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Back to-the-70s-trend-of-simplicity-and-common-is-coming-back-to-fashion



On the spring and summer 2011 fashion week, the “Civilian Style” of the 70s ...

On the spring and summer 2011 fashion week, the “Civilian Style” of the 70s
announced its strong return. The simple “outfits of village women”, the casual
Bohemian longuettes, the treasonous flared trousers, and the freestyle neutral
garments, all turn out to be the tricks of all the outstanding designers that they
would like to play. By showing the world their own design, they declare that the
trend of simplicity is coming back in fashion.



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Back to-the-70s-trend-of-simplicity-and-common-is-coming-back-to-fashion Back to-the-70s-trend-of-simplicity-and-common-is-coming-back-to-fashion Document Transcript

  • Noble Fashion Organization to the 70s ---- Trend of Simplicity and Common Is Coming Back toFashion[White Shirt, knee-high Boots, Hangbag]On the spring and summer 2011 fashion week, the “Civilian Style” of the 70sannounced its strong return. The simple “outfits of village women”, the casualBohemian longuettes, the treasonous flared trousers, and the freestyle neutralgarments, all turn out to be the tricks of all the outstanding designers that theywould like to play. By showing the world their own design, they declare that thetrend of simplicity is coming back in fashion.The Sexy Outfits of Village Women“Outfits of village women” originated from loose-cutting work suits in the lowerclass in Europe. However, this slack style of cotton-made outfit, girding the waistwith a drawstring, somehow won the attention of the ladies in the 70s. With thefeature of comfort and slackness, it became the non-mainstream fashion that fullyrepresented romance and free spirits.This year, several designers of different fashion brands happened to grasp thesame tendency, all claiming the strong comeback of what was once thecraze—the “outfits of village women”. On the spring and summer 2011 fashion page 1 / 5
  • Noble Fashion Organization, Fendi started the show with a pure white cotton-made village style outfit.Its unique design of the puff sleeve, the off-shoulder neckline embroidered withgolden thread and the loose-cutting blouse, all unfolded the sexy side of thecivilian garments. And Marc Jacobs drew inspiration from the coquettish style ofthe 70s Punk Pioneer—the New York Dolls, and the Long Skirt Party of NaomiCampbell the super model. He decorated the massy cotton village outfits withdecadent punk make-ups and exaggerated flower accessories which seemedcrazily brilliant. page 2 / 5
  • Noble Fashion Organization Hippies’ Bohemian ComplexAt the end of the 70s, the hippies were considered as the most “anti-fashion”group, however, they led the fashion trend of the whole era with their strongBohemian complex and simple-designed outfits that returned to the simplebasics. Designs like long frilled dresses which were made from ramie cotton andthe mysterious national elements, not only were the symbol that the hippiesoverturned the entire fashion world, but also became the endless flow ofinspiration for the subsequent designers.On the spring and summer 2011 fashion week, Salvatore Ferragamo and AnnaSui both displayed their cotton-made long skirts which were full of texture, tocommemorate the Hippies age when naivete and nature were praised. On onehand, Salvatore Ferragamo eulogized the Gypsy free spirit with sedate earth tonebare midriff and drape ankle-length skirt. On the other hand, with their specialpreference of splendid printing, Anna Sui made a perfect match with cottonBohemian longuettes and long feather bead necklace, revealing the mystery ofthe alien tribe. page 3 / 5
  • Noble Fashion Organization Neutral StyleExcept for the hippies wave, back in the 70s the second women’s liberation wasanother revolutionary movement to overthrow the social so-called main stream.With the pursuit of gender equality, wearing neutral outfits became the token ofbeing an independent female.In this year’s Salvatore Ferragamo spring and summer fashion show,Massimiliano Giornetti, the newly elected designer, made a salute to the 70s’neutral style with a series of succinct neutral garments. Compared to therigid-linear smoking outfits back in the 70s, the design of Giornetti did a better jobat highlighting the free and natural characteristics in the female. The canvas shellfabric emphasized the freestyle while avoided being excessively tough andstrong. The ingenious match of bare midriff, micro flared trousers and flat-bottomgladiator shoes revealed the sexy feminine charm of the wearer.Combination of “Long” and “Long”Some stereotyped style rules could be extremely tacky and lack of creativitywhen apply on the stage, such as the combination of the short and long clothes.The fashion trend of this season is the combination of “long” and “long”, whichmeans, on the foundation of one slender figure, another long outline is addedupon it, in order to challenge the traditional aesthetics of visional and proportionaleffects. For instance, a slender tunic and a set of long skirt, could match a pair ofknee-high boots. This kind of style is totally airtight, which represents an page 4 / 5
  • Noble Fashion Organization unprecedented completeness. And another example is Louis Vuitton, which put an A-line long coat out of an overknee flared dress. Moreover, matching a woolen sweater with a formal gown dress emerges as a brand new style collocation. Boyfriend’s White Shirt The neutral style is the main stream of this spring. The boyfriend’s loose and comfortable white shirt shows an unmindful slackness, which brings out the unusual sexy charm of the lady. It is not excessive sweetness, but one sort of natural charm that the wearer shows from deep inside. When the shirt comes with a loose and slack pants, the whole set seems to be borrowed from the boyfriend’s wardrobe. This style is the perfect foil to the slimness of the female, specially offering a great sense of existence for both fragility and toughness. Just like the image of Patti Smith, the female musician poet, this fashion brings up way more gender-confusing force and vigor, which is ideally suitable for those slim while energetic ladies. Fendi Handbags page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (