History of go karts


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History of go karts

  1. 1. In the old times, karts were one onone drive only, but the hassle of thatsetup shortly resulted in the creationof a centrifugal clutch for the club levelclasses.
  2. 2. Dry centrifugal clutches are actuallyemployed in several classes ( RotaxMax is one example) and also haveend up being the norm as the topinternational classes and eventuallyhave turned to 125 cc clutchedengines as of January 2007.
  3. 3. Professional race karts generally weigh 165to 175 lb (75 to 79 kg), total with no driver.Avanti , Tony Kart , Trulli , Birel , CRG, Gillard , Intrepid , Kosmic , Zanardi orFA Kart are some popular good examplesof the numerous European manufacturersof race-quality chassis. Emmick andMargay are American companiesdeveloping kart chassis.
  4. 4. The World Karting Association (WKA)makes use of time qualifying. Kartsdesigned with transponders aretransmitted to the track in sets of 5 orless to try and attain the speediest laptime. Positions for the 20 laps featureevent are based on qualifying time.
  5. 5. Apart from conventional kartrace, several commercial enterprisesprovide karts for rent, known as"recreational" or "concession" karts.
  6. 6. The tracks are usually indoor oroutdoor. Karts are booked by sessions(10 to 15 minutes typically), theynormally use tough chassis finishedwith specific bodywork supplyingdriver safety.
  7. 7. Many of these companies use an"Arrive and Drive" format which giveclients with all the safety gear(helmets, gloves and driver outfits)where needed and permit them toappear any moment to race at a fairprice, without the headache of havingones own equipment and gear.
  8. 8. Theme park go-karts is usually run by4-stroke engines or electricmotors, while racing karts usecompact 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines.Many of them are single seater butrecreational models usually havecapacity for a passenger.
  9. 9. In addition to the well-known 24Hours of Le Mans race for cars theresalso a 24 hours event for karts thattakes place at the kart circuit AlainProst at Le Mans , France. This raceexisted since 1986 and its winners listinclude 4 times Champ Car championSébastien Bourdais (in 1996).
  10. 10. The year 1964 saw the roll-out of the100cc World Championship, the veryfirst of this type, and today you willfind organized competitions all acrossthe globe.
  11. 11. The evolution has created an array ofkarts such as the 100cc air-cooledclasses, 125cc two-stroke shifter karts(efficient at 115mph) and SuperKarts(capable of 160mph).
  12. 12. All contemporary F1 competitors wereraised racing karts like MichaelSchumacher, Kimi Raikkonen, LewisHamilton, Fernando Alonso, inaddition to NASCARs JeffGordon, Tony Stewart and Juan PabloMontoya.
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