • Tweeting is Terrific, Facebook is Fun But Are They Making You Any Money?
        • As the old saying goes, “it takes money to make money.” With regard to online marketing or any form of advertising, it takes time to make money. If time is your currency, are you spending it effectively?
  • How to Make Money From Online Marketing
    • Email marketing is one way to try and monetize your online efforts.
    • You can easily obtain email addresses from contact forms online.
    • To ensure you are in compliance with best practices, have a checkbox with the proper opt-in language.
  • Email Marketing Continued
    • Who are you trying to reach? What do you want to share with them?
    • Be consistent with your message and strategy.
      • Don’t send out group email blasts, they look like spam. Invest in a program such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp.
      • Pick the appropriate date and time to send. This may take some testing to determine the most successful open rates.
      • Create a call to action and limited time offer. “Give us a call” “A consultation is just a phone call away”, etc.
      • What can you provide of additional value to your potential clients?
  • Need A Commercial? Create A Video.
    • Videos are a great way for the public to connect with you.
    • Videos ( Youtube --Google owned) also rank higher on search engines because there is less competition than going head to head for keywords such as “Los Angeles Mediation.”
    • According to a recent study, video ads beat television ads with regard to a users ability to pay attention and recall the information.
    ** Source
  • Engage With A Group on Linkedin
    • Join a group on Linkedin, whether for your professional interests or even your Undergrad Alumni group.
    • After you join, introduce yourself. Include your contact info and your website.
    • Be sure to participate in the group discussions at least once a week.
  • Questions, Feedback
    • What can we help you streamline at present?
    • Trouble shooting tips. If your time is limited, stick to a schedule.
    • Engage, engage, engage. Other professionals, associations. Give support to get support and top of mind recognition in return.
  • Making Sense Means Keeping it Simple
    • When it comes to online marketing, you should have your ducks in a row. Work with a social media strategist through individual consulting or group training sessions to improve your abilities.
    • Contact Jaclyn Mullen Media about our packages
    • www. jaclynmullenmedia .com
    • (310) 254-7781
    • [email_address] .com
    • [email_address] .com
  • About Jaclyn Mullen Media
    • Jaclyn Mullen Media provides a wide range of marketing services including individual consultations, workshops and monthly retainer options.
  • Jaclyn Mullen Media Offerings
    • Group sessions are available. Simply organize 5 or more attorneys and Jaclyn Mullen Media will bring our social media simplified programs to your office. Evenings and weekends available, two week advanced notice required. Sessions are 2 hours.
    • We also provide 4 one-hour consulting sessions
    • and 8 one-hour consulting sessions (maximum 2 per week).
    • Please email info@jaclynmullenmedia to discuss which option may be the best fit for your online presence.