Past masters from inte lex kierkegaard and existentialism

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  •  "existentialism, n.". OED Online. September 2012. Oxford University Press. (accessed November 20, 2012
  • Go to this URL which lists the religion databases and click on ATLA:: It will open a login screen:   ID: rpagell   Password: Ppaarr1Largest electronic collection of texts in philosophy
  • Select a Language: English, English Translation, German, Latin, French, DanishKierkegaard’s language is Danish, so he can’t be found under English. However, he can be found under English Translation.
  • By title or subject or language, one can go into his journals and papers and search by topic… for Action in Volume 1, A-E and Reflection in Volume 3 L-RI do not put “and” since it automatically searches that when you specify search all x and y termsYou can also search by any terms which serves as “or”You can truncate* or use wildcard * as wellYou can exclude results near a term or identify range683 volumes for reflection action (any terms)Reflection: 526 volumesAction: 667 volumes829 volumes for reflect* act* (any terms)0 for reflect* act* (all terms)Within a range of 20, then 55 volumes1 volume for reflection action (all terms) so means reflection and action plus limited to KierkegaardReflect* or act* 7 volumes (any terms)Reflection or action 7 volumesOld search engine
  • reflection action by all terms (x and y) within 20 words 3 volumes(within 1 word 0 volumes, within 2-5 1 volume, within 10-20 3 volumes)reflect* act* existential* by any words (x or y) 7 volumesEarlier search engine-Advanced Search: reflect* action within any range sorted by title and relevance-4 volumes4438 Instead of coming out of the tension through resolution and action, reflection holds him more and more firmly in it.†749VII2 B 266:26 n.d., 1846-47 Reflect* existential* 1 volumeAct* existential* 2 volumesReflect* act* existential* 0 volumes
  • Kierkegaard believes we should think in order to live, not live in order to think
  • Simple and Advanced Search with Examples seems to be more helpful then current search engine You can sort results by relevance, volume, author, open terms in new search window, restrict to chapter or volumeHowever, in simple search reflection action retrieves 3 results, reflect* act* 6 resultsAdvanced also brings up 3 results for reflection and action which is interesting since only 1 comes up in new search window and 7 for reflect* act*Match suggestions are given, and you can jump to page numberI really like how keywords are usedIf you use the simple text box at the top you can achieve similar results


  • 1. Past Masters from InteLex:Kierkegaard and ExistentialismJaclyn Lee ParrottRuth Pagell adapted from Rich Gazan
  • 2. Reference Topic:Reflection and Action within ExistentialismAccording to KierkegaardRuth Pagell adapted from Rich Gazan
  • 3. Questions for Information SeekerWhat is this for (class, personalresearch, etc.)What is Existentialism?How much time do you have?Ruth Pagell adapted from Rich Gazan
  • 4. OED: Existentialism• A doctrine that concentrates on the existenceof the individual, who, being free andresponsible, is held to be what he makeshimself by the self-development of hisessence through acts of the will (which, in theChristian form of the theory, leads to God).Ruth Pagell adapted from Rich Gazan
  • 5. • The existentialist movement was mainlyoriginated by the Danish writer SørenKierkegaard (1813–55), who frequently used theterm Existents-forhold ‘condition of existence,existential relation’. It was developed in the 20thc. chiefly in continental Europe by Jaspers, Sartre,and others, and the English word existentialismanswers to German existentialismus, which is firstrecorded in 1919 (see below).Ruth Pagell adapted from Rich Gazan
  • 6. Search StrategyWe have a great database that covers the works ofseveral literary authors, theologians, andphilosophers like Kierkegaard. It is called PastMasters from InteLex Corporation. It is a full-textdatabase that originated in 1989, and we can findout if there are writings by Kierkegaard onreflection and action within existentialism thatcould aid you in your research.Ruth Pagell adapted from Rich Gazan
  • 7. InteLex Past MastersEmory Humanities Pagell adapted from Rich Gazan
  • 8. Subject or Title SearchSubject:Religious StudiesAll Philosophy: Continental PhilosophyTitle:• Kierkegaard: Journals and Papers• Kierkegaard: Samlede VaerkerRuth Pagell adapted from Rich Gazan
  • 9. Searching Methodology• Limit to Kierkegaard: Journals and Papers• Search by topic• Search terms: reflection action• All words (x and y)• Any words (x or y)Ruth Pagell adapted from Rich Gazan
  • 10. Best Search StrategyConstrain by Title:Kierkegaard: Journals and PapersNARROW: reflection action by all words (x and y)within 1o wordsBROAD: reflect* act* existential* by any words (x or y)BEST: Earlier search engine-Advanced Search: reflect*action within any range sorted by title and relevanceRuth Pagell adapted from Rich Gazan
  • 11. Søren Kierkegaards Journals and Papers. Electronic edition.Søren Kierkegaards Journals and Papers. Volume 1, A-EEndmatterNotes, Commentary, and Topical BibliographyACTION• ACTION• Action always stands in relation to a resolutionconsciously thought through. Without this clarity ofresolution, it would have to be said of our actions thatthings "happen to us rather than that we act”• Action presupposes self-knowledge so that we can besure that our actions depend on conscientiousreflections and are not in "the service of unclarifiedcravings" (Edifying Discourses, IV, p. 23).Ruth Pagell adapted from Rich Gazan
  • 12. Some Features• Print View• Export a Citation• Contact section• Help Section?• Searching a bit confusing• Earlier search engine gives example searchesRuth Pagell adapted from Rich Gazan
  • 13. Questions?Ruth Pagell adapted from Rich Gazan