2011 spring-and-summer-wedding-veil-romantic-pop
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2011 spring-and-summer-wedding-veil-romantic-pop



Romanticism has become the key word for the wedding fashion circles in 2011. ...

Romanticism has become the key word for the wedding fashion circles in 2011.
Whether it is the traditional series or the modern series, luxury series or simple
series, they are surrounded by the romantic atmosphere.



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2011 spring-and-summer-wedding-veil-romantic-pop 2011 spring-and-summer-wedding-veil-romantic-pop Document Transcript

  • Fashion Information Bloghttp://www.fashion-infor.com2011 Spring and Summer Wedding Veil: Romantic Pop[Bridal Jewelry, Wedding Veil, Wedding Dress]Romanticism has become the key word for the wedding fashion circles in 2011.Whether it is the traditional series or the modern series, luxury series or simpleseries, they are surrounded by the romantic atmosphere.From the Simple to the ComplexFashion is like a circle. A few years ago it was smooth clean lines and simplestyle wedding style that was popular, but this year, it is no longer that popular.The mainstream wedding style is from the simple to the complex once again,from the simple style turning into gorgeous retro style. Some traditional gorgeouswedding style which was added the retro elements are favored by people. Thebiggest point is the introduction of the commonly used decorative elements of thefashion design, such as lace, handmade embroidery patterns, embroidery,crystal, fold, bows, flowers and lithe and graceful lines, endowing the weddingdress nostalgic beauty. page 1 / 5
  • Fashion Information Bloghttp://www.fashion-infor.comWhite is Not the Only OneOf course, white is the eternal fashion color for wedding dress. The only thing isthat it is no longer the only choice for the bride. This season, the wedding dresscolor is no longer single. Some light elegant colors such as beige, beige, ivorywhite, champagne, light blue and so on are being show on the stage, becomingthe fashion color series for wedding dress. In terms of the choices, for example,champagne wedding gauze can let the brunette bride looks more exquisite andelegant; light blue or purple wedding dress can make the white skin bride looklivelier and more vibrant. In addition, in the design of the wedding dress,designers also broke through the clean white yarn design philosophy, joiningother colors as decoration, making the wedding dress style become more colorfuland have more abundant levels. page 2 / 5
  • Fashion Information Bloghttp://www.fashion-infor.comJewelry Back to MinimalismThe bridal jewelry is primary the three parts of the head decoration, necklace andearrings. Take this season’s most popular wedding style into consideration;jewelry selection should be in the opposite direction, from the past traditionalgorgeous back to the minimalist fashion. A pair of exquisite workmanshipearrings, a simple line of the diamond necklace, even a small diamond carvedhoop is enough to match the perfect wedding dress style. In addition, thanks tothe retro fashion of blowing, some commonly seen nostalgic hairpin at thewedding occasion is also boldly jump out of the wedding dress, becoming thedaily clothes decoration for the female. The exquisite flowers and insects are inparticular the most prominent nature theme style. page 3 / 5
  • Fashion Information Bloghttp://www.fashion-infor.comClassic LaceMysterious, alluring, charming... exquisite lace is the spokesman of the noble andluxurious fashion. At the wedding realm, no one can question lace’s palace levelposition. Almost all wedding dress designers are master of using lace. Whether itis emerging in large area emerge or the edges of the fragmentary embellishment,the current season lace is interpreting the luxurious bride dream with “sexy","elegance" and "temptation".Pastel ColorWedding dress designers can more fully exert their imagination on the soft toneswhich are full of romantic feeling. Colorful" collision" game will take the bride tothe fairy’s paradise to play to their heart’s content, which is just like displaying alove story in the fairy tale which overturned red orange green blue purple coloredpaint bucket ... ... smoky gray, pale purple, light blue and oyster, decorated withsimple lines, with a soft sense like smoke and like dream, showing the mosttender romance in love.Thin EleganceThis years wedding dress design not only remains the traditional wedding dressshape and contour, but also boldly blends into the sexiest trait of sheer --perspective element, the overall style is elegant, noble, and cannot be morebeautiful. What echoes the luxury complicated bud must be a gauze material. Silkfabrics endow wedding dress a nature romantic self, soft, thin, elegant... for page 4 / 5
  • Fashion Information Blog http://www.fashion-infor.com example, sheer plus dress, and the veil is a freely flowing like cloud and wind with the moving of pace. Such a wedding dress can form a variety of visual effects. In addition, the most attractive aspect in the season is originated from the Greek goddess high waist draped dress, is also active in light and romantic gestures on the wedding dress stage: ethereal tulle, like air textured, fused details of laminated, fold, pendant and winding, shaping the bride like a goddess, who show tenderness. Sexy Single Shoulder The single shoulder design that continued until 2011 in the fashion industry continues spreading in wedding dress design field. The reason for the popularity of the single shoulder wedding dress not only lie in that it can visually pull big the height ratio, thus it becomes the heart beloved by the petite female, but also because it can break through the classical aesthetic of the symmetry principle, giving a person with dexterity, changeable, not monotonous visual enjoyment. This asymmetry type design, more or less is labeled unconventionally, wandering between the demure and sexy, inadvertently adding more space for imagination. Louis Vuitton Clutch page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)