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You don’t want to wear a skirt, but want to have slender legs and look tall? Try …

You don’t want to wear a skirt, but want to have slender legs and look tall? Try
splicing trousers?The splice of different colors visually lengthens the leg curve
that your charm index will raise in a straight line! Major fashion brands launched
mixed colors trousers with playing on the colors.

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  • 1. King Fashion Bloghttp://www.king-fashion.orgMixed Color Trousers Being Popular Fashion Items[Mixed Color Trousers, Stitching Pants, Pants-Shaped, Celine Color StitchingTrousers]You don’t want to wear a skirt, but want to have slender legs and look tall? Trysplicing trousers?The splice of different colors visually lengthens the leg curvethat your charm index will raise in a straight line! Major fashion brands launchedmixed colors trousers with playing on the colors.Shu Qi in Mixed Color Trousers, Great Fame!This year the 48th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Awards just came to a close. Onthe red carpet, among the stars, when you look around it should only Shu Qiwear pants. It is a mixed color wide leg pants. Its pleasant blue and shiny black isstitching together. Shu Qi was stepping on a pair of platform shoes, her suitlooked seemingly a neutral one, but it is great fame at her back. This suit is madeto order by Shu Qis friend Li Zhang. page 1 / 6
  • 2. King Fashion Bloghttp://www.king-fashion.orgDerek Lam Stitching Pants, the White- Black CollisionDerek Lam stitching pants create a collision between white and black, its solemntone show off infinitely an elongated leg. This way is closer the boylish style,which is appropriate for a variety of neutral style leather.Shu Qis stitching pants caused many net-surfers replied, mixed. In any case, thispant of Shu Qi is the hottest single product in fall and winter this year. The majordesigner brands have launched a similar style, including Celine, Chole, 3.1 PhillipLim, Derek Lam, and so on. In keeping with the feel of the popular various fabricsmixed clothing of the upper body this year, pants get involved. page 2 / 6
  • 3. King Fashion Bloghttp://www.king-fashion.org3.1 Phillip Lim Wins in the Pants-Shaped3.1 Phillip Lim wins in a pants-shaped. It’s loose hip and slightly tight ankle,pantyhose, exposing a short ankle, and it feels more stylish casual, and is easierwith the knitted sweater of this fall. Of course, not as complex as T-shirt, thesplice of pants a bit more like the Side Stripe Pants, which is the kind of sportpants or uniform pants that with decorative stripes. It’s full of simple neutral feel,and it’s easy to worn with, such as high-heeled shoes or oxford shoes. As youcan imagine, this pants is capable of fully modifying leg-shaped, elongatedstretched and then stretched, it’s visually very slim as well. So I think, why don’tyou immediately light up your horn? page 3 / 6
  • 4. King Fashion Bloghttp://www.king-fashion.orgThe Celine Color Stitching Trousers Concise Style to Lead the GlobalCeline’s simple style guides the overall. Beneath the solid-colored and structuralcoat, there is a slim tan stitching trousers, therewith the sense of the seniorabsolutely apparent. From the point of color, the splicing of the pants is not suchas clothing that views must be aired in a big way. There is always two ways.First, as Shu Qi’s low-profile solid color run into the shiny black, she takes apersonalized route. Or as milk mixed into coffee, the tone of color stitching is softand harmonious, it goes the intellectual route. Profile shape of pants is also twotypes, received or releases. From the point of effect, if you want to make legslook more slender, tight design is the most useful, and more manageable. Whilein the last two years wide leg pants have a big counter-offensive, it is the trendand the choice of charm. page 4 / 6
  • 5. King Fashion Bloghttp://www.king-fashion.orgNarciso Rodriguez the Whole-Body Stitching Details EchoedNarciso Rodriguez’s whole-body stitching details arouse an echo. Crisp linesand it does not cause confusion effect of systemic. page 5 / 6
  • 6. King Fashion Blog http://www.king-fashion.org Prabal Gurung Pants the Stitching Way like Shu Qi’s The way of Prabal Gurung’s color stitching like Shu Qi’s pants but it looks even more gorgeous. As if the wide leg pants turn to dress, it’s more suitable for a variety of gorgeous occasions like year-end cocktail parties, year-end banquet. Gucci Grey page 6 / 6Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)